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25 Best Employee Appreciation Gifts Under $10

A little bit goes a long way when it comes to employee appreciation. Doing something as simple as showing gratitude or holding an event to celebrate the team does a lot to help keep morale high and make sure that your team presents a great outward image to the company. Granted, this can be something that’s difficult to manage when you’re on a tight budget as a smaller business. Here are some gifts for employees under $10 that are easy to find and implement.

1. Snack Boxes

The first options on our list are branded snack gift boxes. When it comes to employee gifts, more and more people are looking for things that won’t clutter up their homes, and have a personalized element. A snack box neatly fits into both categories. You can make a selection based off a favorite treat you know they like, and they can just dispose of the box after they’re done eating. Not to mention, they will always have your brand in mind when enjoying their snack.

Custom Candy Snack Boxes

2. Journals

Whether these are used for keeping facts and figures at work or notes and doodles at home, there’s still a lot to be said for physically writing down your thoughts, even in the age of computers. We offer a variety of different journal styles, colors, and designs that you can customize to fit the employee you’re shopping for. Best of all, these serve as great promotional products under $10 if you end up having a surplus.

Custom Journal Books

3. Earbuds

Every music lover dreads the moment when their headphones stop working, especially if it’s in the middle of a trip or workout. Providing spare earbuds is an option that just about everyone will appreciate, especially in the moment when these issues crop up. It’s always a good idea to have your brand associated with such a useful item.

4. Glass Coasters

When talking about promotional gifts under $10, these are one of the best options. A glass coaster can help provide that slight element of elegance for a smaller price. Not to mention, there’s the practical aspect of helping your employees preserve their favorite piece of furniture, or even their desk at work. A good coaster can be used in both places. 

Custom Glass Coasters

5. Spa Kits

You don’t need to break the bank on an excursion to relax with a spa-like experience. There are a variety of inexpensive kits with things like scented candles, bath bombs, and other items to replicate the feel right in your own home. Show your employees you want them to be able to unwind.

Custom Spa Kits

6. Baseball Caps

These are a staple of any outfit when someone wants to work outside or just run errands in a hurry. Opting for a branded cap is a great way to provide your employees with an option for something casual they can wear at company events and functions, to give a relaxed yet on-brand look.

Custom Branded Caps

7. Wireless Speakers

Going back to music lovers, these are a cheap option to allow them to enjoy their favorite tracks from anywhere in the home. All you have to do is pair the speaker with your device via Bluetooth and listen for as long as you like.

Custom Bluetooth Speakers

8. Flavor Infuser Bottles

For people who want a little more out of their hydration, these unique bottles allow you to add herbs or fruit in order for some additional flavor. Or, if you’re not in the mood, you can just treat it like a regular water bottle.

Custom Infuser Bottles

9.   Trunk Organizers

A cluttered car can make a commute even more frustrating than it already is. This organizer is specifically designed to sit in the trunk, saving you the headache of having to dig through things every time you’re looking for a specific tool or item. These make great as well.

Custom Trunk Organizers

10. Waterproof Containers

The outdoorsmen among us understand the importance of keeping water away from your clothes, technology, and snacks. These waterproof bags and containers are great if you plan on doing any rafting, boating, or just want to keep things protected from sudden rain.

Custom Waterproof Bags

11. USB Hubs

As we amass more and more devices, sometimes the biggest struggle can just be finding a place to put them all. USB hubs are useful for helping you charge multiple items or access flash drives/external hard drives all at the same time. These are great for helping showcase your brand around the office

Custom USB Hubs

12. Multi-tools

In general, effective personalized gifts under $10 should show that you’re thinking of the person, but also are giving something useful. Items like these are a good option. Equally well-suited for people who do a lot of home improvement or spend time in the great outdoors, these are a good idea for the practically-minded. You can mimic a lot of the functions of a larger toolbox, at a fraction of the price.

Custom Multi-Tools

13. Computer Mouse

True tech devotees understand the importance of having spares of their key components so they can still use items when something is wrong with their main one. This is where you can come in, providing useful items like this computer mouse.

