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  1. (Apron) Pocket 0items
  2. (Bag) 3" x 2 1/4" (Tumbler) Side (Coaster) Top 0items
  3. (Bag) Side 0items
  4. (Bottle) Side 0items
  5. (Box) Front 0items
  6. (Box) Side 0items
  7. (Box) Top 1item
  8. (Box) Top (Cups) Side (Opener) Side 0items
  9. (Box) Top (lask) Side (Shot) Side 0items
  10. (Cable) End 0items
  11. (Cables) Top 1item
  12. (Car Adapter) Side 0items
  13. (Carrying Case) Front 0items
  14. (Case) Back 0items
  15. (Case) Top 0items
  16. (Charger) Side 0items
  17. (Cleaning Cloth) Flap 0items
  18. (Cleaning Cloth) Front 0items
  19. (Cooler) Pocket 0items
  20. (Cover) Front/Back 0items
  21. (Cups) Side 0items
  22. (Ear Buds) 0items
  23. (Ear Buds) Top 0items
  24. (Fan) Side 0items
  25. (Gift Box) Label 0items
  26. (Hand Sanitizer) Label 0items
  27. (Handle) Top 0items
  28. (Jotter) Cover 1item
  29. (Kit) Top 1item
  30. (Lid) Top 0items
  31. (Light) Side 0items
  32. (Lunch Box) Side 0items
  33. (Mug) Side 0items
  34. (Oven Mitt) Pocket 0items
  35. (Pen) Barrel 0items
  36. (Phone Wallet) 0items
  37. (Plate) Top 0items
  38. (Pouch) Front 0items
  39. (Pouch) Side 0items
  40. (Pouch) Side (Pencil) Side 0items
  41. (Robe) Left Chest 0items
  42. (Sanitizer) Label 0items
  43. (Set) Top 1item
  44. (Side) Epoxy Dome 0items
  45. (Silicone Band) Center 0items
  46. (Slippers) Top 0items
  47. (Spice Tin) Top 0items
  48. (Spoon Rest) Top 0items
  49. (Stylus) Side 1item
  50. (Wallet) Front 0items
  51. (Wallet) Side 0items
  52. (Webcam) Front 0items
  53. (Wipes) Label 0items
  54. (Wrap) 0items
  55. All Items 0items
  56. All over 0items
  57. Back 0items
  58. Back (Opposite Side Of BruMate Logo) 0items
  59. Back Case 0items
  60. Back Side - Opposite Hydro Flask 0items
  61. Bag 3items
  62. Band 0items
  63. Barrel 1item
  64. Barrel or Cap 1item
  65. Barrel/Top 0items
  66. Battery Cover 0items
  67. Below control button 0items
  68. Below Ring 0items
  69. Blank - No Imprint 0items
  70. Body 0items
  71. Both Sides 1item
  72. Bottle & Tumblers 0items
  73. Bottom 0items
  74. Bottom (Domed Decal) 0items
  75. Bottom - Below Light 0items
  76. Bottom Center 1item
  77. Bottom Corner 0items
  78. Bottom Right Corner 0items
  79. Box 0items
  80. Buckle 0items
  81. Button 1item
  82. Cap 1item
  83. Cap/Upper 0items
  84. Case 1item
  85. Case Front 0items
  86. Case/Straw 0items
  87. Center 0items
  88. Center Front Pocket 0items
  89. Center Panel 0items
  90. Charger/Plate 0items
  91. Coaster 0items
  92. Coaster & Box 0items
  93. Container (Side) 0items
  94. Corner 0items
  95. Cover 13items
  96. Custom 0items
  97. Decal 0items
  98. Dome on Front 0items
  99. Dome Top 0items
  100. Each Earbud 0items
  101. Edge 0items
  102. Entire Area 0items
  103. Entire Product 0items
  104. Flap 0items
  105. Flat Panel 0items
  106. Frames & Arms 0items
  107. Front 54items
  108. Front & Center 0items
  109. Front (Side W/O Hole) 0items
  110. Front - Bottom 0items
  111. Front - Flap 0items
  112. Front - Flap on Right 0items
  113. Front - Leather Patch 0items
  114. Front - Left of Strap 0items
  115. Front - Top 0items
  116. Front Clear Panel 0items
  117. Front Flap 0items
  118. Front of Headset 0items
  119. Front or Back 0items
  120. Front Panel 0items
  121. Front Plate 0items
  122. Front Pocket 3items
