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Promotional Power Banks - Things you should know.

Power Banks (also called mobile chargers) are great. When you're on the road, or simply forgot to plug in for a while, power banks can really save you a lot of frustration. If you are giving the power banks away, your customers or prospects will be very appreciative when they pull it out.

All iPromo Power Banks come with a 3-tip cord that can be used for Android, iPhones, iPhone 5s, Blackberry's and tablets. The standard USB port in the Power Bank fits the included power cord, but is also compatible with virtually any modern phone charger cord. Charging with standard USB is the norm now.

How Long does it take to charge the Power Banks? Charging time depends on the capacity of the battery within the power bank. Based on the battery capacity, the times are:

4 hours for 2000 mAh, 5 hours for 2600 mAh, 10 hours for 5200 mAh

You charge the power banks the same way you charge your phone, or you can even plug the cord into the USB port on your computer. You can use the included cord or a standard USB / micro USB cord.

While the larger capacity power banks take longer to charge, they hold more power. At 5200 mAh, The Bank power bank can recharge an iPhone twice over. The other chargers can charge the iPhone once, with juice left over.

In addition, The Bank has a mini-LED flashlight and power indicator lights.

The Block and Cylinder power banks show a red light when charging and a blue light when fully charged. Once you unplug the power bank, the lights will turn off.