5 Easy Ways To Tell If A PopSocket Is Fake Or Authentic

PopSockets have taken the world by storm! Touted as the #1 smartphone accessory on the market, these fashionably functional phone grips are witnessing unprecedented growth in popularity. Their success however, has also given rise to the unauthorized selling fake PopSockets that are cheap knock-offs and poor-quality counterfeits that your brand will want to avoid at all costs. These fakes are not only illegally manufactured, but also lack the utility of a genuine PopSocket in terms of the right grip, hold, and long-lasting durability.


3M Tape Sticker

If you notice a 3M sticker on the back of the PopSocket, it is the first sign that it is FAKE! Real PopSockets will always have a clear transparent cover protecting the special glue gel.

3M Sticker Image


The Real PopSocket will literally "POP OUT" and produce a popping sound on being extended. A PopSocket knockoff on the other hand, will extend minimally and without a sound.

No Pop Image

Sticky Test

The adhesive used in a Real PopSocket is a special gel that is rinsible and repositionable. So you can re-stick it as many times as you want. The Fake one, has a double-sided tape that would likely lose its stickiness after single use.

Sticky Test Images


You always get what you pay for and if you are paying $1.00 - $3.00 for a PopSocket online or offline, you know you are buying a Fake. Check Our PopSocket Prices

Cheap Pricing Image

PopSocket Branding

The packaging would be a giveaway if you notice one or more of these anomalies - modified logo, spelling errors, absence of a bar code, pixelated design etc. Another cool identifier is the brand debossing at the base of a genuine PopSocket.

PopSockets Branding Image
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