“G” still pees fire and poops dynamite… ok… farts dynamite… really… farts dynamite…. So I switched her to THK (also it’s available closer to home). One of my dogs was just not doing well — her stomach was always upset no matter what food we fed her, she had low energy and her coat was coarse and dull. What do you think of Grandma Lucy’s? By the way, my mom is the same boat as me but she bought Sojos a week ago and has been feeding it to her two dogs. 1 thought on “ Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review ” Leggoe July 27, 2009 at 1:55 am. Copyright© 2011-2020 Kimberly Gauthier.  Articles may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written consent of Kimberly Gauthier [that’s me!]. The very culprits who create dog food from mystery sources, add fillers, and junk in their kibble. But that’s a personal choice based on my dogs’ needs. I was uncomfortable trying to figure out a complete balanced diet. You may be wondering, “Where can I buy The Honest Kitchen Dog Food?”. Itchiness can be frustrating because there are so many things that could be the culprit 🙁. bone, organs). The price is really high, but at least I know that I am paying for quality. The dandruff and itching went away. It took me a LONG TIME to find a raw food that she liked and now back to square one. Have you fed your dog any of the Honest Kitchen dog food dry or canned formulas? I now feed Honest Kitchen with Instinct or Wellness to balance the cost somewhat (although NONE of them are ‘cheap’ foods) and she is thriving in Schutzhund & Obedience training. No skin issues, no diarrhea, great coat. Please note that this dog food is a little different. no fruit in Kindly, if you're concerned about sugars in your dog's diet (there is fruit in Preference), the base mix takes away the complication of feeding a raw diet. Our Blue’s birthday was a couple weeks ago and I often wonder what he’d look like today after years on a raw diet. Personally, I don’t want to bring home food that’s visibly crawling with bugs. The issue I have with The Honest Kitchen is that they add potatoes to their food. Grandma Lucy’s is another freeze dried brand in the same price range with more protein options. The Honest Kitchen — Human grade food, not for humans . Each product utilizes a unique set of ingredients to achieve a desired nutritional profile. I am looking for an alternative to the Royal Canin that I can use and came across THK and wondered if this is something that may be a possibility for her condition. I was very happy. The moths are flour moths. I did take a course in pet food nutrition where I earned a certificate. Cosmo refuses so he eats Weruva (in pouches) and freeze-dried raw from Vital Essentials Raw. I found this all very helpful. We all know a dog’s flatulence can clear a room. I haven’t tried THK with him but I should just to see what he thinks. I have used all of them – ONP also does their own line which is very similar to Sojos. I recommend getting a second opinion from a holistic veterinarian who can instruct you on diet and contacting The Honest Kitchen directly about their foods. I'm raising four dogs that weigh between 60 and 75 pounds. I use both THK base mixes. I am more comfortable feeding dehydrated than raw. Another one bites the dust? In fact, we are road-tripping over the next couple of weeks and an unopened bag of ONP freeze dried grain free turkey and the remaining 1/4 box of THK Embark are coming with us. She is allergic to almost everything. Which THK would you recommend, grain free? February 2013 – Several sizes of Verve, Thrive and Zeal were recalled due to a potential salmonella contamination. The ingredients in their food are minimal and impressive. I did some research after that and found they had sold the company to Champion Foods (I think). According to The Honest Kitchen dog food reviews, Preference Dehydrated Dog Base Mix is one of the most popular varieties to purchase. At the anniversary sale, I spoke with a representative who told me about the food, and I bought a HUGE bag of their turkey recipe (I didn't know about Rodrigo's allergies at the time). Sojos does. My dogs' protein sensitivities leave us with the fish recipes, which is great because they need fish in their diet, but also very expensive. All products are manufactured inside human grade food processing facility. We all know how much cats like to eat fish-flavored food and treats, but have you ever thought about how much your dog might enjoy fish too? I wish more dog owners would take the time to read labels, ask questions and avoid Rx diets, which in my opinion and research are nothing more than a money maker for the manufacturer and the vet. Her bowel movements flip-flopped between diarrhea and constipated and smelled awful. Although sweet potatoes are nutritionally superior to white potatoes, they are high in starch, which can pose a problem if your dog needs to lose weight – looking at you Sydney – has diabetes or cancere. And with a higher quality diet, I would be paying for fewer vet appointments and prescriptions. I add seeds to the mix because they come with a host of benefits too. Poor quality food, poor quality company. Shop Chewy for the best deals on The Honest Kitchen Dry Dog Food and more with fast free shipping, low prices, and award-winning customer service. It has since moved to the old Wonderbread Factory that is located in the East Village of San Diego. for this is above 120 degrees F. This makes them