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When you're at a trade show, how do you stand out from the rest? With the best trade show giveaways that people actually keep and remember! As promotional experts, we have a curated collection of great giveaways for your next trade show. Browse our selection of unique trade show giveaways, from tote bags to webcam covers, PopSockets, and more. Then, let our designers personalize them with your branding to fit your audience and budget needs. 

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Find the Best Trade Show Giveaways

Finding ways to make a memorable impression at trade shows is no easy feat. But with the best trade show giveaways in your bag of tricks, you'll have attendees buzzing about your brand long after the show floor closes.

When you're looking for the best trade show giveaways to promote your business, iPromo is the place to find unique giveaway ideas and great swag options. Our talented designers will brand your items with your logo, colors, and messaging. Choose iPromo, and let us help you elevate your brand presence at your next trade show event.

Why Choose Our Trade Show Giveaways

When exhibitors are scrambling for attendee attention at trade shows, thoughtful giveaways can give your booth a competitive advantage. Here are some top reasons why trade show giveaways should be part of your marketing strategy:

  • Trade show giveaway ideas easily capture the attention of attendees and create a lasting brand impression.
  • Unique giveaways have the power to differentiate your business from competitors and create a buzz around your booth.
  • Great trade show giveaways go beyond just attracting attention; they contribute to your overall brand presence and reputation.
  • Meaningful giveaway ideas help transform strangers into potential future customers.

Our Best Sellers for Trade Show Giveaways

Frequently Asked Questions
How many giveaways should I bring to a trade show?
To determine the optimal number of giveaways to bring to a trade show, estimate the attendee participation and traffic at your booth. As a general guideline, research past ticket sales numbers and calculate the total tickets sold x the estimated percentage of attendees expected to visit your booth. For example, if 10,000 tickets are sold and you project 25% booth traffic, 10,000 x 0.25 = 2,500 estimated attendees. This means you'll have to bring 2,500 items.
How many giveaways should I order for a trade show?
It is always advisable to order an additional 10-20% surplus when determining the number of giveaways for a trade show. This allows you to have extra items on hand in case traffic exceeds expectations.
What are the best giveaways for trade shows?
The best giveaways are creative, useful, and most importantly, resonate with your target audience. Some of the overall best-selling giveaways for trade shows include PopSockets phone grips, notebooks, pens, sanitizers, water bottles, tote bags, webcam covers, and phone wallets.
Why order trade show giveaways for my business?
Trade show giveaways are an effective promotional tool to drive leads, marketing, brand awareness, and ultimately, sales. At events, giveaways act as reminder ads for your brand when attendees use them after the show. They also help grow your brand and positive associations with potential customers in a memorable but cost-effective way. Well-chosen giveaways have an impact long after the show is over, and turns prospects into clients.

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We have had great success in our partnership with ipromo - from giving me great ideas for corporate swag/gifts to brand new ways to offer merchandise to our employees. All delivered swiftly! Our rep Neil is the BEST and so responsive. He let me have a call just to pick his brain for new ideas - not many companies offer anything like that. Very grateful for the continued support we get from Neil and for the new and different ideas he gives us for items to please our employees. Very grateful for ipromo!

Stacia Kaplan
Stacia K.

01 Jul 2024

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My account manager Neil is always available and works on my very tight deadlines. I don't know where I'd be without iPromo and Neil!

Gina Powell
Gina P.

26 Jun 2024

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Using iPromo has been a dream! Lorenzo Conigliaro is amazing! He went above and beyond throughout the process from helping me stay within my budget to figuring out design. We ordered branded Tile tags to send to our clients as appreciation gifts and they turned out awesome! From packaging, to design, to quality we could not be happier. I can honestly say I am excited to order from iPromo through Lorenzo again because of how enjoyable this process has been.

jessica johnson
jessica j.

31 May 2024

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The goods I received were a better quality than I expected. I was very impressed with the colors and quality of the items. I have already recommended iPromo to colleagues and forwarded information to people who are in charge of purchasing items for their groups. Today, one of my colleagues ordered the same wifi chargers I did, and she was surprised at how quickly she was contacted - under an hour - to make sure she knew who would help her through the whole process. The price was excellent and the service was even better.

Susan Norton
Susan N.

17 Apr 2024

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David at IPromo has made this too seamless that he has a customer for life. They are quick to respond and follow up after your received your items to ensure you are satisfied. Big thank you to David and the team!

Travis Wood
Travis W.

16 Apr 2024

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I've ordered branded merchandise for events through iPromo multiple times, working directly with David Chan. Not only can iPromo source and produce high quality branded items, but they are able to meet some pretty tight deadlines for last minute event needs we may have. For example, I recently inquired about ordering 100 branded pens and notebooks for an event the following week and in less than a week, the items were produced, shipped, and delivered. David provided regular updates on the shipment, as we needed the items for a specific event and were on a strict timeline. I really enjoy working with David at iPromo and recommend this brand for your promotional product needs.

Hayley Halstead
Hayley H.

05 Mar 2024

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David is the BEST!!! Look no further.

Ingrid Murra
Ingrid M.

24 Feb 2024

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I've always had a good experience working with iPromo. The team is very attentive, and takes the time to work with you based on your budget. I've worked with Neil Sylvers directly a few times, and each time the experience has been a great one. iPromo values their clients.

Ryan Pereira
Ryan P.

14 Feb 2024

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Working with Neil Sylvers was amazing and one of the best experiences with a third-party vendor I've had during my career. Truly! He was attentive to detail, a quick responder and a pleasure to work with. It felt like he was an extension to my team. defintiely recommend iPromo.

Jackie Martin
Jackie M.

22 Jan 2024

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Great quality and team support to help. A special shout out to Robyn Ocker who helped me in a time crunch. She went above and beyond and is a great representative for your organization!

Hawk Traveler
Hawk T.

11 Jan 2024

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Fantastic Service, and Quick responses / great options

Maxim Zaino
Maxim Z.

18 Dec 2023

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iPromo has amazing customer service. Michael has been super helpful to me and my coworkers and we will continue to use this service for as long as possible! And the products are great!

Michela Bonfatti
Michela B.

19 Oct 2023

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Daniel Burgess
Daniel B.

13 Oct 2023

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