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Custom tumblers will keep your customers' and employees' hearts and drinks warm, wherever they go. Promotional tumblers will allow you to grow your brand by giving people a portable drink holder, perfect for those on-the-go moments. At iPromo, you can order wholesale tumblers at an affordable price with your company logo elegantly printed across. This way, the next time your customer takes a sip of their morning coffee, not only will they be reminded of your company's generosity but everyone around them will be introduced to your brand. Now that's what we call a win-win!

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Brew Up a Fresh Marketing Strategy with Branded Tumblers

Corporate swag is the grease that moves the wheels of B2C and B2B relations. Creating and distributing promotional items that people enjoy using is a surefire way to keep your brand at the front of your target audience’s mind.

Your custom corporate giveaways can be high-tech electronics, or they can be something simple, like custom tumblers. All that matters is that they invite people to use them and get your brand’s logo out there.

Designing and creating promotional material, including custom tumblers with a logo, is made easy with iPromo. With a 24-year history of producing high-quality custom-branded items, we bring our expertise to the realm of personalized tumblers. Let us help you create a batch of custom logo tumblers to distribute among your employees, clients, and other industry connections. The range of promotional tumblers on iPromo will give you the perfect mini billboard for your brand.

Not every promotional item needs to be extravagant. Even something as practical as custom tumblers can do wonders to spread brand awareness. As long as people enjoy their warm beverages hot and their cool drinks chilled, there will be people who use personalized tumblers.

Leveraging the widespread use of everyday items has long been an effective marketing tactic. Promotional tumblers are used by just about everyone from all walks of life, putting your brand logo in front of a broad audience.

Causing a Stir Using Promotional Tumblers

Remember those years in middle school when everyone’s water bottles and lunch boxes were riotous bursts of color? You can recapture that childlike sense of fun with custom branded tumblers.

No color or design is too outlandish for iPromo. We will recreate your logo and create a statement-making personalized tumbler that will make people remember your brand.

Personalized Drink Tumblers Put a Spin on Promotional Activity

There are three criteria that every corporate promotional item (including a branded tumbler) must have to fulfill its purpose, which is spreading positive brand awareness. Without meeting these criteria, all other features are superfluous.

The three key qualifications of effective promotional items are:

  • Eye-catching: It should be striking to look at
  • Convenient: It should be easy to use
  • Universal: It should be widely used

Eye-catching custom logo tumblers will continue to generate positive mentions in your target audience’s social circles. Convenient and intuitive design is what guarantees the personalized drink tumblers will be used for their intended purpose and in the intended setting.

Since thirst is a need all living creatures share, a custom tumbler can easily be the most universally applicable product in any corporate gift hamper.

A Range of Custom Logo Tumblers to Fill Your Cup

Bulk orders of custom tumblers are priced attractively on iPromo. Our range of travel mugs and tumblers is geared to serve the needs of your audience while on the move. Whether for a strong, energizing cup of coffee in the morning or a chilled serving of lemonade on a hot summer day, the iPromo range of custom tumblers with logos is perfect for any type of beverage.

The styles of personalized drink tumblers available on iPromo include:

  • Classic tumblers
  • Travel mugs
  • Tumblers with straws
  • Wine tumblers

Once you’ve decided which style of branded tumbler best reflects your brand identity, there are further customization options to choose from. This includes selecting the carrying capacity of your custom logo tumblers, and the tumbler brand you want to personalize.

At iPromo, we carry tumblers from the following brands:

  • Arctic Zone
  • BruMate
  • CamelBak
  • Contigo
  • Corkcicle
  • EcoVessel
  • Ember
  • Fellow
  • Klean Kanteen
  • MiiR
  • Otterbox
  • Patriot
  • RTIC
  • Tervis
  • Yeti

Pour Your Brand’s Logo onto Custom Tumblers

We’ve made the process of putting your brand’s logo onto custom tumblers easier than ever at iPromo. You can choose the color of the branded tumbler and the logo placement on the body. Our designs emphasize your brand’s identity through the custom tumbler’s appearance.

Reach out to iPromo for a quote on an order of personalized drink tumblers and up your marketing game.

Each custom branded tumbler works as a mini billboard for your organization. When one of your custom tumblers stands proud on a desk in a classroom or office, it puts your logo and brand in the minds of everyone who sees it.

Let iPromo help you turn promotional tumblers into the perfect low-cost, high-impact marketing tool.

How Personalized Drink Tumblers Can Make a Marketing Splash

Let’s quickly recap how promotional tumblers can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Here are the various ways custom tumblers will help your brand:

  • Generate positive mentions from your target audience
  • Provide a cost-effective way to promote your organization
  • Establish long-lasting relationships with community members
  • Promote sustainability and a healthy lifestyle

Over time, the cumulative effects of these benefits will gather momentum. This can snowball into positive word-of-mouth publicity and feelings of gratitude toward your brand among your target audience.

So if you want your brand’s metaphorical cup to spill over with success, you should focus your attention on a different type of drinking vessel: branded tumblers.

Frequently Asked Questions
What sized promotional tumblers are available for customization?
At iPromo, you can order custom tumblers in bulk in a variety of sizes. Our bulk tumblers come in the following sizes, perfect for holding any type of drink, hot or cold:
What is the best way to clean custom tumblers?
When shopping for custom tumblers in bulk, you?ll notice under the descriptions of our promotional tumblers that some may be microwave and dishwasher safe. However, some custom tumblers are best to clean by hand to prevent the materials from warping or melting. Whether you?re cleaning a stainless steel tumbler or a plastic tumbler by hand, fill it with warm water and dish soap, and let it soak for about ten minutes. Once it?s done soaking, take a sponge and lightly scrub the inside and outside, as well as the lid. If there is a removable rubber insulator, take it out and wash that as well, to prevent mold from growing. Once complete, set your tumbler out to dry.
How can I personalize a tumbler and purchase it in bulk?
Personalizing bulk tumblers is made easy at iPromo. The hardest part is choosing which tumbler you want to customize! Once you comb through our wholesale tumblers, all you have to do is select the color (if applicable), choose how many tumblers you want to order, and upload your company?s logo. From there, our artists will create a virtual proof for your approval. Once approved, we will begin our creation process and send your custom tumblers your way. At iPromo, our creation process is easy for all of our products. Whether you decide to design mason jar glass mugs, custom travel mugs, or even a promotional food thermos. iPromo is your one-stop-shop!

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