safe for human My puppy was having serious digestive issues for months. She currently weighs 13 lbs (has been as high as 15 lbs), but I would like her to be no higher than 12 lbs. A few years ago, I didn't understand the difference between dehydrated dog food and freeze-dried dog food. A tad confusing considering HK is to help alleviate the issue. Or could it be the protein that it’s in the food – are you alternating the options? He would not go to any extra feeding trouble especially from scratch. Manufacturer: The Honest Kitchen is a family-owned company located in San Diego, California. I, too, am a Certified Holistic Pet Health Specialist, and am very well-versed in the area of holistic nutrition. Any other ideas? This blog is so helpful – thank you. Yes, the price is high, but it is well worth it. Is the Embark Vet Breed Identification Kit Worth It? What are it’s benefits? I hope that it helps others. Today, I start my dogs' foods (mixing in a digestive supplement or hydrated Olewo carrots), get ready for work, then come back and feed them. I was introduced to The Honest Kitchen at an anniversary sales several years ago. I am grateful for this food, and don’t have any complaints about it (aside from the cost). $70 and a lot of time I have spent for six weeks tryng to get rid of these gnats. I discovered that the reason I have an infestation in my apartment of fungus gnats, since I first started using your dog food, is that the food is full of them. I go into a review expecting to love a product simply because it's raw, or natural, or safe. Overall, I would definitely recommend THK. It’s through sharing our experiences that we’re able to raise awareness. We cut costs elsewhere (like, we got rid of TV two years ago because of the dogs’ expenses…). The reason I still love THK is that they put a lot of thought into their ingredients and the quality can’t be matched by similar brands. I’m a blogger who writes about raw feeding. What is the fermented vegetables/seed mix that you speak of? Unfortunately, when I’m trying to work with him around distractions, neither of these is high value enough to get his attention. Where you can buy it: Click here to buy Honest Kitchen My review: Here are a few of the main reasons why I love this food: All meat and vegetable ingredients are USDA inspected and approved. The reviews of The Honest Kitchen Dog Food are overwhelmingly positive. Within the past year, I switch to “raw”. When I wrote that post about why we don’t feed raw, someone commented that yes I did because I fed THK, and I was like “nuh uh.” But now I can share your technical answer! I think it’s just $1, they’ll send them for free. The dog and cat food is manufactured in the U.S. in Honest Kitchen’s privately owned facility where human food is manufactured as well. Once his coat was all inn he stopped all scratching. Instead, I add a spoonful from time to time as a boost. They have two base mixes that don’t have potatoes and my dogs do great on them. Additionally, our last vet appointment showed that her liver numbers decreased dramatically & I feel pretty confident it is because I am feeding her THK. Maybe ulcer/maybe colorize…Finally after almost 3 mos of THK embark, totalzymes and ,totalbioitics she has a beautiful soft coat, she’s puke free, at a great weight, she’s still hyper and she even cries and drools while waiting for me preparing her food. While DIY is a lot of work, it’s easier to balance for me when I make food in large batches. The thing about this dog food is that it says it is manufactured in the US. The Honest Kitchen manufactures roughly 36 different dog food products. He came with worms and parasites and had to endure treatment for all of them, and ended up with a depleted gut! Raw Vibrance and Paradigm. I was impressed. Although it's low heat, allowing many of the nutrients to remain intact, the food is still being cooked and the cellular structure of the food is being altered. I can go through a box or bag of dehydrated dog food quickly. I am using THK products to feed my dogs, I want to 100% make sure that NO ingridents of the THK dehydrated products are sourced from China. When it comes to The Honest Kitchen dog food reviews and ratings by actual pet parents, lots of pet owners seem to be favorable of this brand of food. Thankfully, I had been introduced to a homeopathic vet & after getting our Samson to a baseline with “homemade” food that included no meat for months, we introduced Answers Straight Chicken-frozen, fermented, raw pet food (a company based out of Pennsylvania), which has been a hugely successful step for us. For people looking for a base mix or freeze-dried food to feed to their dogs, I point them towards Dr. Harvey’s. They gave Zeal, the product in our video, 5 out of 5 stars. It is very expensive, though. Thank You Kimberly, has anyone had any problems with these products once again dog are dying for a bacteria found in some treats and chicken from china…I am so afraid anymore of the dog foods has anyone had any problems thanks please let me know thanks. So what makes Honest Kitchen dog food head and shoulders above almost everybody else? Most of the Honest Kitchen dog foods also include fruits and vegetables which are beneficial to a dogs health and not included in many main stream foods. However, many dog owners did not mind the price, since the ingredients in Honest Kitchen are highly nutritious, and of very high quality. ), minerals (manganese, phosphorus, etc. A