Custom PopSockets 

The cool PopSocket designs make them the best phone stands on the market today. The average person looks at their phone 96 times every day and your brand can be present every time. The Pop Sockets stick flat to the back of any device or case with rinseable, repositionable gel. Once extended, the PopSocket becomes a mobile phone stand, a photo or texting grip, or just a fun fidget. On top of that, arguably the best reason to give custom PopSockets is that they are practical and help users identify and keep a good grip on their phones (or other mobile devices). Check out our Ultimate Guide to PopSockets for 2024 to learn more about the different grip options available.iPromo only brands on authentic PopSockets - please be careful when purchasing from eBay (and in certain cases Amazon & Target) as many are fake. Here is a quick guide for how to spot a counterfeit PopSocket.

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Custom PopSockets: Fun and Cool Way to Promote Your Brand

PopSockets are practical accessories that ensure safety and add a bit of personality to devices. Many people put them on their phones, and they can be great promotional products for clients.

At iPromo, we have the best custom PopSockets that you can make more fun with designs that capture the attention of those who see them.

What Makes Promotional PopSockets Great?

The average American checks their phone at least 96 times per day, or once every 10 to 12 minutes. When a person does this in public, they lift up their phone for everyone to see—those in the vicinity will see their PopSocket with your company name and logo on it.

A custom PopSocket is functional and fun. The name of the brand has become the colloquial term for the removable accessory placed on phones to provide a better grip. It can also double as a stand for when you want to put your phone on a table to watch a video.

Are PopSockets custom-made grips great corporate gifts? Absolutely! They are fantastic for the following reasons:


PopSockets with logos will definitely not break the bank. Brands can customize hundreds, even thousands, of them to give away during corporate events like exhibitions and trade shows. Companies can also provide employees with these accessories in gratitude for their loyalty.

Branded Popsockets Are Useful

PopSockets are very practical items that help secure devices and maximize their function. PopSockets are durable, easy and fun to use, and help users get a better grip on their phones. They even make it easier to take selfies and can be used as improvised phone stands - or even as an improv phone mount. Custom promotional PopSockets remain attached to the device 24/7 and are unlikely to be removed for months or even years. With that said custom PopSockets are still easy to remove or reposition at any time.

PopSockets Are Fidget-Friendly

We all know that person that loves to fidget - or maybe it’s you! Either way, Custom PopSockets are huge in fidget factor and are great for those with fidgety tendencies. They also don’t make a lot of noise which makes them crowd-friendly in spaces where other fidget devices might constitute a distraction.


Promotional PopSockets can be quite aesthetically pleasing. You can create your own branded design that displays your company name and logo to their best advantage. PopSockets custom grips are often bright and colorful to attract attention, but it is truly up to you how you want to present these branded items to the public.


PopSockets are quite common, but they can be customized to make the designs look and feel more fun. You can integrate the grip with a wallet to keep cards or choose a MagSafe-compatible option. Some PopSockets can be used on coffee cups. These features make your custom Popsocket giveaway more memorable.

Promotional PopSockets: A Backgrounder

Philosophy professor David Barnett founded PopSockets in 2012. When they closed their first year of sales for the PopSockets grips in 2014, they sold 30,000. By 2017, the company had sold over 35 million grips, which grew to 60 million in 2018. It generated $200 million in revenue that year and ranked second among the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.

This product is proof that a simple hack could lead to a multimillion-dollar company. PopSockets were born because Barnett was annoyed that his earphone cords kept getting tangled. So, he attached two buttons on his phone through which he could wind up the cable and keep it neat and untangled.

Barnett further developed the idea by expanding the button size to make it easier to hold a phone. Plus, the item later named the PopSockets grip could also double as a phone stand.

Get your custom PopSockets bulk at iPromo and save money on personalization. We will do laser engraving or screen printing on the front of the PopSockets grip.

Best PopSockets Custom Products

Promotional PopSockets have evolved over the last few years. They are no longer just simple grips.

