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Let's fight swag waste together

An extension of our SwagCloud™ solution,
EcoCloud™ was born out of our passion for
sustainability. The only program of it's
kind, we are helping you repurpose
your unused swag.

EcoCloud is
automatically included
our SwagCloud online
swag management

program. Learn
more here.

Storing Your Swag in the CloudStoring Your Swag in the Cloud

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Being green has never been easier

Don't throw away your unwanted swag! Let us help you reach your sustainability goals.
If you have left-over merch from a meeting, trade show, or a rebranding, we'll take care of it.

Store Your Swag in the iPromo EcoCloudStore Your Swag in the iPromo EcoCloud


Add unused swag back to your SwagCloud inventory, we'll coordinate the shipping

We'll donate any unused swagWe'll donate any unused swag


We'll donate your unused swag to a shelter, school, or other non-profit on your behalf

If not used, your swag will be recycledIf not used, your swag will be recycled

Recycle or Dispose

If not donated, your swag will be recycled or disposed of in an eco-responsible way, we’ve got it

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