This itinerary doesn’t include the off the beaten track cities of Cordoba and Rosario, but with careful planning, you could see all the cities in 30-35 days (including travel time). Ever wanted to quit your job and go travelling round the world? Take a cruise on the Beagle channel to see penguins or sea lions. I've been to Buenos Aires before (I just loved it!) One-month South America travel itinerary: Peru, Northern Chile and Bolivia. It includes Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. If you’re backpacking on a budget, it would be best to start your South American trip itinerary here in conjunction with Buenos Aires. If you want it, I can arrange your travel itinerary. Backpacking South America can be an epic adventure and this route is the longest of all our travel itineraries. We crossed the border 10 times, filling up the pages of our passport with so many entrance and exit stamps. I am having difficulties solidifying my itinerary and wanted to get input on a couple things. Specific things to pack for Georgia If you go hiking and trekking: bring good hiking shoes, trekking poles, a rain cover, a rain jacket and a poncho. Backpacking Argentina Suggested Budgets On a backpacker’s budget, you will spend between 1,600-2,400 ARS ($40-60 USD) per day. But, let’s start by going over a few reasons why traveling to South America is a great idea for anyone looking to go on a backpacking adventure and learn about the world. This guide to backpacking in Argentina prepares you … Well, we ended up going from 1 extreme to the other, by travelling from Brazil’s northernmost point all the way to Argentina’s southernmost city in less than a week. I booked my ticket and got my initial itinerary South-America ready!! Northern Argentina itinerary: Wine and waterfalls Days one and two: Mendoza. Iguazu Falls in Brazil – Backpacking South America Itinerary. Patagonia in Argentina/Chile; the Southeast of Brazil; the Andean countries Bolivia and Peru. This Chile and Argentina itinerary will hit all of Patagonia: the impressive Andes mountains crowned with glaciers, waterfalls, glacial lakes and … I appreciate any insight! Argentina is huge and far too big to squeeze into two weeks – try as you might. It’s a 24-hour bus ride to San Pedro from Santiago, which costs around $100 for a return ticket. I couldn’t do a round the world trip without including this region in my itinerary. We love the South American country of Argentina. But you can still make a good dent in the 8 th largest country in the world if you plan it right. However, I wanted to delve further into what's in store for me, and anyone else planning a trip to the region. San Pedro de Atacama – 6 day itinerary. A few years ago, Argentina was not considered a cheap place to travel, especially compared to some other affordable countries in South America. I know my country and which places are a must. Backpacking Chile 2 Week Itinerary #2: 1 Month in Patagonia Patagonia is home to some of the most beautiful, majestic, and harshest scenery in the world. Contact me. However, the economic situation had made the country even more appealing for people who want to go backpacking in Argentina. After 4 weeks travelling through hot and humid Brazil, we were surprisingly excited to get further south and find us some cooler weather. This guide offers everything you should know about Chile and a suggested Chile itinerary for 2 weeks. I wanted to explore the … The cama bed means that the chair reclines more or less completely and the chairs are huge and comfi. I'll have to be in Buenos Aires on the first days because of work but after that I'm free to move around. ... Brazil is the last country that I added to my round the world backpacking itinerary. 2 weeks backpacking Argentina. For a 1-2 month South America backpacking trip, consider sticking to one country or region. Funny stories and photos from my trips around the world. Backpacking blog with tips and itineraries for most common backpacking destinations. It may easily take up to half a year to complete and that would still be missing out large chunks of the continent! The next stop from here is Antarctica! Answer 1 of 4: I am planning on going to Argentina/Chile this coming Jan/Feb with a focus on Patagonia. I have traveled all around Argentina. Looking for a complete backpacking guide to the entire South America continent? Puerto Iguazu • 3 Nights. I touched on some of the highlights from the two-week End of the Earth trip in my initial announcement.. Honestly, a ‘South America itinerary 2 weeks‘ is an aberration. Spend two days touring world-class and globally-renowned producers of malbec. Its cities are vibrant hubs of music, food and dancing, while its scenery features wonders like the spectacular Iguassu Falls, the colossal Perito Moreno Glacier and the otherworldly Hill of Seven Colours. Day 1 – Travel