couple of readers recently asked me to update my post that compares The Honest Kitchen to Sojos. Honest Kitchen’s dog food does not use fillers, and the foods contain a healthy amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the year 2009, The Honest Kitchen reported that they were producing and selling over 100,000 lbs of food. Do I use the recommended dry mix and blend with the recommended water? I tried raw with him – whatever way you can think of to introduce and feed a cat raw food, I did it. I have had need for training treats, and our vet recommended Stewarts freeze dried beef liver-only one ingredient and made in the USA. I only get treats from Real Pet Food, Raw Bistro, and I make them with my dehydrator. A common question that many pet owners have, is “How much Honest Kitchen dog food should I feed my dog?”. THE HONEST KITCHEN HOMEMADE DOG FOOD REVIEW. So far – she has done remarkably well on it – there was very little transitional feeding and by day two – I had completely switched her over and she has suffered no ill effects. Second, would you say Sojos negatives outweigh the positives? Anyway, although they both get homecooked now for other factors in no way related to THK. The distributor showed me how easy it was to make, how healthy the ingredients were, and pointed out that it's human grade. White potatoes are cheaper than sweet potatoes (which is why we see this as an ingredient in many commercial dog foods). Then it will be too late. This practice has ceased, however, after they were purchased by WellPet, I scratched them off the list of foods that I would feed my dogs (more below). White potatoes have a higher glycemic index, which makes it a potential problem for diabetic dogs and dogs with cancer. In this article, we'll explore The Honest Kitchen ingredients and answer many of … I don't believe dogs need grains in their diet, and I also found the recipes to be too rich for my dogs; a meal was too heavy on the digestive system, even for Sydney and Zoey, two dogs with an iron stomach. I “upgraded” to grain-free kibble. I have had her blood checked/xrays/tests/antibiotics without ever finding the exact cause. (I used to give her Sojos too until I heard about them selling out to WellPet. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I have cooked homemade food for for most of her life (She is almost 4) as I just do not love the idea of feeding commercial dog food. I prefer homemade to THK because I like controlling the ingredients and I don’t like the idea of adding starch to my dogs’ diet (grain-free) or unnecessary grains. Kibble isn’t raw. With my dogs dancing around me while I’m prepping their food, Sojos and ONP take way too long – of course, I always forgot to prep it ahead of time. Plus, I can’t always get to the places near me that carry THK before they close…. I never had the open biscuits but have had other brands and it is just something that happens. She wouldn’t even eat Sojos.) Thank you for you summary. I can't afford one and the other was acquired by WellPet. Most of the ingredients are from the U.S. I also found a small pet retailer near us who does a promo with every 10th box free, which helps. The way Spot Farms food bulks up, even 1 dry cup makes a big bowl of food. While I want to give my dogs the best, I find that it's more affordable if I make their food than buy premade dog food. It is time-consuming and definitely more expensive to feed her but it is worth it! ), antioxidants (carotenoids, flavonoids, etc.) And if Sojos is working for your dog, then you should stick with it. I think it is plain CRAP (I reserve that word for conditions of emphasis) I would NEVER, EVER, EVER believe a Vet on food choices because of WHO sponsors most of their training. as well as potassium, iron, copper and fiber.” Source: The Honest Kitchen. $18.98 - $35.98. I didn’t realize the difference between dehydrated & freeze-dried, so that is also good to know. Keep the Tail Wagging® is a personal blog and a minority/woman-owned business.  I, Kimberly Gauthier (owner), am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This is a fantastic food. all human grade, I’m not being smart but how can you afford NRG. I have a 5 & 1/2 month old German Shepherd pup! The Honest Kitchen is made in the USA. I feed my 3 small dogs HK, base, grain free which they love however all 3 have taken to licking and scratching in various areas of themselves. Also, Wellness now has a “raw revolution” campaign in which bloggers are calling their kibble, RawRev, a “raw food diet.” I have trouble with brands who blatantly mislead their customers through their marketing. A Review – Honest Kitchen Dog Food vs. the Rest. Thank you for sharing, Kimberly. The Honest Kitchen Chicken Whole Food Clusters. When the breeder returned to the states, she provided me 4 boxes of Honest Kitchen to try under the recommendation from someone in her SAR Group and I was so very grateful. Our dog was allergy tested by a vet dermatologist. Our Malamute, Sasha, has had diarrhea and problems with what we think are food sensitivities since she was born. That is an amazing testimonial, Danielle! cleaned and trimmed, then gently dried below 104 degrees so they are I current make a homemade diet but I am worried about it not being balance plus its not that convenient. The Honest Kitchen has the best, most informative, easy to understand website I have ever seen in the dog food realm. Thank you! Thank