Here are some of our favorite custom promotional PopSockets:

PopSockets - Pop Backspin

If you want a unique and useful custom PopSocket, the Pop Backspin is an excellent option. It is made for those who want a phone grip that doubles as a fidget toy. While it is fun to fiddle around with when bored, there is a deeper purpose for it. Fidget toys can help manage a person’s restlessness, anxiety, depression, and other distressing situations. Research has shown that such accessories can help with post-traumatic stress disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

This is a great way to promote your brand. It is not a common type of PopSockets with logo and is very functional to boot. Recipients will surely use them for fun and to manage stress.

PopSockets Swappable PopGrip

The Swappable PopGrip looks like a regular PopSocket, but the head can be removed. This way, you can swap it with another design. It’s perfect for those who want to match their grip based on what they wear or what they feel.

For your custom PopSockets, you can make at least three designs with your company name and logo. Each one must be unique, to give recipients multiple options to match their mood.

PopSockets PopWallet

With the PopWallet, people don’t need to bring bulky wallets or bags everywhere they go. They can just put this grip on the back of their phone to keep up to three credit cards or six business cards, depending on thickness. It can also be used to hold paper currency. This type of promotional PopSockets is perfect for brands in the finance industry.

PopSockets PopMinis

Some may not like the standard PopSockets grip because of its size. The PopMinis are three small grips that you can attach to your mobile device. They can be used as grips or stands. You can create designs for the three mini grips or just one uniform style.

PopSockets PopThirst Cup Sleeve

Now, this goes beyond the mobile phone grip. The PopThirst can hold your coffee cup so you don’t burn your hand. It is made from a non-slip foam material and can be used on just about any beverage container. It’s a fantastic promotional PopSockets because millions of people drink coffee in the morning. It would be great to display your company name and logo on someone’s coffee cup through this PopSockets custom item.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Do Custom PopSockets Take To Ship?
After you approve the artwork and virtual mockup, Popsockets are imprinted and shipped out in as few as 5 business days. The ability to design your own PopSocket to promote your business is a great opportunity! Our customers have been raving about their customized PopSockets and and often end up ordering more as demand for them is overwhelming. Being able to print in full color across the entire face of the PopSocket maximizes your branding impact.
How much do custom PopSockets cost?
At iPromo, we offer competitive prices for our bulk PopSockets. You can find promotional PopSockets as low as $5.82 when you order over 100, or PopSockets around $6.07 apiece when you order as few as 25. The price of your custom PopSockets depends on a few factors, such as the quantity, style, decoration and materials used.
How can I tell if a PopSocket is fake?
The popularity of PopSockets has skyrocketed from when they first hit the market back in 2012. Unfortunately, with fame comes forgery, and many retailers are creating fake PopSockets that don’t provide the same quality as authentic PopSockets.To identify real vs. fake PopSockets, look out for these signs:
  • The back sticker: Real PopSockets always come with a clear sticker. If you noticed a 3M sticker on the back, the PopSocket is fake.
  • The POP: PopSockets acquired their name because they literally POP when extended. If your PopSocket doesn’t make a noise, it’s a knockoff.
  • The stickiness:PopSockets are reusable because they use a special gel that can re-stick to a surface once removed. Fake PopSockets are usually made with double-sided tape that can only be used once.
  • Price: If the price seems too good to be true, you’re probably right. Authentic PopSockets usually cost around $15 apiece, any cheaper, and you’re most likely buying a fake. At iPromo, we sell our PopSockets in bulk, which reduces the price the more you buy.
  • PopSocket Branding: If you open your PopSocket package and notice any abnormalities with the branding, such as a modified logo, spelling errors, or an absent barcode, it’s fake.

At iPromo, we only offer authentic PopSockets, to ensure you, your employees, and your customers are getting what you paid for.

