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Turn your team into branding superheroes with bulk custom T-shirts. You can transform plain, boring tees into colorful capes that shine an unending spotlight on your company. We have a curated collection of promotional t-shirts to choose from, so no matter what look you want to achieve, we have the perfect shirt. You can fully design each shirt yourself, adding your business logo, slogans, or designs anywhere you like. Whether you need business shirts with logo, client giveaways, or swag for an upcoming event, your customers and employees will love wearing customized t-shirts just for your business.

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Outfit Your Employees in Custom T-shirts

Ever wonder how some companies leave such a strong impression, even from across the room? One secret weapon is branded custom t-shirts. When you dress your team in tees printed with your business’s quirky logo or inside jokes, people feel like they’re part of the fun, too. Custom T-shirts can help your company feel friendlier and easier to approach.

The good news is that iPromo makes custom designs super easy. You don’t need design skills because we have free templates if you’re stuck for ideas. Then our printers whip up shirts so comfortable, you’ll want to live in them. Not to mention, they last through tons of wear. So whether it’s for your crew or customers, custom tees show your fun, authentic side to help more people feel like they are part of your team.

Why Choose iPromo's Custom Printed T-Shirts Expertise for Your Branded Apparel

We’re Committed To Quality

iPromo is committed to quality in everything we do. Our printing technology uses the highest resolution, so colors really pop off the shirt. And our materials are top-notch, too. iPromo only selects the softest cotton blends that feel great against your skin. So you won't have to worry about the shirts peeling or fading easily, even with daily wear. And before your company shirts with logo ship out, we do final checks to fix any mistakes.

Choose From Our Extensive Customization Options

When promoting your brand through custom logos on shirts, you want lots of flexibility to get your exact vision onto the fabric. Right on our website are design tools where you can customize every detail. Change the shirt color, and pick from lots of styles like short sleeves, long sleeves, or tank tops, so you're not stuck with only one boring look.

Save More With Our Bulk Orders

iPromo makes getting hundreds of business shirts with logo for your whole team or big event easy. We have huge warehouses with lots of empty shirts waiting already and giant printing machines that decorate dozens at a time without slowing down. And our bulk discounts from iPromo also save you money, so the more shirts, the lower the cost per item.

We Provide Expert Support and Assistance

At iPromo, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional expert support from start to finish because we know how comforting it is to understand that a real person is there to help if needed. Our team of project specialists has years of experience designing shirts of all kinds. So whether you're new to this or a pro, iPromo guides you through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the most popular style of promotional t-shirt?
The most popular style of promotional t-shirt can vary depending on current trends and your target audience. However, classic crew neck t-shirts are always best-sellers due to their versatility and timeless appeal. They are widely appreciated for their comfort, simplicity, and ability to showcase your brand effectively on a daily basis. V-neck, polo, and raglan-style t-shirts are also popular options depending on the preferences and end uses for the promotional shirts.
Do you offer branded t-shirts for athletic activities?
Yes, athletic branded t-shirts are available to be customized with your logo or design. These t-shirts are often made from moisture-wicking fabrics that help keep your recipient cool from exercise or hot temperatures. They may also have stretchable materials, breathable panels, or odor-resistant properties. Branded athletic t-shirts are typically worn by sports teams, fitness enthusiasts, and active individuals.
Can you combine different sized branded t-shirts in 1 order?
Yes, it is typical to combine different-sized branded t-shirts within a single order when ordering for your employees or team. This allows you to easily accommodate to the various sizes within your team or group. When placing the order, you can specify the quantities and sizes of each t-shirt you require. You will then work with a dedicated apparel specialist to ensure that the different-sized t-shirts are included in the order and produced accordingly. This flexibility in sizing allows you to meet the specific needs and preferences of your whole team or recipients more efficiently.

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David is the BEST!!! Look no further.

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Ingrid M.

24 Feb 2024

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I've always had a good experience working with iPromo. The team is very attentive, and takes the time to work with you based on your budget. I've worked with Neil Sylvers directly a few times, and each time the experience has been a great one. iPromo values their clients.

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14 Feb 2024

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Working with Neil Sylvers was amazing and one of the best experiences with a third-party vendor I've had during my career. Truly! He was attentive to detail, a quick responder and a pleasure to work with. It felt like he was an extension to my team. defintiely recommend iPromo.

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22 Jan 2024

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Great quality and team support to help. A special shout out to Robyn Ocker who helped me in a time crunch. She went above and beyond and is a great representative for your organization!

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11 Jan 2024

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Fantastic Service, and Quick responses / great options

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18 Dec 2023

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iPromo has amazing customer service. Michael has been super helpful to me and my coworkers and we will continue to use this service for as long as possible! And the products are great!

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19 Oct 2023

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13 Oct 2023

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Friendly and prompt service as always!

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Amazing experience! 0 complaints!! Very professional, on time delivery, and Mike was so helpful!

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12 Oct 2023

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Our Account Manager, Neil S. is totally awesome! Anytime I need something, he finds not only one version but several for me to choose from. And meets my deadlines - even when I am running late. I trust him to get me the best deal for the best product. Highly recommend for promotional needs.

LeAnn Szijarto
LeAnn S.

21 Sep 2023

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We order many trade show materials, giveaways, and other items and are always happy with iPromo service, and love working with our iPromo rep, Sean. Definitely recommend.

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14 Sep 2023

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The representative I worked with, Christine, provided our company with outstanding customer service. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Collette Legault
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29 Aug 2023

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*The representative I worked with Scott, provided our company with outstanding customer service. It was a pleasure to work with him.*

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19 Jun 2023

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The representative I worked with Kristan, provided our company with outstanding customer service. It was a pleasure to work with him.

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19 Jun 2023

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