Hand Sanitizers in Bulk

Bulk hand sanitizers to help your team and clients get rid of germs on the go. During this time of national need, we are making hand sanitizers available for wholesale purchase of 250 pieces or more. Of course, custom hand sanitizers are also effective as promotional products - we can add your brand's logo on a sticker to any of our hand sanitizer options.

Delivery times are accurate and are updated throughout the day • FDA / MSDS / CE certifications available.

All expedited international air cargo costs are included in the per unit price (8 - 15 business days). Optionally, save by shipping via sea freight (25 business days).

Definitely check out the live WGN Radio interview with our CEO where he discusses how challenging it is to get bulk hand sanitizers via air from China and the Bloomberg article about soaring air shipping costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Order as few as 500

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