  123. Front/Back 2items
  124. Full Color Epoxy Label 0items
  125. Full Coverage 0items
  126. Glasses 0items
  127. Glasses Case 0items
  128. Handle 0items
  129. Handle - Top 0items
  130. Hang Tag 0items
  131. Head 0items
  132. Header 0items
  133. Label 0items
  134. Leather Patch 1item
  135. Left Ear 0items
  136. Left Earpiece 0items
  137. Left Pocket 0items
  138. Lid 1item
  139. Lid - Top 0items
  140. Logo Plate 0items
  141. Lower Center 0items
  142. Lower Left 0items
  143. Luggage Tag 0items
  144. Magnet 0items
  145. Metal Plate 1item
  146. Middle 0items
  147. Middle of Board 0items
  148. Molded 0items
  149. Opposite Clip 1item
  150. Opposite Side of Buttons 0items
  151. Oval Panel 0items
  152. Panel 2items
  153. Pocket 0items
  154. Pocket Center 0items
  155. Pouch 1item
  156. Pouch/Straw 0items
  157. Power Button Left 0items
  158. Remote 0items
  159. Right Panel 0items
  160. Right Temple 0items
  161. Side 19items
  162. Side - Black Plate 0items
  163. Side - Bottom 0items
  164. Side - Each Pot 0items
  165. Side - Lower Panel 0items
  166. Side - Panel 0items
  167. Side - Top 0items
  168. Side - Under Buckle 0items
  169. Side - Upper 0items
  170. Slate 0items
  171. Sleeve 0items
  172. Sleeve Side 0items
  173. Speaker Front 0items
  174. Spine - Top 0items
  175. Strap 0items
  176. Straw 0items
  177. Tag 0items
  178. Temple 0items
  179. Tin - Top 0items
  180. Top 30items
  181. Top - Above Window 0items
  182. Top - Front 0items
  183. Top - Label 0items
  184. Top - Metal Plate 0items
  185. Top Flap 1item
  186. Top Left Side 0items
  187. Top Lid 2items
  188. Top of Box - Label 0items
  189. Top of Case 0items
  190. Top or Bottom 0items
  191. Top or Side 0items
  192. Top Panel 0items
  193. Top/Bottom 0items
  194. Tumbler & Bag 0items
  195. Tumbler & Label 0items
  196. Tumblers 0items
  197. White Side 0items
  198. Wide end of finger pockets 0items
  199. Wood or Marble area 0items
  200. Wrist Band 0items
  201. (Bag) Front 0items
  202. (Bag) Side (Card) Front 0items
  203. (Bag) Side (Chocolate) Custom 0items
  204. (Ball Marker) Top 0items
  205. (Ball Markers) Top 0items
  206. (Box) Top (Chocolate) Custom 0items
  207. (Box) Top (Chocolate) Top 0items
  208. (Cable) End (Cleaning Cloth) Flap (Hub) Top 1item
  209. (Center) Back or Front 0items
  210. (Front) Left or Right 0items
  211. (Glasses) Temple 0items
  212. (Hat 0items
  213. (Hub) Top 0items
  214. (Lip Balm) Label 0items
  215. (Lip Balm) Lable 0items
  216. (Mask) Front 0items
  217. (Mask) Front (Gaiter) Front 0items
  218. (Mouse Pad) Top 2items
  219. (Mug) Side (Ribbon) Top 0items
  220. (Rally Towel) Front 0items
  221. (Repair Tool) Front 0items
  222. (Screen Cleaner) Front 1item
  223. (Storage Bag) Side 0items
  224. (Tee) Shaft 0items
  225. (Tool) Top 0items
  226. (Towel) Front 0items
  227. (Tumbler) Side 0items
  228. - Centered on Strap 0items
  229. Above Patch 0items
  230. Back - Center 0items
  231. Back Panel 0items
  232. Bag Front 0items
  233. Ball & Tee 0items
  234. Bamboo Stick Handle 0items
  235. Blade 0items
  236. Bottle 0items
  237. Canopy 0items
  238. Cap Top 0items
  239. Carry Bag 0items
  240. Center of Pouch 0items
  241. Circle 0items
  242. Cooler (Front) 0items
  243. Crumbee 0items
  244. Cup 0items
  245. Cup/Pouch 0items
