Branded Tile Trackers 

Branded Tile trackers will be a blessing in disguise for any lucky recipient. We all know that feeling of panic when we accidentally misplace our phone, wallet, or keys. And when that happens, we go into a frenzy, looking in every nook and cranny to find our lost valuable items. If you want to show your customers and employees how much you care about them, a branded Tile tracker is the way to go. Ordering bulk Tile trackers will allow you to surprise your clients with a unique gift that will enable them to find their keys, phone, or other items, all while promoting your brand in the process.

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Tile Trackers: Unique Giveaways to Enhance Brand Reputation

Keychains, mugs, and T-shirts are among the most popular corporate giveaways. They are simple items with broad appeal that are easy to customize.

However, if you want to create a lasting impression on your clients, it’s best to think out of the box. Tile trackers with custom logo are fantastic, forward-thinking options. A tile tracker is a unique corporate giveaway that is highly practical and functional. Everybody ought to have some to keep track of their belongings.

What Are Tile Trackers?

Isn’t it annoying when you’re rushing out the door and can’t find your keys anywhere? Or when you’ve misplaced your water bottle after a long, busy day running errands? The worst time to lose something is while traveling— navigating an unfamiliar city and looking for your belongings is a tourist’s nightmare.

Branded Tile trackers can solve all of these problems and more. This small tile with a Bluetooth tracker device can be attached to items you don’t want to misplace: your keys, phone, wallet, and other everyday items. You can track them through the free Tile app with your smartphone’s GPS.

Tile was founded in 2012, and the first tile trackers were launched in 2013. A decade later, their use is more widespread than ever, with cutting-edge devices making tracking a breeze.

When you give away promotional tile trackers, you give your clients something handy—they can be a game changer for many.

We have amazing Tile trackers that you can customize to show your appreciation to your loyal customers.

Why a Branded Tile Tracker Is Good for Your Brand

Corporate giveaways are essential for branding. They keep your company front-of-mind for many clients, and this kind of thoughtful consideration for their needs will lead to many more benefits.

Here are good reasons why Tile trackers with company logo are the perfect appreciation gifts:

Ensures Brand Retention

Tile trackers are not generic promotional items like pens, caps, and T-shirts. A Tile tracker as a giveaway is unique—almost extravagant—so recipients will never forget the company that gave it to them.

Every time they find a lost item using the Tile tracker, they will be grateful to your company all over again.

Fosters Customer Loyalty

With a branded Tile, users will never lose anything again. This could be a game-changer and will foster loyalty with your clients.

Why? The giveaway demonstrates that the brand truly cares about its clients by providing functional and practical gifts. Given this generosity and care, their products or services are likely well-thought-out as well. Consumers would not hesitate to be loyal to such a brand.

Enhances Brand Image

A branded tile tracker isn’t as conspicuous as T-shirts, bags, or caps, which can be walking billboards for your brand. Tile tags are small; only those looking closely will notice the company name and logo.

However, those who regularly use Tile trackers with custom logo would be eager to become spokespersons for the brand because of the many times the tracker helped them find a misplaced item. They will not talk about the benefits of the tracker without mentioning the company that gave it to them.

At iPromo, you can order bulk Tile trackers for your clients—they will surely consider them blessings more than promotional items.

What To Look for in Corporate Giveaways and Why Tile Trackers With Custom Logo Fit the Bill

Investing in corporate gifts is a must. They symbolize your appreciation for their support and help ensure that recipients continue supporting your brand.

What should you look for in promotional giveaways?


When you give customers a practical gift, they will use it often. Remember, promotional items are also meant to increase brand awareness. You don’t want to give a gift that recipients will just store in a cabinet.

There is no denying the practicality of branded Tile trackers. Giving them away means your customers will never lose their belongings again.


Corporate giveaways are often flimsy and not the best quality. They will likely end up being thrown away at some point. Even worse, the recipient may always think about the brand when remembering the broken promotional item—not exactly a good look.

You don’t need to worry about this, as Tile tags are long-lasting and durable.

High Quality

When you give away a high-quality gift like promotional Tile trackers, recipients would want to use them all the time.

The Best Promotional Tile Trackers You Can Give Clients

We have branded Tile trackers with company logo that you can choose based on your corporate budget:

Tile Pro Tracker

The Tile Pro Tracker is fantastic for larger items like backpacks and luggage. It is water-resistant with an IP67 rating. It has a loud ring, so it is easy to find in busy places. Its range is 400 feet.

To customize the branded Tile, we will print your design just above the Tile logo. The imprint area is 1.25 x 0.875 inches.

The Slim Bluetooth Tracker

For a slimmer option but with a wider print area for your company name and logo, the Slim Bluetooth Tracker is a good choice. You can attach it to passports, wallets, and electronic devices. You can easily find your missing or misplaced items within a 200-feet range. The imprint location is quite big at 3.375 x 2.125 inches.

Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

The Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker is our bestseller—it is affordable, water- resistant, and has a three-year non-replaceable battery. The Bluetooth range is around 250 feet, and it can be placed on most valuable items. The tag is quite small, so the imprint area is just 0.625 x 0.25 inches.

Tile Starter Pack (Mate/Slim) Bluetooth Trackers

Most people need multiple trackers—the Tile Mate and the Tile Slim make for a practical pair. It’s an excellent high-end promotional giveaway for your most loyal customers and will surely make a lasting impression.