you. THK is a much better choice. If there is any insight on my situation, I am open to feedback. I asked them if they knew about the sourcing of the lamb & turkey, which the store employee wasn’t sure about. When it comes to actual Honest Kitchen Limited Ingredient dog food reviews and ratings from actual pet parents, most pet parents actually rave about this food. Right now she is on chicken and rice and (gasp) Hill’s I/D. This is a company that is also very environmentally conscious so they try to use whole ingredients including animals that are raised humanely (e.g. I continued with that brand for a couple of months because I heard Merrick was a decent company until I found out they were acquired by Purina….well, that was the end of that. Honest Kitchen recommends feeding 31-50 lb dogs between 1 and 4 cups per day, depending on their activity level. This dehydrated base mix for a raw or other fresh homemade diet contains the exact nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary. I was feeding her the dry food mixed with some of the dehydrated patties and thought something was off – especially when she came down with a case of diarrhea that lasted longer than is normal for her. There is NO DOUBT your dog food is infested with these gnats. The Honest Kitchen is no longer open to questions about their food, ingredients, or sourcing. I recently had the blood and liver checked on one of my dogs, and the results were right on the mark. I’m not a pet food nutritionist. What I liked about Sojos is that it was more affordable than The Honest Kitchen and the packages were larger, which was appealing to someone raising several dogs. Our fruits and vegetables are harvested at the peak of their ripeness, *This is a comment from a reader to address the flying insects I mentioned above. I have two dogs that weigh 57 and 45 lbs. The method of cooking is by dehydration which is good. I left THK as on multiple occasions, and from multiple boxes I found ground up blue plastic in the mix. She believes they came from the food so it’s interesting that you mention that here as well. My dog has normal bowel movements, fabulous coat, dramatic increase in energy (which I did NOT think was possible), and was steadily gaining weight (which was a concern I had been having). Thanks again! What I learned is that the prescription diets aren’t ideal for pets. Today, I'll buy it when I can get it on special because it's a bit outside of my budget. I do agree it’s difficult to feed solely because it’s so darn expensive. A diet of dehydrated raw dog food is convenient, easy, balanced. *  Because of that experience (which repeated at several pet stores), I won't buy any of their products for my dogs. The vomit was terrible and continues until it was only spit/foam multiple times. I'm not a fan of The Honest Kitchen line of whole grain food. I ignorantly started him on Marvel because of the specific ingredients, but staff at THK suggested Embark ( no base mixes for puppies). My experience with this company is the worst I have ever had with any company outside of the contract cell phone industry of years ago. Cooper has so many health issues, allergies among the lot, and it’s pretty much the only thing we can feed him other than home cooked. i really want to know what food i can cook or buy her as i am sick of these pet shop people trying to sell dog food that is the same as the last shop only with the extra $$$ on it. The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Reviews and Ratings. I also have a relationship with Darwin’s Natural Pet Products as a customer; please note that Darwin’s Pet does not provide free food for my pets. But so far, there is no response. The vet thinks she should go on science diet GI – but I’m not in to the RX idea. This blog is only my personal feelings and those shouldn’t trump what you think is best for your dog. 6 Common Misconceptions About Bone Broth for Dogs. He is the one cat ever who WILL. But both are miles better than commercial dry dog food. our products are made. Since the answer is dependent on several factors (such as your dog’s age, weight, activity level, etc) always follow the specific instructions on your formula’s packaging. Rodrigo and Scout have protein sensitivities. Even better, if it was a chewy treat full of healthy, and natural goodness they are bound to love it. It is quite expensive, but we mix it with raw, pet food (chicken) from a local, organic farm that has the organ, bone, etc. Is that a good place for them to get it from? What it is: Dog and Cat Food and Treats. The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to Honest Kitchen. I haven’t done any research. Thanks for clearing that up, Kevin – I’ll update this blog post with this news for others who come across my blog. I switched since Orijen, once a Canadian based company – moved their plant to Kentucky – or at least part of it and Blueberry has not done well on that food since that transition. Thank you for taking the time to blog about higher quality dog foods. The little one just turned 1 year old so she still has more growing and I have the feeling the food bill will go up too. My 10 pound Yorkie has Bladder Stone issues and her vet wants her to go on Commercial dog food (Royal Canin SO). I’ll have to check out those treats you recommended, too! Thanks for any help with this. To make a REALLY long story short, my cat Vinny has IBD – over years of trial and tribulations, this was the ONE