  246. Dip Tray 0items
  247. End 0items
  248. End of Towel 0items
  249. Flask 0items
  250. Front - Center 2items
  251. Front - Lower Pocket 0items
  252. Front Cover 11items
  253. Front Pocket Center 2items
  254. Front/Back Panel 0items
  255. Front: Top or Bottom 0items
  256. Full Front 0items
  257. Gift Box 0items
  258. Hanger 0items
  259. Hip 0items
  260. Hot Chocolate Bomb 0items
  261. Journal 0items
  262. Left Chest - Above Logo 0items
  263. Left Chest - Above Pocket 0items
  264. Left Front Pocket 0items
  265. Left Hip/Leg 0items
  266. Left Leg/Hip 0items
  267. Left or Right Chest 0items
  268. Left or Right Hip 0items
  269. Left Shoulder 0items
  270. Left Side 0items
  271. Lens 0items
  272. Lens or Pouch 0items
  273. Mask or Case 0items
  274. MetalPlate 0items
  275. Middle Leg 0items
  276. Offset Drop Ad Front 20items
  277. On BACK - Clasp Left 0items
  278. On Cube 1item
  279. Oven Mitt 0items
  280. Panel or Lid 0items
  281. Patch - Both Gloves 0items
  282. Plate 0items
  283. Right Chest or Above Pocket 0items
  284. Right Corner 0items
  285. Right Read-Side Below Clip 0items
  286. Scarf & Gloves) Patch 0items
  287. Scoop Handle 0items
  288. Side - Label 0items
  289. Side Opposite S’well Logo 0items
  290. SiliconeCase 0items
  291. Sock 0items
  292. Spatula 0items
  293. Tee 0items
  294. Top Left 0items
  295. Top of Dispenser 0items
  296. Top Right 0items
  297. Tumbler 0items
  298. Tumbler (Front) 0items
  299. Tumbler Side 1item
  300. Tumbler/Bottle 0items
  301. Umbrella 0items
  302. Upper Back 0items
  303. Upper Front Pocket 0items
  304. Valance 0items
  305. Wrap 0items
  306. Paddle 0items
  307. Centered on Body 3items
  308. Fr/Back 0items
  309. Strap - Center 0items
  310. Both Straps - Center 0items
  311. Entire Cover 0items
  312. Sheet 7items
  313. Inside Label 0items
  314. Card 0items
  315. Full Bleed 0items
  316. (Tumbler) Side (Bag) Label 0items
  317. (Crate) Side 0items
  318. (Side) Decal 0items
  319. Ribbon 0items
  320. (Top) Label 0items
  321. Top (Decal) 0items
  322. (Tote) Side (Bowl) Side 0items
  323. (Bowl) Top 0items
  324. (Bag) Label 0items
  325. (Bottle) Label 0items
  326. (Side) Label 0items
  327. Varies 2items
  328. (Cup) Front 0items
  329. Bag or Card 0items
  330. (Box) Custom 0items
  331. Side (Label) 0items
  332. (Jar) Front 0items
  333. (Mugs) Side 0items
  334. Entire Box 0items
  335. (Box Top) Label 0items
  336. (Box) Lid 0items
  337. Mug/Box 0items
  338. Board 2items
  339. Cutting Board 0items
  340. Cutting Board (Top) 0items
  341. (Gift Box) Top (Cutting Board) Slate Insert 0items
  342. (Cutting Board) Top (Knife) Side 0items
  343. (Box) Top; (Bottle) Side 0items
  344. (Container) Front Middle Panel Center 0items
  345. (Front) Label 0items
  346. (Band Set) Pouch (Straw Kit) Case (Peppermint Tin) Top (Tea Tin) Top (Trail Mix Tube) Decal (Snack Pack) Custom (Granola Bar) Custom 0items
  347. Wrapper 0items
  348. (Card) Top 0items
  349. (Tube) Label 0items
  350. (Bag) Custom 0items
  351. (Mug) Side (Mask) Front (Hand Sanitizer) Label 0items
  352. Jar 0items
  353. (Stick) Label 0items
  354. (Lollipop) Label 0items
  355. Custom Mold 0items
  356. Sides 1item
  357. (Mug) Custom (Spoon) Tag 0items
  358. Mug & HangTag 0items
