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Summer Promotional Products
We Personally Love These Products
Custom Power Banks

Favorite Swag: Power Banks

Nick | Marketing Manager
with iPromo for 3 years

Custom USB Flash Drives

Favorite Swag: Flash Drives

Michael | Account Manager
with iPromo for 7 years

Custom PopSockets

Favorite Swag: PopSockets

Leo | CEO
with iPromo for 18 years

Branded Caps

Favorite Swag: Caps

Richard | Customer Care
with iPromo for 6 years

Get More Out of Your Brand

Trade Show Promotional Ideas

Trade Shows

Trade shows provide exposure for your products and let you build relationships face to face.
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Employee Engagement Promotional Ideas

Employee Engagement

Promotional items can have a profound impact on employees by being both fun and practical.
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Education Promotional Ideas


Make a great impression on students during college recruiting events and at orientation.
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Customer Retention Promotional Ideas

Customer Retention

Creating a customer retention program builds a culture of customer centric thinking and behavior.
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Popular Promotional Products

Custom Flash Drives

Flash Drives are core promotional products for iPromo. We have been providing bulk flash drives to clients for over 18 years, with a wide range of styles, colors and capacities. Check out our full range of custom flash drives.

Custom Power Banks image

Branded Power Banks

Branded portable chargers & power banks are the hottest item in our portfolio. From full color imprinting to laser engraving, you can decorate our portable chargers creatively. Check out our line of branded power banks.

Logo Bags

Logo Bags

Our branded bags come in a wide range of styles, colors and materials. Simple cotton trade-show totes provide exposure at the event and after. Messenger bags are stylish and practical, ensuring your logo travels with your customers and gets exposure. Browse our personalized bag options.

Logo Mugs

Logo mugs are the most popular branded drinkware items. Coffee mugs are found in every household and office. Get a free virtual preview of your brand on any of our coffee mugs or hundreds of other drinkware options. Take a look at our logo mugs and drinkware options.

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The Ultimate Guide to Building a Solid Promotional Solutions Plan in 2018

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Top 10 Promotional Products For 2018

Top 10 Promotional Products for 2018

With every new year, marketing experts love to predict and share trending business strategies and ideas that will be sure to increase your ROI. The same happens in the promotional products industry. This is our top 10 list of the most impactful swag this year. Read more

5 Reasons Custom Popsockets Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

5 Reasons Custom Popsockets Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Popsockets have become the most popular phone accessories on the market today. It's easy to see why companies have jumped at the opportunity to make Custom Popsockets a part of their marketing strategy. Read more

Relationship Between Company Culture and Employee Motivation

The Relationship Between Company Culture and Employee Motivation

Every manager understands that a motivated team means an effective workforce. A motivated employee will exceed your expectations in the workplace. They will work harder and longer than their counterparts.
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