Custom Gift Cards & Digital eGifts in Bulk

The easy solution to corporate gift giving! Offer recipients popular rewards with instant gratification and unlimited selection. Gifts cards are the fastest way to cater to a large group of recipients and still give the gifts they desire. Avoid complex shipping and distribution with the gift that is ALWAYS in STOCK. You can even avoid shipping altogether with emailed redemption codes or digital gift cards. Gift Cards can be branded with or without your logo. Send a quick quote and an Account Manager will assist you with your Gift Card needs.

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Physical Gift Card

Digital eGift Solutions

Gift Card Boxes & Packaging

Gift Card Experiences

One Card Gives 200+ Options

Physical Gift Cards

High quality gift cards can be printed with your full color logo, durable glossy finish with website info and redemption codes on the back. Great for large company events, tradeshows or for mass mailings. Hundreds of options available from well known retailers to movie downloads.

Digital eGift Solutions

Digital eGifts are the modern rewards for the connected consumer! Simply send redemption codes via email as your gift or reward. Your email can be branded with your logo and message to each recipient. Digital eGifts are a quick and efficient solution to your corporate gifting programs. By giving a digital eGift, take the guess work out and let the recipients choose what they want! These can be delivered via email or text message.

Gift Card Boxes & Packaging

Gift Card boxes and packages are a great way to build relationships with your customers and employees. Choose from a selection of boxes or create your own custom box. Pre-curated packages are also fun to open and an experience to remember. Check out the You Rock gift set - they will definitely remember this!

Gift Card Experience

Who doesn't love a pizza party or a night out at the movies? Gift card experiences can range form a movie night in, lunch out of the office or a night out on the town. Talk to an iPromo Account Manager today and find out what other excited gift card experience are offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Gift Cards be delivered?

Gift Cards can be delivered by direct mail, email or text messages.

What retailers are available?

Available retailers include well-known nationwide stores and online retailers, including department stores, bookstores, restaurants and more!

What denominations are available?

Most common are $5, $10 and $25 but anything is available upon request.

Will the user have to pay a fee or charges for this card?


What countries are the Gift Cards and eCards available in?

Most are available to use within the United States.

Is there an expiration date on the cards?

Yes, the standard expiration date is 12 months from the date your order shipped. Extended expiration date are available at an additional cost.