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ByLeo Victor

10 Best Tech Promotional Items & Giveaways for 2024

No matter what your aim is, whether it’s to wow clients, energize employees, or simply spread brand awareness, the right tech gifts and giveaways can take your branding efforts to the next level. But with so many possibilities, which innovative inventions or surprise solutions will truly stand out? 

Lucky for you, we’re bringing you a list of 10 hot and new tech promotional products that are set to turn heads this year. From practical productivity partners to playful problem solvers, these smart promotional tech items will surely please even the pickiest of professionals. There’s something here even the most tech-obsessed boss or buddy is bound to appreciate.

You’ll find the perfect promotional products here to seamlessly represent your brand’s innovative spirit in the coming year. Let’s explore the selections.

Top Tech Picks for Promoting Your Brand in 2024

As the tech world is constantly evolving, it’s important for your brand to showcase its latest innovations and stay top of mind with your prospective customers. And this coming year presents a new opportunity to engage your audiences with memorable promotional items. 

These ten picks will grab all the attention your company needs in 2024. Some offer handy tools to use each day. Others are fun surprises to share.

1. Mophie® Power Boost Power Bank – 10,000 mAh

These days, everyone relies on their smartphones and other mobile devices. As we all know, battery life can be an issue, though. It’s one of the worst feelings when you’re out for the day, and suddenly, your phone battery is dying. That’s why the Mophie Power Boost Power Bank is such a great promo item choice.

In 2024, most people will rely on their tech when they are on-the-go. And what better way to keep clients, customers, and employees powered up than by giving them a Power Boost of their own? This power bank has enough juice to recharge even the latest and greatest smartphones fully.

It’s also very portable, about the size of a smartphone itself. So your brand’s name and logo will be top of mind as recipients keep it handy to charge up on the go. Whether in the office, at a trade show, or traveling, they’ll think of your company each time they use it.

Unlike some power banks, the Mophie has fast-charging capabilities. So people can get that important call or send that quick email without delay. This speedy charging means their device will be ready when they need it most. So, while paper or clothing swag may get lost or thrown out, a practical item like the Mophie Power Boost will likely be used daily for over a year.

Custom Power Banks

2. High Sierra® Kodiak IPX7 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Many people like listening to music when they’re outside doing things like at the beach, swimming in a pool, or while taking a shower. So, the High Sierra Kodiak Bluetooth speaker would be a great gift from your company.

This speaker is special because it’s completely waterproof. That means you can splash it with water or submerge it underwater for 30 minutes, and it will keep working. So people don’t need to worry about getting it wet when they have it outside.

It connects to your phone or other devices using Bluetooth. That means you can play all your favorite songs, playlists, or podcasts without needing to plug anything in. The Bluetooth works within about 30 feet, so you can keep your phone in your pocket while the music plays through the speaker.

The battery lasts for up to 12 hours on a single charge. That’s enough for a long day outside listening to music. Your company name or logo can also be printed right on the speaker. That way, anytime someone uses it to listen to music, they’ll see your company name and remember who gave it to them.

Custom Bluetooth Speaker

3. Rechargeable UV Sterilizing Wand

This new gadget is taking the world by storm. We’re talking about the Rechargeable UV Sterilizing Wand. This handy little device can sterilize all your essential items and help keep you and your customers healthy.

We’ve all become a lot more aware of germs since the pandemic started. Who wants to pick up their phone or wallet knowing it’s covered in bacteria and viruses? Enter the UV Sterilizing Wand. 

This nifty tool uses ultraviolet light to kill up to 99.9% of germs on any surface. Just wave it over your items for a few minutes, and they will be squeaky clean again. It’s as simple as that.

The wand is very small and portable, so it’s perfect to throw in your bag and sterilize. Even if your recipients have kids, they can easily zap their toys, lunchboxes, and sports gear. It even runs on a rechargeable battery, so no hassle with replacements. So they can just plug it in like a phone.

Promoting health and safety is so important nowadays. What better way to show customers you care than by giving them a UV Sterilizing Wand branded with your logo? It’s a practical gift that keeps on giving as people use it daily. Customize this portable wand sterilizer with your company logo and let employees and clients know your business cares about their health and well-being.

Custom UV Wand

4. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Just like pens and stationery, branded tech merchandise also scores major points with the audiences because they are useful and multifunctional. These blue light blocking glasses are a great way to promote your business and keep prospective clients on the lookout for your brand. Customized glasses have become a hot trend for event giveaway items. Help take some pressure off their corneas and make it easier for them to transition to sleep mode. Your customers will thank you when their eyes aren’t going blurry or feeling tired after hours of screen time.