  359. (Chex Mix Bag) Custom (Grub Tub) Side (Cashew) Greeting Card (Microwave Popcorn) Label (Popcorn Kernel Set) Bottles (Popcorn Single) Label 0items
  360. (Container) cover (Mints) top 0items
  361. Wood 0items
  362. Carry Case 0items
  363. Front: 5/16 x 3/8" (8x10mm); Back: 1-5/16" x 3/8" (34x10mm) 0items
  364. (Bottle & Box) Front 0items
  365. (Box) Top; (Bottle) Side; (Wine Glass) Side 0items
  366. Box & Bottle 0items
  367. Bottle & Wine Glass 0items
  368. Charging Pad or Side Tray 1item
  369. Chest 2items
  370. Face 4items
  371. Pad 3items
  372. Left / Charging Logo 1item
  373. Cover - Top 1item
  374. Bottom Front 1item
  375. White Label 6items
  376. (Bag) Side-Top (Mask) Middle Center (Sanitizer) Label 1item
  377. Top: (Power Bank) (Wireless Speaker) (USB Cord) 0items
  378. Top: (Power Bank) (Ear Buds) (USB Cord) 1item
  379. (Mouse Pad) Top (Stationary Kit) Top (Stylus) Side (Cable) End (Case) Flap (USB Hub) Top 0items
  380. (Mouse Pad) Top (Calculator) Cover-Top (Set) Top (Cables) Top 2items
  381. Front Center Flap 1item
  382. Outside Bottom Right 1item
  383. Front Center 2items
  384. Top - Center 2items
  385. Front - Above Band 1item
  386. Front - Bottom Left 1item
  387. Cover - Bottom 2items
  388. Front - Left Of Flap On Bottom 1item
  389. Top - Above Pocket 1item
  390. Front - Bottom Right 2items
  391. Offset Every Month Center 1item
  392. Every Month Center Ad 1item
  393. Mount 1item
  394. (Book) Cover - Top (Pencils) Top 0items
  395. Fan 0items
  396. Below Hole 0items
  397. (Book) Front/Back 0items
  398. (Board) Top (Disk) 1 Side 0items
  399. Side - White Panel 0items
  400. Board - Top 0items
  401. Side - Vinyl Insert 0items
  402. Top Box Plate 0items
  403. Dice 0items
  404. Box - Top 0items
  405. Each Panel 0items
  406. Four Rings 0items
  407. White Cubes (Only) 0items
  408. (Top) Above or Below Puzzle (Puzzle) Top 0items
  409. White Panel 0items
  410. Peanut Shell 0items
  411. Pea Pod 0items
  412. Front - Below Mouth 0items
  413. Top - Roof 0items
  414. Silver Panel 0items
  415. T-Shirt - Front 0items
  416. Cape 0items
  417. (Duck) T-Shirt (Box) 0items
  418. Base 1item
  419. Right Hand Cuff 0items
  420. Cuff 0items
  421. Beanie 0items
  422. Front - Patch 0items
  423. Patch 0items
  424. Front - Above Stripes 0items
  425. Front - Above Light 0items
  426. Side without Button 0items
  427. Top - Right or Left 0items
  428. Knitted 0items
  429. Left Chest 0items
  430. Ball 0items
  431. Pouch Back 0items
  432. Front/Back of Pouch 0items
  433. Back - Bottom 0items
  434. Front Center Panel Upper Center 0items
  435. Front Panel Upper Center 0items
  436. Front Right Panel Center 0items
  437. Case Top Panel Upper Center 0items
  438. Top Panel (Head Phone) Center 0items
  439. Top Panel Right Center 0items
  440. Top Panel Center 0items
  441. Bottle & Towel 0items
  442. Grill Cleaner 0items
  443. Jigger 0items
  444. Charging Case 0items
  445. Earbuds 0items
  446. Side Headband 0items
  447. Barrel/Cap 0items
  448. Top of Charging Case 0items
  449. Left Arm 0items
  450. On Lid 0items
  451. Front Window - Clear Label 0items
  452. Front - Middle 0items
  453. Front Keychain Holder 0items
  454. (Kit) Front Label; (Hand Sanitizer) Side - Label; (Box) Top 0items
  455. Backrest 0items
  456. Case Pocket 0items
  457. Bag Pocket 0items
  458. Tote (Front) 0items
  459. Mug 0items
