Line 2 is an east-west line of the Shanghai Metro network. The Subway Line 2 go through the main subway station: Xujing East, Hongqiao Railway Station, Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2, Nanjing West Road, People's Square, Nanjing East Road, Lujiazui, Century Avenue, Longyang Road, Guanglan Road, Pudong Airport. 2. You could go to/depart from Pudong Airport by the Subway Line … It is a good option to get to city centre as it is economic but it can take some time depending on your destination. Timetable of Shanghai subway Line 2. Shanghai is a huge city with a metro system to match. South Qilianshan Road. An easier way to get around the Shanghai Metro. Bus transportation La línea 2 forma el eje este-oeste de la red del Metro de Shanghái, que se cruza con el eje norte-sur en la Plaza del Pueblo.Con una longitud de unos 64 km, es la línea más larga del sistema. Shanghai's 2 airports will be connected via Metro Line 2 starting 8 Apr. Shanghai Railway Station; Zhongshan Park; West Nanjing Road; Yishan Road; Hongqiao Road; Jinshajiang Road; Caoyang Road; Zhenping Road; Hongqiao Railway Station; Oriental Sports Center; Xinzhuang; Shanghai South Railway Station; Caobao Road; Shanghai Indoor Stadium; Changshu Road; Jiangsu Road; Jing'an Temple; … Dongchuan Special Line, Shangchuan Special Line, Chuanzhanggao Special  Line, Chuan Jin Line Middle Chuangxin RoadSurroundings: East Gaoke Road, Middle Chuangxin Road, Changxing RoadBus Routes: Shangchuan Line, Chuanzhanggao Special Line East Huaxia RoadSurroundings: East Huaxia Road, Qingyi Road, Wu Changshuo Memorial HallBus Routes: 977, Chuanfeng Special Line, Tangchuan Line, Shangchuan Special Line, Xuchuan Special Line, Nanchuan Special Line, Shenchuan Special Line ChuanshaSurroundings: Qujiagang, Chuansha Town Government, Chuansha Road, South Chuanhuan RoadBus Routes: 611, 615, 618, Chuansha Line 1 - 4, Chuanpu Line, Chuansan Line, Shenchuan Special Line, Shangchuan Special Line, Huzhu Line, Xuchuan Line, Zhangchuan Line, Chuansan Line  Lingkong RoadSurroundings: Lingkong Road, West Huazhou RoadBus Routes: 622, Nanchuan Special Line, Fangchuan Special Line, Shenjiang Line, Chuansha Line 3 Far East AvenueSurroundings: Far East Avenue, Huazhou Road Haitian 3rd RoadSurroundings: Yinbin Dadao, Qihang Road, East Qihang Road,  Pudong AirportSurroundings: The metro station is located between the two terminal buildings of the airport. Fengzhuang. You can take metro line 2 and it operates from 5:50. Free Downloadable Shanghai Metro Map. Passengers who wishes to go to the Pudong airport will … It also connects maglev line … Timetable of Shanghai subway Line 2. Passengers can interchange with line 1 & 4 at Fengqi Road and Qianjiang Road respectively. If you’re traveling to Shanghai in the near future, there’s a lot of value in this free downloadable Shanghai Metro Map. Shanghai Subway Line 10. On the following years, lines 6, 8, and 9. How often is the Metro line 2 from Zhongshan Park to PVG aiport at 5.30PM? It takes around 1.5 hours with CNY8 (5:30-21:30). 2 Company of Passenger Transportation of Shanghai Metro Operation Co., Ltd., Longyang Road, Baiyang RoadBus Routes: 975, 976, 989, Bridge Line 6, Airport Line 3 and 7, Longbin Line, Longda Line, Longpinglu Line, Longniguo Line, Dongchuan Special Line, Longlu Special Line, Fangchuan Special Line, Longdong Special Line, Longlin Special Line. View detailed information and reviews for Shanghai Metro Line 2 in , and get driving directions with road conditions and live traffic updates along the way. Jing'an Temple (simplified Chinese: 静安寺; traditional Chinese: 靜安寺; pinyin: Jìng'ān Sì) is the name of an interchange station between Lines 2 and 7 of the Shanghai Metro.This station is located in Jing'an District, below the historic Jing'an Temple and the Jiu Guang shopping mall. The whole transfer needs about 55 minutes. Shanghai Metro Line 2: Lujiazui Station / 陆家嘴站 - Duration: 2:03. Passengers are therefore advised to allow sufficient time between flights. Answer 1 of 11: Hello, I know maglev works from airport to Longyang rd / and I can switch there with line 2 to city center. (from Xujing East to Pudong Airport), Transfer to Line 10 at Hongqiao Railway Station, Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 Metro at Shanghai Airport is served by Metro Line 2, which gets to city centre in around 60 minutes. Line 2: To Guanglan Rd.