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iPromo line of Logo Golf Balls

iPromo Logo Golf Balls are available for Titleist, Callaway and Nike brand golf balls, and the quoted prices include a one location, 1 - 5 color logo. If you need to print on a second location, we can do that too.

Which golf ball should you use for your event or promotion?

If you are impressing with the golf ball as well as your logo, the Titleist Pro V1 is the king. Scratch golfers approve, and mid-range golfers appreciate the extra mile you go. These are the balls golfers only use on an open fairway... they won't risk the Pro V1 on a water hazard or getting lost in the rough. Your Brand is safe!

If you're price sensitive but still want to impress, the Titleist NXT or Callaway X2 Hot are well respected golf balls, with the Nike RZN Platinum taking on a respectable third. They may risk these with the rough, but your logo is still safe from the wet landing.

Duffers just having fun are always good with the Titleist DT Solo, Callaway Hex Warbird, Nike PD and Nike Mojo are great for company outings or just knocking around the course. We can't guarantee the fish won't get a look at your logo though.

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Logo Titleist Golf Balls

Our line of Titleist balls includes Pro V1, NXT Tour, and the Titleist DT Solo (white or yellow). For the enthusiast, Titleist is the coveted brand. These three golf balls received the Golf Digest Hotlist Gold Award. If your recipients are golf enthusiast, then Titleist is your best bet.

95 Percent of golfers who go for the Titleist are steered toward the Pro V1, according to website This is because of the distance and spin of the ball. These qualities are achieved with advanced materials (such as the high tech urethane covers) and construction techniques. If your event includes serious golfers, the Pro V1 is the ball of choice.

The Titleist NXT Tour golf ball series provides high quality. The NXT Tour has a softer feel, allowing for less spin on the long shots, while the FusaBlend cover creates the surface needed to enhance spin on the short game. The NXT Tour looks to blend elements for the long and short game. This is a great ball for the mixed crowd of mid and low handicap golfers.

The DT Solo is the distance ball for Titleist. With a low compression, the DT Solo combines 376 dimples, with 8 different sizes to improve the golf ball's aerodynamics for greater distance. Long Fairways are great for this ball.

The Callaway Golf Balls

Not to be outdone, we have Callaway Speed Regime 1, X2 Hot (white & yellow), and the Callaway Hex Warbird (white & yellow) all combine high performance with more moderate pricing.

The Callaway Speed Regime 1 is our top of the line Callaway and is designed to improve distance for moderate speed swings while the urethane cover provides great control and spin on the short game. This is a ball the enthusiast respect with good distance and short game control.

The Callaway X2 Golf Ball focuses on improved aerodynamics for straighter, longer shots. Designed for the moderate swing speed, average golfers will get more off the tee. Not a short game ball, but this will give the golfer confidence off the tee. For events with a wide range of golfers, this is a good compromise.

The Hex Warbird will launch off your driver and sail down the fairway. The ball's combined soft core and thin cover can be felt off the tee. If your golf event includes a long distance competition, this ball will make it more exciting

Nike Golf Balls

Nike golf balls provide a great balance of lower cost and performance. The Nike RZN Platinum, Power Distance Long (white & yellow), and the Nike Mojo (gotta love that name) are great for a broad range of players.

The RZN Platinum Golf Ball is a really nice, higher end ball that can help the average golfer with a better game. The waffle iron core technology allows the ball to transfer more energy from "off-center" contact with the club face. While pros seldom have this issue, it is common among amateurs. If your event includes a wider range of golf skills, the Nike RZN is a good choice among the premium golf balls.

Nike Power Distance is an economical compromise of distance and control. It is a mid-range distance and short game control. Like the Nike Mojo, for the average golfer this is a strong contender. For company outings with a scramble, where camaraderie is the key, this ball is a good fit.

The Nike Mojo is our least expensive ball. If your field is mid to high handicappers, this is a great ball to share your logo and still keep to the USGA standards. With 432-dimples, this golf ball gets a lot of lift, but not much spin. Accuracy may not be the best in the lineup, but it's a really good distance ball. Let's face it, amateurs love help with distance.

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