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Golf season is here! What Brand Of Logo Golf Ball Are You Using?

Scratch, golfers seem to feel the difference in each brand of golf ball while some duffers can barely tell the difference between a golf ball and a baseball when they hit it. If you’re buying a gift for a few individuals, it is not too difficult to get their preferences and find just the right golf ball. But what do you do when you are tasked with putting on a golf event and need to buy logo golf balls? Now your job just got a lot tougher.

If you are not familiar with the nature of golf balls, a few things might help.

First, generally speaking, golf balls tend to fall into “distance” and “control” categories. Physically, you can tell the tendency of golf balls by the dimples. Dimples reduce air drag, so larger, shallower dimples tend to create higher flying shots. This plays into the distance.

Second is the core of the golf ball. A stiff core feels firmer on swing and generates more spin. This is tends to provide more control for the golfer, which is key on the short game. For a long game, the smaller core generates greater speed, and thus distance. This article is too short to provide all the nuances, but if your event is being held on a more challenging course, you may want to opt for control.

Last (well, as far as this piece goes) is the surface layer. Multi-layer mantles are used for greater spin and more control for the short game. Thin, double layers surrounding a stiff core provide for reduced spin at greater distances. While spin gives control on the short game, it tends to cause curved shots in the long game.

So, which ball do you buy?

If it is an event that is clearly set up for duffers and novices, go for the economy line of logo golf balls. People who do not golf frequently won’t really know how to adjust their swing for the type of ball and it won’t really make a whole lot of difference in their game. Just send them out to have some fun.

For experienced golfers, you should take one of two approaches.

The first is buy your customized golf balls based on the course on which your event is taking place. If it is primarily made up of long, wide fairways, go for the distance golf balls. Conversely, if it is made up of narrow fairways, or lots of hazards, go with the short game golf ball. While experienced players may be able to adjust their game to the ball (or just bring their own most likely), it’s good to align with the course.

The alternative is to not worry about the course, and buy your logo golf balls based on the type of golfers. Scratch golfers will not be shy about telling which brands they prefer. You may find that you split your purchase among 2 or 3 brands of logo golf balls. The advantage of this approach is that the golfers will continue to use the balls with your logo on them even after the event.

However you approach the event, make it fun. Golf balls are one aspect. Ask the promo marketing account manager about ideas for putting together a great golf event.

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