After repeated listens, it becomes clear that Digable Planets may have been stoned for more of Reachin’s composition than originally guessed. . A worthy, underrated successor, Blowout Comb was just as catchy and memorable as their first, and also offered the perfect response to critics and hip-hop fans who complained they weren't "real" enough. Popular Song Lyrics. Within days, two grand juries took a pass on putting those with badges on trial for the murders of black people. Digable Planets - La Femme Fetal lyrics . Digable Planets (/ ˈ d ɪ ɡ ə b əl ˈ p l æ n ə t s /) is a Grammy award-winning hip hop trio formed in 1987. No Time. 3:25 am I can't sleep. In the immortal words of the progressive hip hop crew Digable Planets, “we’re just babies, man“. ... Or have the right to choose but baby that ain't nothin' They just want a male finger on the button. The trio is composed of rappers Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler, Mariana "Ladybug Mecca" Vieira, and Craig "Doodlebug" Irving. La Femme Fetal Lyrics: It was 8:49 on a beautiful 9th day of July / There was not a cloud to speak of, so the orange sun hung / Lonely in the sky / I lay prone in my cavi home / Thinking of fine nappy Upcoming Lyrics. Top Lyrics of 2011. La Femme Fetal by Digable Planets. One day while I was sipping some groove juice I realized that in the span of time we're just babies It's all relative, time is unreal We' Lyrics. And in between I reel from the death of a child who played with a toy and was gunned down by those with badges and without words of warning. They came to the stage, introduced themselves, and immediately jumped into their hit single, "Daytona Beach Jams", and the trippy, warped urban beat began blaring, with jazz fusion drumming, and hip hop, sample based production highlighting the great poetry delivered by the vocalists. Because if you say, “War†, they will send them to die by the score ... And for child borne to the unprepared it might even just … Digable Planets – Examination of What. Billboard Hot 100. Digable Planets’ combination of cool jazz and smooth delivery of socially conscious lyrics set the trio apart. No Comments; 0 Tags [butterfly] one day..while I was sipping some groove juice I realised..that in the span of time we're just's all relative, time is unreal. Digable Planets was completely dazzling. -digable planets. Digable Planets - Examination of What Lyrics. Recently Added. “Time isn’t real / We’re just babies,” growls Doodlebug on “Examination Of What.” The Digable Planets' eyes Peace, this is Cee-Know, the notorious Doodlebug Giving universal salutations to my peoples Dwelling in the seventh dimension Thursday, December 4, 2014. we're just babies. Apparently Evian ascribes to that theory as well, as they move toward purity and innocence in their bottled water with their Evian Live Young T-Shirts.. The group is notable for their contributions to the subgenres of jazz rap and alternative hip hop Media darlings after the commercial success of their debut, Digable Planets attempted to prove their artistic merit with this second album, and succeeded wildly.

digable planets we're just babies

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