----To Xujing East: 5:30: To Xujing East: 22:45: Line 2 (East Extension) To Guanglan Rd.----Line 2 (East Extension) To Guanglan Rd.----To Pudong International Airport: 6:00: To Pudong International Airport: 22:00: To Far East Avenue: 22:24 Each year, new stations are built. If you don't have changes, you may change your money at the money change counters at each stop. Hongqiao Bus Station: it is located in the west part of Hongqiao Railway Station, the coach mainly transfer to the neighboring Jiangsu and Anhui Province. Shanghai Railway Station: take metro line No. … You could go to/depart from Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1 by the Subway Line 10 (Identification Color: light purple). Services run at 5-minute intervals from either Huaqiao or North Jiading to Disney Resort … Transfer to Line 7 at Jing'an Temple More importantly, this is the Metro line to Pudong International Airport where you can change for the maglev to get to the airport. Inauguration was in May 1993. The Shanghai Metro is a rapid transit rail network in Shanghai, China. Which metro line you live on evidently makes a huge difference in how long it takes to get around this enormous city. Japanese train station during rush hour - Duration: 1:08. An easier way to get around the Shanghai Metro. It runs from Shiguang Road, in Yangpu District to Shendu Highway, in Minhang.The line … The fundamental attractions, transportation center points, and business zones, for example, the Bund, Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road.People’s Square, Shanghai Railway Station and Xujiahui can be come to by a few metro lines. Estimated ridership for the line is 170,000 passengers per day. The Subway Line 10 go through the main subway station: Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1, Shanghai Zoo, Jiaotong University, Shanghai Library, Xintiandi, Laoximen, Yuyuan Garden, East Nanjing Road, Tongji University, Wujiaochang etc. Shanghai Metro as the major transportation in the city makes it very easy for visitors to go anywhere in Shanghai. Passengers should change the train at Guanglan Road Station. Xinjiangwancheng. July 1, 2010 – with the opening of Hongqiao railway station, its metro station of the same name on Line 2 enters operation. Hangzhou subway line 2 links Chaoyang and Liangzhu, with a single trip taking about 77 minutes; it operates from 06:00 to 22:46 at intervals of 4.5 minutes in rush hours and 6 minutes in other time. 2 to People Square, and take metro line No 1 to Shanghai Railway Station. [BETA]Shanghai Metro Line:Stations above ground Mod –EN: Shanghai Metro is one of the longest urban rail transit systems in the world, its first line, Shanghai Metro Line 1, was officially put into operation on May 28, 1993, making Shanghai the third city in mainland China operating metro lines. The station is located east of the intersection between Zuchongzhi Road and Guanglan Road, and has four exits. The line is colored magenta on system maps. East … I'm little confuse on the above time table. From Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Dorsett Hotel, you can take Shanghai Metro Line 2 Extension Section (To Guanglan Road) first to Guanglan Road Stop with 8 stops and then transfer to Line 2 (To Xujingdong) to Century Park with 4 stops. This line provides access to Nanjing Road West and East, and the Bund. The good news, Metro Line #4, #6, #8, #9 finally open on Dec 29, 2007. Line 6 is an eastern north-south line of the Shanghai Metro network. The Subway Line 10 go through the main subway station: Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1, Shanghai Zoo, Jiaotong University, Shanghai Library, Xintiandi, Laoximen, Yuyuan Garden, East … Line 2: East Xujing — Pudong International Airport 1999 2010 63.8 30 