Custom Mouse for the Office

14. Memory Cards

Just like USB drives, these are a staple for everyone these days, whether it’s for storing work-related files or keeping track of photos and documents at home. Due to their size and use, you can never have too many of these, so they always make a safe gift for employees. One practical benefit of customizing memory cards with your logo is that it’s easier to help people remember what card has what files.

Custom Memory Cards

15. Car Chargers

When it comes to employee gifts with a small budget, going utilitarian is always a safe route. Just about everyone can use a car charger to make sure that their devices don’t end up dying out when they are on the road, making them a good “all office” choice.

Custom Dual Car Chargers

16. Bamboo Kitchen Tools

For home chefs, bamboo has become popular for a variety of reasons, including its durability and eco-friendliness. This makes for a great affordable way to show your appreciation for the employee who’s always bringing in delicious meals for lunch and homemade snacks for the team. 

Custom Bamboo Kitchen Kit

17. Exercise Gear

Know an employee who’s always working on getting fitter? It may be a good idea to try and give them some items to help them further their hobby. Exercise bands are some of the cheaper gear that you can get, but we have a variety of different options for those who like high- and low-impact activities alike. Plus, by customizing them, you can have employees representing your brand at the gym or at sporting activities.

Custom Exercise Gear

18. Travel Wallets

In general, travel gear is a great option when thinking about employee gifts under $10. They don’t necessarily cost much, and they’re the type of item that one may not think of buying right away. A travel wallet is no exception. If you know an employee has some time off coming up, give them a little something to help make their time away more relaxing and less disorganized. Remember, by customizing travel items with your logo, you have the chance to make new audiences aware of your brand.

Custom Travel Wallets for Passports and More

19. Sewing Kits

Whether people do it for relaxation or to help repair certain items of clothing, sewing is a skill that’s more popular than you may think. If you know someone on your team who makes it a hobby of theirs, it’s not a bad idea to support it with one of these inexpensive kits.

Custom Manicure 5 Piece Kit

20. Stadium Seats

Heading out to the big game to see your favorite team in person can be a lot of fun, but sitting on the seats? Not always? Buying the sports lover in your office a foam seat can help ensure that they stay comfortable while cheering their team on.

Custom Gameday Foam Seat

21. Photo Frames

Whether they like to capture moments with family or personal accomplishments, photos are a great way to personalize someone’s office space. It’s not a bad idea to encourage that feeling with a new photo frame. There are lots of styles to choose from.

Custom Photo Frames

22. Card Sets

Perhaps you know someone who enjoys a game of poker every now and then. Providing a slick deck of cards is a great way to show you’re thinking of their interests without costing you a lot of money at the same time. If you have a bit larger of a budget to work with, you can also buy full-on poker kits, or other gear for the person who loves to play.

Custom Deck Of Cards

23. Hot/Cold Packs

Sitting at a desk all day can lead to a lot of tension, especially if you don’t get the chance to get up and stretch out. A hot-cold pack can be a great source of relief.

Custom Hot Cold Pack

24. Cable Organizers

Having all of your favorite charging cables and components snarled up can be a headache when you’re trying to locate one of them. Giving one of these as a gift helps your employees stay organized, as well as extending the life of the actual cables themselves.

Custom Cable Organizers

25. Wireless Chargers

For the last of our employee appreciation gifts under $10, we have wireless chargers. Every now and then, especially if you’re traveling a lot or just have a tight schedule, you’re going to be caught somewhere without an outlet and with a phone that’s running out of charge. This is a nice tool that everyone should have on them, just in case. 

Custom Qi Wireless Chargers

A little investment can do a lot when it comes to making your employees feel like a valued part of the team. However, it can be hard to balance that with a tight budget, especially if you have a large team. Have the best of both worlds with our wide selection of custom gifts under $10. fit neatly into that. At iPromo, we work hard to provide high-quality, inexpensive promotional items and gifts so you can keep that stream of appreciation going. Best of all, this exhaustive list is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of options.  Reach out to us today for a quote.

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