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Bolt Urban Messendger Bag

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Bluetooth Solo Speaker

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USB Flash Drive – Flipper

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Preston Ballpoint Stylus


Drink Tumblr

Cylinder Power Bank

Callaway Golf Balls

Privacy Screen


no junk

No Junk Products

On the surface, this seems simple; Quality Products. But, it is more than that. A product that is well suited for one event or project may be poorly suited for another. From a promotional products perspective, even a product created to the highest standard can end up being junk in the wrong context. Talk with our people to be sure you get a quality made product that is also well suited for your project.

every touch

Add Value at Every Touch

Value can only be judged by the person receiving. Every buyer is different and project unique. Sometimes you need to “just get it,” and the best thing we can do is move in stride with you to provide what you ask for. Speed is value. Other times, you need ideas and advice. Knowledge is value. Adding value is not one size fits all. Our systems are efficient, our people are experts. So, our value add can be based on your situation.


The "I" Impact

Impact is more felt than seen. But, we can point to customers who have felt the Impact. You’ll hear them say things like “responsive”, “fast”, “great communication”, “we love the promotional item.” You will often see our folks’ names in customer reviews, along with adjectives like “fantastic,” “great,” or “helpful.” Business is about people. At iPromo, our Impact is seen in the way people express themselves when talking about their experience.


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