Line 3: North Jiangyang Road — Shanghai South Railway Station 2000 2006 40.3 29 Line 4: Loop line beginning at Yishan Road 2005 2007 33.7 26 Line 5: Xinzhuang — Minhang Development Zone 2003 — 17.2 11 Line 6: Gangcheng Road — Oriental Sports … What time is the last subway Line 2 depart from Pudong airport? Later, on 2000, line 2 was inaugurated. Map of Shanghai Metro Line 2 in Pudong International Airport Station.JPG 3,264 × 2,448; 1.44 MB Shanghai Metro Line 2.svg 2,175 × 785; 355 KB Shanghai Metro Line2 Map.png 755 × 613; 12 KB Speaking as someone whose work required taking the Shanghai metro 4 or more times a day, your apartment’s quality of line can undoubtedly have a significant impact on your quality of life. About:Shanghai Metro Line 2. The Shanghai Public Transportation Card can be used for taking Jinshan Railway. Line 2 is one of the 17 lines of the Shanghai Metro. 1. Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) Metro Line 2. How much the charges? An entire single journey takes around 40 minutes and the frequency is 6-8 minutes. There only have 4-car metro train, the other have 8-car metro train. It currently has 14 lines. Stretching in the south-north direction, Zhengzhou metro line 2 connects Liuzhuang and Nansihuan. Songjiang … The Shanghai Metro is a rapid transit rail network in Shanghai, China. Answers (1) Answered by Leo from China | … Line 16 is a rapid transit line serving the south-eastern suburban areas of Shanghai.The line is colored aqua on system maps. Hongqiao Railway Station Line 10 Line … LujiazuiSurroundings: Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Tower, BOC Building, Custom Building, Ocean Aquarium, Dongchang Rd.Surroundings: Dongchang Road, Century Avenue, South Pudong Road, West Laoshan Road, Shangcheng RoadBus Routes: 01, 82, 119, 219, 570, 574, 583, 584, 607, 630, 783, 787, 791, 792, 796, 798, 818, 870, 961, 981, 985, Tunnel Line 3 and 4, Taigao Line, Dongdong Line, Dongjin Line, Hunan Line, Huhe Line, Dongchuan Special Line, Shilao Special Line, Century AvenueSurroundings: Inner-Continental Hotel, Tomson Financial Building, Purple Mountain Hotel, Courtyard By Marriott Hotel, Bao'an Hotel, Nextage Department Store, Changhang Hospital, Century Avenue, Zhangyang Road, Dongfang RoadBus Routes: 130, 219, 522, 584, 589, 597, 610, 620, 626, 639, 746, 771, 775, 779, 785, 790, 819, 871, 936, 961, 968, 970, 978, 980, 987, 989, Tunnel Line 4, 8 and 9, Dongchuan Special Line, Shenlu Special Line, Shanghai Science & Technology MuseumSurroundings: Science & Technology Museum, Oriental Art Center, People's Government of Pudong New Area, Pudong New Area Children's Palace, Century Park, Century Avenue, Dingxiang Road, Yingchun Road, Century ParkSurroundings: Century Park, Huamu Road, Haitong Road, Meihua RoadBus Routes: 746, 798, Yangzhu Line, Fangchuan Special Line, Airport Line 7, Longyang Rd.Surroundings: New International Expo Center, Maglev Longyang Road Station, No. [1] [6] A joint venture between Shanghai Shentong Metro Group and Keolis ’ Chinese joint venture, Shanghai Keolis, with Shanghai Shentong Metro Group holding 51%, has been awarded a five-year contract to operate and maintain the line. It costs CNY 8 between Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport. Line 10 is one of the 17 lines of the Shanghai Metro. Hongqiao Airport is located on the west side of Shanghai. May I know the following-. Line 11 will also have four more services added for interval times as quick as 2 minutes to reduce wait times during peak hours. Transfer to Line 10 at East Nanjing Road West World Life 39,182 views. You can wait 2-10 minutes for any metro line, depending on the day and time. East Extention - Guanglan Rd. It covers around 13 miles (21 kilometers) and passes 16 stations. 