Tile Sticker

Tile Sticker The most affordable of our promotional Tile trackers is the Tile Sticker. It is a practical tag for home use, so you can always find your phone, keys, remote control, eyeglass case, etc. It has a Bluetooth range of 250 feet. It is very small, but you can still customize it with your company name and logo.

Surprise your loyal customers with any of our Tile trackers with custom logo so they will never lose or misplace their valuables again.

With iPromo, you can get Tile trackers wholesale, so they’re affordable! iPromo offers some of the latest technological innovations as promotional and incentive gifts. Some of iPromo’s latest offerings are Bluetooth tracking devices like the ultra popular custom Tile Mate. These small devices connect with phones or smart home systems. They allow you to find misplaced items around your home, ensuring you never lose your keys, wallet, backpack, or purse again.

The devices are small, light, and water resistant. They can slip into a small space in a bag or be clipped to a keychain. They have one to three years of battery life off of a replaceable or single-use battery and are located by connecting the tracker with an app that will show you their location. If you are not in Bluetooth range, the app will tell you the last known position of the tracker.

The trackers can also emit a noise at the push of a button on the app to help you locate it if you are having trouble locating it or are concerned it was taken from you in a public space. There is also the option to allow your tracker to connect to others with the apps, so even if you are out of Bluetooth range, the tracker can be found by someone else’s phone or smart home in range.

iPromo offers several types of Bluetooth trackers, each made for a specific purpose. Some are credit card shaped for easy use as a wallet tracker; others are made with built-in key rings for quick attachment to a keychain. Bluetooth tracking tiles are available for different uses, with their small size adding to their versatility.

Trackers from iPromo come with your company’s brand ID and logo printed clearly on the side, raising your brand awareness with this useful, convenient piece of technology. Give your valued customers and employees the gift of convenience and security with a Bluetooth tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Tile tracker work?
A branded Tile tracker is easy to use. All you have to do is download the free Tile app on your phone, tap the “+” button, and follow the activation instructions. Once your device is set up, you can find your phone by double pressing the Tile button on your device, which will prompt your phone to ring if it’s nearby, even if it’s on silent. You can also check the map to see where your things are or take advantage of the Tile community and have them help you find your personal items. You can attach the Tile key finders to on personalized USB drives. The options are endless when you buy Tile trackers in bulk at iPromo.
How long does the Tile tracker battery last?
Branded Tile trackers have a guaranteed battery life up to one year, without having to charge them. If you customize a Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker or Tile Mate Pro Series Bluetooth Tracker, they now come with replaceable batteries so you don't lose your branding on the Tile tracker after one battery cycle. If you really want to make an impression, order bulk phone wallets to pair your branded Tile trackers with, so your employees and customers can have a unique accessory to attach their tracker to.
How do I install and use the Tile tracker wireless key finder?
To install and use the Tile tracker wireless key finder, all you have to do is download the Tile app. From there, you can activate each Tile, and use the app to gain access to the map. On the map, you will be able to view any device you have a branded Tile tracker placed on, such as custom wireless speakers, promotional power banks, or your passport. If your phone happens to be missing, you can go on the Tile website, sign in, and view the map there. On the website, you can also prompt your phone to ring if it’s nearby.
What does branded tile mean?
Branded Tile refers to the fact that the tile has been customized with a company logo or design. Branded Tiles can be used to promote a company, as well as serve as a practical and useful gift for customers or employees.
How fast do bulk branded tile trackers ship?
The shipping time for bulk branded Tile trackers can vary depending on the quantity ordered and the customization options selected. The standard production time is 7-10 business days and shipping is estimated through standard ground shipping.
What is the most popular branded tile tracker?
The most popular branded Tile tracker is the Tile Mate. It is a compact Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to keys, wallets, or other important items to help locate them using a smartphone app. The Tile Mate can be customized with a company logo or design, making it a popular promotional item for businesses.
What items does North Face corporate apparel include?
There's a large selection of The North Face corporate apparel, including jackets, vests, fleece, hats, and shirts. These items are of course known for being made from high-quality materials as their reputation, and are designed for outdoor activities, making them popular choices for corporate events, corporate gifting, and team-building activities. And all of them can be embroidered with a logo or design of your choosing.
Do branded Tile trackers have a warranty?
Yes, branded Tile trackers typically come with a warranty. Tile offers a limited warranty on their products. The warranty duration and coverage can vary depending on the specific Tile model and the region you are in. Contact iPromo for detailed information about the warranty terms for the branded Tile tracker you're interested in.
What are the most popular branded Tile trackers?
Tile offers a range of Bluetooth trackers that help you keep track of your belongings. Some of the most popular branded Tile trackers include:
  • Tile Mate: A compact tracker that easily attaches to your keys, wallet, or other items.
  • Tile Pro: A more advanced tracker with a longer range and louder ring, suitable for items that might be further away.
  • Tile Slim: A thin tracker designed to fit in wallets, purses, and other slim items.
  • Tile Sticker: A small, adhesive-backed tracker that can be attached to a wide range of items.
The popularity of specific branded Tile trackers can vary based on the use case and the preferences of your target audience. Consider the features and form factor that best match your branding goals and the needs of your recipients.

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