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Flash Drive Duplicators

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Features of All Models:

  • No computer needed. A high performance PC of full scale is built into each FlashCopier (except FC-21) with powerful Intel muti-core CPU and high capacity SATA hard drive
  • Embedded USB multiplexers connecting directly to the system bus eliminate multi-layer USB hierarchies (as in daisy chained systems)
  • Multi-chanel and parallel data paths connect every target drive directly to the system root, providing high bandwidth and eliminated the single chanel bottleneck (as in one cable systems)
  • Powerful FlashCopier software running on popular Windows XP. You can get it up and running in no time, just like you run other computer applications
  • Copy, delete, format and label all target drives at a single button click
  • Work with all types of USB flash drives. You can even mix different drives in the same copy session
  • Support all file systems that Winodws XP supports, including FAT, FAT32, NTFS
  • Custom built systems support sector based cloning which can duplicate drives with multiple partitions of ALL file systems including Linux and CD file systems
  • Work with raw or unformatted (even unpartioned) USB drives
  • Catch bad flash drives on the fly by port
  • Everything is factory preinstalled, configured and optimized. Works immediately out of the box. Plug and play
  • System recovery to factory default in 5 minutes by booting up the unit with included USB drive
  • Expandable by linking up multiple FlashCopiers (except FC-21) to form a FlashCopier farm without sacrificing performance*
  • Copy 200MB data to 500+ flash drives in 3 minutes!
  • Two year product warranty including both labor and parts

*Because each member of the FlashCopier farm has its own processing computer built in, performance of the entire farm remains constant no matter how many members are in the farm. The expansion is virtually unlimited! You may get one FlashCopier now and add more as your duplication needs grow in the future.