food/diet he liked AND could eat AND that gave him nice, solid poops. ingredients are dehydrated at a high enough temperature to kill any I just tried Sojos (turkey) for the first time with my little Gizmo yesterday, 8lb mixed breed. I was on probably every allergy med out there and getting worse and worse. The only complaint that is echoed by many dog owners is the price of the food, which is more than many ultra-premium dog food formulas. I can't afford the food for four big dogs (even if they offer me coupons) that weigh between 60-75 pounds. Unlike most pet foods, The Honest Kitchen sued the federal government over the right to use the … For example, there are warnings about feeding raw salmon, so I choose to often feed dehydrated salmon; especially when I forget to thaw out food for the dogs. Old Mother Hubbard is often kept on the shelves past its prime in many stores that sell it (from what I’ve seen) and even though I voiced a complaint to the company directly, the practice continues. I was afraid of missing or adding too much. About The Honest Kitchen. We made the switch to Sojos and she LOVES it, but one of the main ingredients is egg which I have thought in the past was also something she didn’t do so well with, and her poops (although better consistency) increased from twice a day to three or four. I’m not a fan of grains and starches when feeding my dogs, however, those aren’t inherently bad for dogs. Best with your dog. I think variety is a great idea and if you have brands that you like, then you’re winning! I got inflammation out of my body through DIET and haven’t needed any meds since. This is why I think freeze-dried dog food is superior to dehydrated. To me, that’s the free food that’s about to be thrown out. Buy The Honest Kitchen Dog Food from Petflow - 12% off and Free Shipping at PetFlow.com, Save on The Honest Kitchen Dog Food from Onlynaturalpet - Save $5 on orders of $25 or more + Free Shipping, excellent animal proteins - raised humanely. Although I will no longer purchase food from The Honest Kitchen for my dogs or cat, I do believe that it may be a good option for other pets if you purchase the right products. The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Ingredients. This review is vague and seriously lacking in specifics. It's much more affordable to do DIY raw feeding and, I don't agree that a diet that is high in. I’m praying that doesn’t happen with THK. Trying to Figure Out My Curly Hair Routine, Keep the Tail Wagging is Now a Lifestyle Blog #DogMomStyle. Thanks for sharing, Jeanne – although you had to go back to kibble, I think it’s amazing that you continued to add fresh food to your dog’s diet. I contemplated blending, but wasn’t sure of the right proportions. I personally prefer grain free because I don’t think dogs need grains, however, the grain free recipes also contain starch (another ingredient our dogs don’t need). I was told about Sojos “raw, freeze-dried” treats. Well, we have been doing Preference with a large tablespoon of HK bone broth and an egg… mixed with the raw “protein” of the day x2 times per… London broil, fish, or lean chicken breast. I don’t have current experience with The Honest Kitchen because I haven’t fed it to my dogs in a year. Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutrition Blogger and Raw Feeder in Marysville, Washington, sourced ingredients (one or two of the vegetables) from China. Now Im back to kibble for a bit adding a little meat & veggied to the mix. I had the same sort of experience (but to lesser degree). They are finally gone, except for maybe a couple strays today flying around. by Kimberly | Feb 15, 2017 | Raw Food Diet for Dogs | 60 comments. I searched for the best food I could give her because on Merrick, she had very loose, watery stools and a lot of skin irritation which I know Pitbulls are prone to have but it broke my heart watching her constantly scratching and in such discomfort. Thanks for sharing this, Kerry. They are attracted to the biscuits because of the flour and they generally are only a problem with bulk biscuit bins, not in the bagged biscuits. I have to buy her 1 box of the larger box(10lbs dehydrated) every 3 weeks at $122+ but since eating THK, solid stools, no itching aside from the occassional scratching all dogs do but very minimal….her skin cleared up, beautiful coat, more energy than an olympic runner, better muscle tone and so on…..I highly recommend THK if you’re dog has similar issues as my baby once had….I also just started incorporating chia seeds recently into her diet due to its many, many health benefits for humans and dogs alike….it’s known as a true super food….look it up! Thank you so much for sharing. Like they felt healthy. Not saying its ideal but its also not a sign that a product is a bad product. My dog has IBD and we have yet to find a food that has made a difference in trying to treat it. Every review I have found have been relatively positive across the board. I didn’t know about the moths, etc in the open bins – yikes! it says right on the box “no ingredients from China”. I just started feeding Blueberry Kindly. I was wondering if you or any of your other readers have done any research on good, limited ingredient treats that can be put in a bait bag without spoil, mess, etc. I went to ground organic tirkey, cooked with veggies untill my dog started getting sensitivity to turkey & chicken.
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