  460. Front Bottom 0items
  461. Lid of Case 0items
  462. Pouch - Front 0items
  463. Earpiece 0items
  464. Top of Lid 0items
  465. Top Front 0items
  466. Centered on Lid to LEFT 0items
  467. Lower Left Corner 0items
  468. Side opposite of Stanley logo 0items
  469. (Cooler) Front 0items
  470. Front - Left 0items
  471. Front/Top - Above Tile Logo 0items
  472. Ball Pocket 0items
  473. Top Lid Front Panel 0items
  474. Centered Above YETI logo 0items
  475. Centered Above YETI log 0items
  476. Centered Below YETI logo 0items
  477. On pouch 0items
  478. On flap 0items
  479. Lower Right Corner 0items
  480. Full 0items
  481. On Ball Marker 0items
  482. Shaft of tee 0items
  483. Ball Marker 0items
  484. Dome 0items
  485. Front Pocket - Bottom 0items
  486. Below Zipper 0items
  487. (Cup) Side (Can Insulator) Side (Towel) Front 0items
  488. Label - Stock Artwork 0items
  489. Entire Towel Area 0items
  490. Back Headrest 0items
  491. Pocket Side 0items
  492. Chair 0items
  493. Front - Decal 0items
  494. Full Wrap 0items
  495. Table Top & Full Wrap 0items
  496. Front of Case 0items
  497. Front Mesh 0items
  498. Top Center 0items
  499. T-Shirt 0items
  500. Palm & Finger 0items
  501. Seat Back 0items
  502. Centered on Edge 0items
  503. Left Temple 0items
  504. Pouch & Sunglasses 0items
  505. (Pouch) Front (Glasses) Side 0items
  506. Top Right Lens 0items
  507. Panel/Valance 0items
  508. Umbrella Panel 0items
  509. Full Color 0items
  510. Front: Right or Left 0items
  511. Entire Item 0items
  512. Front Upper Panel Center 0items
  513. Bag - Label 0items
  514. Middle Center (Nose/Mouth) 0items
  515. Mask 0items
  516. Front: Left or Right 0items
  517. Centered on Bandage 0items
  518. Front/Side 0items
  519. Flat Side on Square Label 0items
  520. (Mask) Front (Scarf) Patch (Hat) Front 0items
  521. Front - Label 0items
  522. Tool & Sleeve 0items
  523. Spot & Touch Tool 0items
  524. Center Brow or Sideshield Temple 0items
  525. No Imprint - Blank 0items
  526. Centered Outside Front 2items
  527. Booklet or Vaccination Holder 0items
  528. Full Color - Label 0items
  529. Top Pocket 0items
  530. Front/Bottom 0items
  531. Right Chest 0items
  532. Back/Side 0items
  533. Middle Front Pocket 0items
  534. Blanket 0items
  535. Side Pocket 0items
  536. Clasp Left 0items
  537. Front - Large Cube 0items
  538. Hinge Bottom 0items
  539. Clip Up 0items
  540. Wrist 0items
  541. Below Apple Logo 0items
  542. Top - Above Apple Logo 0items
  543. Back - Above Apple Logo 0items
  544. Side 1 0items
  545. Blank 0items
  546. Interior Base 0items
  547. Qi Charger Face 0items
  548. Backpack - on plate 0items
  549. 7/8" 0items
  550. 1.5"W x 2"H 0items
  551. Lid - Back 0items
  552. Top - Upper Center 0items
  553. Glass Dome 0items
  554. Base - Front 0items
  555. Pizza Peel - Top 0items
  556. Backpack Strap 0items
  557. Brass Plate 0items
  558. Bamboo Plate 1item
  559. Open Corner Bottom 0items
  560. Embroidery 0items
  561. Top Front Pocket 0items
  562. 4? x 2? 0items
  563. Folio Cover 0items
  564. Centered on Speaker Grill 0items
  565. Centered on Front Pocket 0items
  566. Bag - Front Panel Center 0items
  567. Popcorn Popper 0items
  568. Both Sides of Delivery Van 0items
  569. Greeting Card 0items
  570. Candle 0items
  571. Lip Balm 0items
  572. Front / Back 0items