to the Atacama desert. This is a perfect trip for seeing some of the greatest highlights of South America. I appreciate any insight! One week from today, I'll be on a flight to Buenos Aires, in advance of my trip to Patagonia with G Adventures! Pack to Backpack. This South American country is mostly known for Patagonia, one of the most beautiful mountainous regions in the world. Well, at least I got to visit all the places I wanted to visit. You could spend 2 weeks in Colombia, with a week on the Caribbean coast, a couple of days in Bogota, Medellin and the Coffee Region around Salento. Backpacking in Georgia is easy and safe, but you may want to pack and check some things before you go. At the time of updating this post (November 2018) Argentina is a cheap to travel again! You will find it in "Services" tab. What follows are my tips for how to see Argentina in 30 days. The port at Ushuaia. Dan backpacking South America. Ushuaia – Cross over from Chile to reach the end of the world. Of course we knew it would be epic, but until you’re in the park you won’t truly understand the size and power of these waterfalls. I can help you to have the best trip ever. As I couldn’t go back to Arequipa, San Pedro de Atacama or Sucre to spend more time there, I needed to come up … However, be aware that if you’re looking for a super low budget trip, this isn’t it. The urban Argentina itinerary is mostly for those interested in the urban activity of the country. And if you like my tips, you can buy an electronic maps with the best places in Argentina. Eg. You can also watch my Argentina travel video here: "Terra Argentina" travel video. ). Travel in Argentina on a budget. I executed my 30-day South America backpacking itinerary to a tee and did all the things I wanted to do. I want to get into the itinerary right away! Argentina has a little bit of everything. On this suggested budget, you’re staying in a hostel dorms, eating out at the cheap hole in the wall restaurants, cooking some of your meals, and using cheap local transportation. Alternatively, head to Peru for Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the Salt Flats in Bolivia (but make sure you take time to acclimatize! Further reading: Backpacking Argentina. Resulting in the fact that I slept like a baby and I was very happy ;-). When most think of urban Argentina they think first of Buenos Aires, but the truth is that cities like Rosario, Cordoba and Mendoza all exude rich Argentinean culture and character while at the same time all providing a complete different vibe. We recommend planning 3 weeks of backpacking in Argentina, concentrating on a region. Here is the ultimate 6 Months Backpacking Itinerary for South America.. ARGENTINA travel cost. If you want to visit Patagonia, Here’s a 2 weeks Patagonia itinerary for hikers and backpackers. The Alternative South America Itinerary. Pack to Backpack. Well that's what we did - and we filmed it all! Changes to this Patagonia backpacking itinerary for three weeks of travel: Instead of crossing on foot into Chile at Villa O’Higgins , you can take a bus from El Chaltén to Perito Moreno (where the incredible Cave of Hands if located) then onto Los Antiguos and cross into Chile at the Chile Chico border. 50 Days and 11 Tips: A Backpacking Itinerary for Argentina and Chile . The next port of call on this Chile backpacking two-week itinerary is San Pedro de Atacama, a town at the entrance of the amazing Atacama desert. Backpacking Chile and Argentina: Waterfalls and wine ... From Valparaiso I took a bus to Mendoza in Argentina on the other side of the Andes mountains. YEAH! As part of our tour of South America, we spent in total 28 days backpacking in Argentina. I am having difficulties solidifying my itinerary and wanted to get input on a couple things. After spending a full month backpacking in the high altitudes of Bolivia, I was ready to breathe normally again. This backpacking route will take you through the most beautiful and historic sites on the continent. With the exchange rate going from ARS 17 to 37 for one USD in less than a year goods and services priced for locals dropped in price by about 50%. During our year-long honeymoon, we spent 5 incredible months backpacking in South America.. We swam in the Caribbean at Tayrona National Park in Colombia; we swam with playful baby seals in the Galapagos Islands; we hiked (ok, crawled on our hands and knees) on The Quilotoa Loop in the Andes in Ecuador; we crossed the La Balsa border into Peru in a chicken truck, we attempted (and … The spectacular desert scenery of Jordan will bring a new element to your backpacking Middle East itinerary and makes Wadi Rum an absolute must-visit in Jordan. From the driest place on Earth to the endless amount of glaciers, you can find it all while backpacking Chile.

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