8, 2013, and the east extension line on Oct. 26, 2014. Answers (1) Answered by Leo from China | Aug. 23, 2011 02:26. Shanghai Metro Line 2 Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. - Fri..: 7:00 - 9:30), Evening Peak Hours (Mon. Help. Hongqiao Railway Station Line 10 Line 17. You are going to the Main Railway Station. The remaining st All lines start their operation after 5 pm and finish around midnight. All metro tickets are sold through automatic machines. The stations in Shanghai's downtown area will be open until midnight over the weekends for the extended serviced lines. Inauguration was in May 1993. Extending about 60km with 30 stations, it passes many local famous places such as Jing'an Temple, Nanjing Road, People's Square and Lujiazui. Lines and stations. Those traveling to Pudong via Metro however take note, Line 2's extended 70 minutes doesn't include the Guanglan Road to Pudong airport section. - Thu. Author : Takashi Kawasaki Date : 22-07-2012 Route : Shanghai Metro Line 2 Train : Shanghai Metro AC02 Series Control System : GTO-VVVF … Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The Shanghai Metro is the longest rapid transit system in the world. There are 364 stations and 14 lines with more and more being added to this rapidly growing network. Shanghai Day Trips and Shanghai Tours, Shanghai Travel, Shanghai Guide Meet You at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport, transfer you to Shanghai hotels, Take you visit Highlights of Shanghai. Covering 26 mi (42 km) in total and connecting 32 stations, Chengdu metro line 2 starts at Longquanyi in the southeast and ends at Xipu in the northwest. Line 2 is one of the 17 lines of the Shanghai Metro. Ticket price between two ends costs CNY 9, and costs CNY 3-8 for the rest. East Xujing. Shanghai metro line 2 is one of the busiest subway lines in the city, linking Pudong and Hongqiao International Airport. : 17:00 - 19:30; Fri.: 14:00 - 19:30), BeixinjingSurroundings: Suzhou River, West Tianshan Road, Beiyu Road, North Pusong RoadBus Routes: 74, 74B, 141, 202, 216, 311, 551, 750, 808, 825, 846, 855, Xinbei Special Line, Hubeiqing Special Line, Weining Rd.Surroundings: Suzhou River, Tianyuan Park, Tianshan Road, Weining Road, Changning Road, Tianzhong RoadBus Routes: 54, 72, 74, 74B, 141, 202, 251, 311, 316, 808, 825, 855, 856, Zhongshan ParkSurroundings: Zhongshan Park, International Gymnastic Center, People's Government of Changning District, Kaixuan Road, West Zhongshan Road, Changning Road, Huichuan Road, Dingxi Road, Yuyuan RoadBus Routes: 20, 54, 67, 73, 88, 96, 121, 316, 330, 519, 737, 765, 776, 825, 921, 922, 939, 941, 946, 947, Airport Line 6, Jiangsu Rd.Surroundings: St. Luke's Hospital, Animation Film Studio, Shanghai Theatre Academy China, Jiangsu Road, Yuyuan Road, Zhenning Road, West Yan'an RoadBus Routes: 01, 20, 44, 54, 57, 62, 138, 148, 316, 323, 330, 562, 737, 765, 825, 838, 921, 922, 923, 939, 941, Jing'an TempleSurroundings: Jing'an Temple, Jing'an Park, Children's Palace, Exhibition Center, People's Government of Jing'an District, West Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Road, middle Yan'an RoadBus Routes: 01, 15, 20, 21, 37, 40, 45, 48, 57, 71, 76, 93, 94, 113, 127, 315, 321, 323, 327, 328, 330, 506, 548, 824, 825, 830, 838, 921, 925, 925B, 927, 936, Airport Line 2, Airport Line 6, Airport Special Line, Tourist Line 8, People's SquareSurroundings: Shanghai Museum, Art Museum, Grand Theatre, Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Hong Kong Famous Brand Shopping Street, D-Mall, West Nanjing Road, East Nanjing Road, People's Government, People's Park, Marriage Market in People's Park, Concert Hall, Great World Amusement Center, People's Avenue, middle Xizang Road, Fuzhou Road, Guangdong Road, East Yan'an Road, Wusheng RoadBus Routes: 18, 46, 48, 49,108, 112, 123, 145, 312, 451, 518, 537, 581, 584, 802, 916, 925, 925B, 930, 934, 952, 952B, 980, Tunnel Line 3,4 and 6, Tunnel Night Line, Xinchuan Special Line, Shangchuan Special Line, Shenlu Special Line, Hubeiqing Special Line, Tourist Line 5, 8 and 10, East Nanjing Rd.Surroundings: Heng De Li Clocks and Watches Co., Wuliangcai Optical, Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Tun Run Tea House, East Nanjing Road, middle Henan RoadBus Routes: 17, 20, 37, 49, 64, 66, 220, 801, 864, 921, 929.

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