Education Promo Products

Students like stuff. They'll like this promo stuff even more. Great logoed giveaways that students want and use. Make a great impression at recruiting college nights and at orientation. Show your spirit with great items!

First contact: mail

Direct mail is still a staple of recruiting. But, as the materials get more creative and voluminous, college & universities need to find ways to stand out early in the process.

Think Retro?

It's common to try to be cutting edge, but sometimes students go retro. Fanny packs are in. But, they are emblematic of some good ways to connect to the students.

Sharing information

Universities have a lot of great information for students. But, sharing it in a way that students hang on to it can be be a challenge. See how Medical College of WI did it.

Connecting w/ Students

Students' interests can cover a wide spread of items, so it can be hard to zero in on a few. Here are some ideas to get you started. Take a look, but keep your imagination open.