They also come in a wide variety of frame colors and styles, allowing you to match your brand’s colors and aesthetic. So, whenever someone wears the glasses, your logo is front and center on the frame for all to see. An excellent return on investment.

Custom Blue Light Blocking Glasses

5. Adjustable Ring Light

Have your clients looking their best at the next Zoom meetup with this Online Meeting Adjustable Vanity Light. Having your logo printed right on prime branding real estate, it makes an innovative and useful promotional giveaway item at your next event sure to make an impact. Customized vanity lights are a great way to keep your brand in the spotlight at any event or virtual meeting. Bring your brand into focus with over 30 bright white LED lights that are durable and shock-resistant. Keep in mind that 83% of consumers are more likely to pay attention to how a brand treats them than to the actual products they sell.

Custom Online Selfie Vanity Light

6. Custom PopSockets  – New Backspin Model

This PopSockets Pop Backspin is a new and improved version of the ultra popular cool phone grip that would be perfect for promoting your brand. Almost everyone uses their phone for photos, videos, games, and more. With this on their phone, they will see your logo every time. 

What makes it special is it can spin around smoothly, so kids can fiddle with it when bored. Some research also shows that fidget toys like this can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Your logo will be on the spinning part. And since phones are used up to 96 times a day, your brand will be seen 24/7. It also turns into a standing phone holder so you can watch videos hands-free. Best of all, it still works with wireless phone charging without taking it off.

Your brand will stay on the minds of your recipients throughout 2024 as they enjoy the stress-relieving spin feature. It makes a high-impact yet affordable promotional product for any business to choose from.

Custom PopSockets Backspin

7. Popl Digital Business Cards

No giveaway pack would be complete without the hottest trend across all social media platforms. Popl is the most secure way to connect with anyone instantly. In a world where it’s become harder to be with family and friends, you can’t go wrong that helping your clients and customers stay connected wherever they go. It’s a great way to promote your brand by giving this item as a thank you promotional gift or giveaway item during an event or business meeting.

You’ll never need to buy another business card. It allows you to connect to payment platforms, share marketing material, and instantly showcase products or events. If you’re looking for ways to make the most impressions from potential clients and customers, Custom Popls with your logo on it is the way to go.

Custom Popls

8. Full Color Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds are perfect for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Whether you’re hitting the trails for a jog, sweating it out in spin class, or just commuting to work, the waterproof design means these earbuds can handle whatever your day throws at them. You’ll be able to listen to music no matter how hard you work out or if it suddenly starts pouring rain – without worrying about damaging the earbuds.

Unlike regular earbuds that only come in boring colors, these can be customized with a full-color logo or design. Now, you can show off your company logo or design while people rock out to their tunes. Your logo will be printed vividly on the charging case so everyone will see it.

They also provide great sound quality and a comfortable fit for all-day wear. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you’ll get clear audio without distracting cut-outs. And the ergonomic design and soft silicone tips make the earbuds comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Custom Wireless Earbuds

9. Realm 3-in-1 Long Charging Cable

The ability to stay connected is always trending. As our home and work lives continue clashing, it can be challenging for people to find their own space to get things done. Even if you have the right work-from-home environment, staying connected can be a challenge. Power up your brand with a pair of customized 3-in-1 charging cables that are sure to leave a lasting impression. They make a great promotional gift and help keep your clients’ and employees’ cell phones and computers powered up wherever they go. Every time they use your custom Realm 3-in-1 Long Charging Cables, they’ll remember your brand and love the way it will significantly impact the speed of your USB devices.

Custom 3-in-1 Charger Cables

10. Skullcandy Cassette Wireless Headphones

These fun headphones allow you to freely move around and jam out to music without being tethered to your phone or other device. It uses Bluetooth technology, so you can stream high-quality audio from many feet away. No more tangled cords getting stuck on things.

The Cassette Headphones have soft padded earcups that will feel very comfortable, even when worn for long periods. They fold up small so you can easily toss them in your backpack between classes or activities. Plus, the additional built-in rechargeable battery gives you over 20 hours of wireless playtime on a single charge.

If you want your business to stand out in 2024, hand out Skullcandy wireless headphones to promote your brand. Because everyone loves free music. Wireless is the future, so these headphones show your recipients that you’re offering innovative, high-tech gifts. They’re well-made enough to last for years of playtime.

Custom Skullcandy Wireless Headphones

If you’re looking for help selecting the latest and greatest tech promotional items, we are here to help you with providing free virtual previews on any of the items above or help you choose from any of our other great branded tech items. Staying ahead of technology can sometimes be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help add more functionality to your brand and clients. Let iPromo help make your next tech giveaway or gift a memorable one!

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