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An end-to-end solution to simplify your branded merchandise experience

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    Fits Your Needs

    No storage space? We'll store your new swag 'in the cloud' (at one of our facilities).

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    Swag Portal

    Utilize your online storefront platform to track, manage and ship your merch.

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    Fast Global Shipping

    Ship your stored merch to anywhere - one location or multiple, within 24 hours.

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    Help The Planet

    200 trees will be planted with every new SwagCloud account, through our partnership with Ecologi. Learn more here.

SwagCloud™ includes EcoCloud™
to help you eliminate swag waste.

We’ll take care of reusing, donating, or recycling anything you don’t use.

Did you know 20-30% of all branded gifts end up in landfill? Let’s fight waste together. We’ll either ship your unused swag right back into your SwagCloud to be gifted again, donate them to a charity or a school in need, or have them properly recycled whenever possible on your behalf. Learn More

Simple Pricing. No Surprises.

  • SwagCloud setup fee: $250
  • LAUNCH SPECIAL: Order $2,500+ worth of swag from iPromo at time of sign-up, and receive your FIRST MONTH OF STORAGE FREE + NO SWAGCLOUD SETUP FEE!

Monthly Storage Costs

For items ordered with iPromo

  • $0.45 per item for items up to the size of a backpack
  • $1.00 per item for larger items

For client supplied products

  • $1.45 per item for standard items
  • $2.90 per item for larger items

Fulfillment Fees

  • $3.50 for the first item in the shipment
  • $0.55 per additional item in the shipment

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
  • Select and order curated swag.
  • We’ll store your swag at one of iPromo’s secured and climate-controlled warehouses.
  • Access an online portal to seamlessly manage inventory, run usage reports, and ship product globally within 24 hours.
Do I need to order product to set up an account?


Does it cost anything to set up?
  • For initial orders over $2,500 the set-up fee is waived, plus you get one month of FREE storage.
  • For initial orders under $2,500 there is one-time set up fee of $250.
Do I have to pay for storage?

Yes, please refer to section above for details.

Can I store product that I already own?

Yes, once you have a SwagCloud™ account you can send us your merchandise and we will store and distribute it for you. Different storage fees apply for non-iPromo products.

Can I ship to multiple locations through the storefront?

Yes, you can ship product to one location, or to multiple locations globally.

Will I receive reporting?

Yes, monthly inventory and fee reporting is provided.

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