Cleaner Neighborhoods, Together

Coast to coast PPE anti-litter pickup

A Coast-to-Coast Initiative to Reduce PPE Litter

For every 5 pieces of PPE picked up, we’ll donate a mask to a charity

The massive increase in use of protective face masks, gloves, wipes and sanitizers due to COVID-19 pandemic has also caused a major littering problem in our neighborhoods.

We all want to help keep our neighborhoods clean - so, iPromo is committing to “doubling the good” together: for every 5 pieces of PPE picked up and disposed of properly, iPromo will donate a face mask to a charity in need. We are committing to donating a minimum 250,000 masks in 2020.

Please use protective gloves and even a trash picker to protect yourself, then, let us know how much PPE litter you picked up along with a quick picture of your efforts and we'll make a mask donation on your behalf.

Let’s fight dirty. Keep our neighborhoods clean.

Charities We Work With

Feeding America Charity
Girl Scouts
Meals on Wheels
Boy Scouts of America

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