How do you apply a PopSocket?
Applying a PopSocket to your phone or phone case is easy. Simply follow these steps when applying your custom PopSocket:
  • Step 1: Peel the liner off of the disk to expose the adhesive side
  • Step 2: Apply the adhesive side to the back of your phone or phone case
  • Step 3: Remove the plastic film from the PopSocket grip and place it in the center of the disk
How do I create my own custom PopSocket?
Creating your own promotional products at iPromo is simple. We use the same process for all of our customizable products, including custom PopMinis, promotional PopWallets, and our custom cell phone wallets. To begin creating your personalized PopSocket, follow these steps:
  • Step 1: Choose the PopSocket you’d like branded with your company logo
  • Step 2: Pick a PopSocket color
  • Step 3:Pick your decoration method and quantity
  • Step 4: Upload your artwork or logo as a vector file
  • Step 5: Approve your virtual proof—once approved, our designers will begin your order
What kind of PopSockets are available?
We have a variety of PopSockets to choose from to meet your branding needs. Some bulk PopSockets you can choose from include:
  • PopSockets Vegan Leather PopGrip
  • PopSockets Plant PopGrip
  • PopSockets MagSafe PopGrip
  • PopSockets Aluminum PopGrip
  • PopSockets Wood PopGrip
  • PopSockets Diamond Aluminum PopGrip
  • PopSockets Swappable PopGrip
  • PopSockets Iridescent PopGrip
  • PopSockets BackSpin PopGrip
  • PopSockets PopMirror PopGrip
  • PopSockets PopMinis PopGrip
  • PopSockets PopGrip Lips
  • PopSockets PopGrip Stash
Can you reuse a PopSocket?
Yes, PopSockets are reusable, making them a long-lasting promotional product that recipients can use for years to come. PopSockets are created with a special gel that allow them to re-stick once removed. If you remove your PopSocket and the gel no longer sticks, wet it and let it dry, and the gel will become sticky again. However, make sure you don’t leave your custom PopSocket out for more than 15 minutes, as the gel can become dry again.
How do you remove a PopSocket?
Because PopSockets are reusable, they’re easy to remove. To take your PopSocket off of your phone or phone case, slowly peel away the disk, rather than pulling straight from the grip. If this doesn’t work, you can try using dental floss to remove your PopSocket from your phone or phone case.
Why won’t my PopSocket stay on?
If your custom PopSocket is having trouble staying on, rinse the gel with water and let it dry for 10 minutes, but no longer than 15 minutes, then reapply it to the back of your phone. If this doesn’t work, you can submit a ticket to PopSockets on their website. It’s also important to know that PopSockets won’t stick to every surface they’re placed on. PopSockets won’t stick to:
  • iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max models without a suitable phone case
  • Silicone phone cases
  • Leather phone cases
  • Phone cases made from soft surfaces

PopSockets, along with our selection of mobile phone stands, will stick to most materials and smooth, hard cases. If you’re looking to bring your branding to the next level, branded PopSockets is the way to go.

How long do promotional popsockets take to make?
Standard production time on all PopSockets is 5-7 business days. Rush production in as few as 24 hours is available for an additional cost.
How many times can you reuse a popsocket?
PopSockets are designed to be reusable and can be repositioned and reused multiple times. The adhesive on the back of the PopSocket is strong enough to securely attach to a phone or phone case, but can also be easily removed and repositioned without leaving any residue. Longevity of the PopSockets can also depend on the individual user and how often and hard they use them.
What is the benefit of a popsocket?
PopSockets are a popular promotional item because they offer many benefits to the user and the company branding them. They provide a secure grip on a phone, making it easier to hold and reducing the risk of dropping it. PopSockets can also be used as a stand for a phone, allowing it to be propped up for watching videos or taking photos. Additionally, PopSockets offer a large surface area for customization, essentially turning them into walking billboards on the back of the recipient’s phone.

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Our Account Manager, Neil S. is totally awesome! Anytime I need something, he finds not only one version but several for me to choose from. And meets my deadlines - even when I am running late. I trust him to get me the best deal for the best product. Highly recommend for promotional needs.

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