Promotional Office Supplies & Items 

Promotional items for schools and custom office supplies are an excellent way to promote your organization or institution. These items are ideal for fundraising campaigns, swag bags, and giveaways at trade events to build brand awareness. You can also give promotional office supplies and school items to company members and staff to build camaraderie and boost morale for a more productive workforce. Discover high-quality promotional items for schools and office supplies customized with your brand logo at iPromo. 

Trending Custom Office Supplies

Your Logo on Your Favorite Office Supply Brands

Impress your customers and employees with branded merchandise from widely known and trusted office brands - all customizable with your logo

Revolutionize Your Branding With Custom Office Supplies

Being competitive and profitable in any industry can be incredibly challenging for businesses. With rivals constantly churning out new marketing campaigns and strategies, companies need innovative solutions for advertising.

It is more important than ever for businesses to market themselves to their target audiences and build brand loyalty and awareness.

One of the best ways to do this is by handing out promotional office items to customers and other stakeholders. These simple and practical items help businesses stand out and make a positive and memorable impact on customers’ minds.

These customized items promote brand visibility and recall and allow companies to optimize their marketing campaigns.

At iPromo, we provide a selection of high-value custom office supplies, including stationery, magnets, stickers, office kits, and desk and office accessories. You can custom-print your brand name, logo, and other branded designs on them to boost brand reach and customer engagement.

Promotional Office Items That People Will Cherish

Branded office supplies may seem a bit old-school, but even in 2023, they will go a long way in building your brand image and reputation. When your gift recipients use pens and other stationery items to scribble notes or keep their supplies, they will remember your special gesture and, therefore, your brand, too.

They will also remember that you gave them high-quality and valuable items they can use for a long time. Moreover, when you customize your gifts with your company name and logo, they will remember your brand and perhaps think about purchasing from it or engaging with it in other ways.

Office supplies with logos are incredibly useful, encouraging people to think of your brand as trustworthy and dependable. They also look stylish and elegant and help flaunt your brand’s modern aesthetic and outlook.

Our collection of custom office supplies is available in many stunning styles and variants. So, your brand can easily meet diverse user needs while impressing customers with your consideration of what will be most beneficial to them.

Promotional office products are gifts that businesses in any industry can give their customers and employees. Companies of all sizes and niches can leverage them to amp up their brand-building efforts and enjoy high returns on their marketing investment.

Rev Up Your Promotions With Branded Office Supplies

Promotional office products are simple yet effective ways to spice up your advertising campaigns and make them stand out from the millions of others in your industry. Our branded office supplies are available in eye-catching designs that your target audience will go ga-ga over. We also stock trending and popular office supplies that your customers will love.

You can also hand out promotional office items as part of product giveaways and dazzle your audience with high-quality freebies. This will show customers your appreciation for their loyalty and help you cultivate lifetime relationships with them.

You can also give your staff these customized supplies and encourage them to use the corporate gifts at trade fairs and other industry events. This way, attendees and onlookers can also learn about your brand.

Employees feel more motivated when they get valuable gifts. This boosts satisfaction, loyalty, productivity, efficiency, and teamwork. It is also an essential element that retains talent and reduces attrition rates in your organization. This is a win-win for your company, and you can get the most out of your investment in office supplies.

Moreover, when your gift recipients use your branded office supplies, you can garner more brand impressions by working as a silent marketing tool.

Our promotional supplies are high-quality, durable, and long-lasting. You can surely maximize your marketing budget on these swag items.

Market Your Business With Budget-Friendly Promotional Office Products

We stock promotional supplies at various price points, which means you can shop for branded merchandise that will deliver the best value for money. You can meet your marketing needs without going overboard on your budget and get maximum returns on your investment.

So, even small businesses with limited finances can still harness the benefits of swag products and stay competitive.

Explore Our Vast Catalog of Office Supplies With Logos From Leading Brands

We stock different product categories of promotional office items, so you can choose products that will meet your branding needs.

Our top office supply product categories include the following:

  • Stationery: journals, notebooks, notepads and cubes, jotters, planners, padfolios, sticky notes and flags, document holders, folders
  • Magnets and stickers: business card magnets, clips and memo holders, magnet shapes, stickers and decals, auto and oversized magnets
  • Office kits: work-from-home kits, back-to-office kits, hybrid employee kits, mobile office kits, PPE kits
  • Desk and office accessories: desk organizers, caddies, desk plants, office supplies, picture frames, calendars, mouse pads, executive games

We source products from the best office supply brands:

  • Castelli
  • Pedova
  • Tuscany
  • Moleskine
  • JournalBooks
  • Rocketbook
  • Post-it
  • Sierra Scribe
  • Corkcicle
  • MiiR
  • RuMe
  • Cross
  • Souvenir
  • Modern Sprout
  • Triumph Calendars

Get your hands on top-notch promotional items from leading brands from all over the world. You will surely impress your staff and customers with the quality of your giveaways.

Choose from dozens of designs, colors, and other customization options that will suit your business needs.

Personalize Office Supplies With Logos

At iPromo, we offer custom-printed office supplies that feature your brand artwork, including the logo, name, message, and slogan. You can print them front and center for high visibility and optimize your advertising dollars.

Giving your staff branded office supplies also makes them appear more professional at business events and with clients. These items boost brand impressions and help potential clients and investors learn about your brand.

We use the best printing methods, such as screen printing, embroidery, heat transfer, and others, to suit different products, materials, styles, order quantities, and promotional needs.

Advantages of Promotional Office Items for Your Company

Promotional gifts like office supplies provide small and large businesses with low-cost yet powerful marketing tools that increase their brand reach.

Other benefits include:

  • Improves brand engagement, loyalty, and trust
  • Reflects brand image
  • Keeps brands competitive
  • Offers an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and long-lasting walking billboard
  • Increases sales and revenue
  • Boosts employees’ morale, motivation, productivity, and teamwork
  • Attracts and retains talent
  • Serves as a high-value, practical, and elegant giveaway prize

Shop for Customized Office Supplies

Buy trending custom office supplies from us and take your branding efforts to the next level. We also sell other branded items, such as technology products, drinkware, custom bags, apparel, etc.

Check out our product ranges and choose merchandise items that fulfill your branding and customer needs.

Top Promotional Office Supplies Gift Ideas

The Happy You’re Here BRAGBox™ is the perfect way to welcome new staff members to the team. In addition to a vibrant spiral bound notebook and an ergonomic chrome-accented gel pen, the box comes complete with a vacuum-insulated stainless steel tumbler to keep their favorite beverage hot for six hours or perfectly chilled for 24 hours. 

Magnets and Stickers
Bumper stickers are the perfect gift to promote your brand. At iPromo, we offer eco-friendly bumper and window stickers that are overlaminated for extra protection against the elements. We also have a variety of flat and clip-style magnets, ideal for displaying memos, organizing bills, or even keeping food fresh. 

Office Kits
Find the perfect gift for every colleague in the office, whether you are shopping for the holidays, commemorating a work anniversary, or rewarding a job well done. Treat valuable employees to the Corkcicle® Welcoming Wonder Tumbler Gift Box featuring delicious snacks like salted caramel almond cookies and berry nut mix. Or, protect your employees in the workplace with a branded PPE Essentials in Fanny Pack.

Desk & Office Accessories
Ensure every member of the team has the supplies they need to get the job done. From a wireless charging mouse pad to a fold-down desktop caddy, iPromo has the gear you need to show your appreciation to staff and employees while promoting your brand.

iPromo Promotional Products FAQs

What is the most popular promotional office items?
The most popular promotional office items can vary depending on the specific industry, event, and target audience. But some of the most popular choices include branded pens, notebooks, desk accessories (such as mouse pads or desk organizers), calendars, desk plants, picture frames, mousepads and more.
What are the most affordable branded office supplies?
The most affordable branded office supplies are pens, sticky notes, magnets, keychains, and stress balls are not only budget-friendly, they continue to be great promotional items. These items are often available at lower price points, making them suitable for bulk orders or giveaways within a budget.
What custom office supplies will brighten up a boring office?
Custom office supplies can add a touch of creativity and vibrancy to a boring office environment. Some options to consider include colorful desk accessories, such as bright and patterned mouse pads, custom desk plants to bring in life and greenery, vibrant pen holders or organizers, unique and eye-catching desk lamps, or custom-printed motivational posters or wall art. Adding personalized touches to everyday items can help create an uplifting and lively workspace.
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