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ByLeo Victor

The Best 2024 Promotional Calendars For Your Desk, Wall, Pocket, or Car

If your business had a superpower, what would it be? For many companies, the greatest power is the ability to name noticed in unique ways with a simple thought. 2024 Promotional calendars grant you this incredible branded giveaway.

Promotional calendars allow your message to be seen and used every day in homes and offices throughout the year. With calendars, each new day reveals unseen potential. And best of all, calendars are affordable gifts that can be shared and will be used the entire year.

This guide will show you some great calendar options with styles that are perfect for offices, vehicles, and on-the-go living. We’ll explore some designs that suit different personalities and spaces. Finding the right promotional calendars will be easy with the great ideas in this article. If you’re ready to spread your business everywhere in 2024, let’s get started.

Calendars are marketing gold 

iPromo offers several calendar styles to showcase your business everywhere. No matter what type of space you need to feature your brand, we have a design that will keep you remembered all year long. Keep reading to discover which calendar styles from iPromo are best for reminding people of your company for months to come.

Did we mention that they are customizable? Yes, calendars come in all shapes and sizes and can be made to contain any vital marketing content you desire. But it doesn’t stop there. Customization makes them adaptable to the lifestyle of your clients. Do they primarily work at an office? Great!  Desk calendars are an excellent option. Are they on the move? Pocket calendars make your brand travel with them. 

Promotional Calendar Impressions

Motivations Desk Pad Calendar

If you’ve ever wanted a calendar that not only keeps you organized but also inspires and motivates you throughout the year, the Motivations Desk Pad Calendar is the perfect calendar for your 2024 promotional item. Instead of just showing you the dates, each month features an uplifting message to keep your motivation and positivity high.

Not only does the calendar offer words of encouragement every month, but it also has your entire year neatly laid out on one big desk-sized sheet. So you don’t always have to flip through multiple pages to find the date you’re looking for. Everything is conveniently displayed together and clearly printed, so it’s easy to read. This way, you can easily see what’s coming up, for the next month and the whole year!

This calendar can also have your company’s logo and contact info printed right on the front. So, whenever someone glances at their Motivations Desk Pad Calendar, they’ll be reminded of your brand. It’s a subtle and friendly way to keep your business top of mind all year long. And with its clear plastic pouch on the bottom, you can store business cards, notes, or other extras to stay organized always.

Promotional Desk Calendars

American Splendor Desk Calendar

The American Splendor Desk Calendar is a fun and unique way to showcase your company while enjoying beautiful photographs from across the United States each month. This calendar makes an excellent giveaway if you want to promote your business, as your recipients will be treated to scenic landscapes, iconic landmarks, and everyday scenes that remind us what makes this country great. 

When they get tired of looking at the same old calendar, this one will keep things interesting. It’s like taking a visual road trip without leaving your desk. You can add your logo or message so people will see it each time they use the calendar and be reminded of the thoughtfulness of your brand. 

The calendar comes on sturdy paper made from trees that were harvested responsibly. That means it’s also eco-friendly, and you can feel good knowing this calendar has a low environmental impact. And at about the size of a notebook, it won’t take up too much space. So, you can easily prop it up on a desk or hang it on the wall.

The American Splendor Desk Calendar is a fun and unique way to liven up any workstation or give as a gift. It will have people excited to see what beautiful part of America is featured next. 

Promotional American Splendor Desk Calendar

Custom Wall Calendars

Custom wall calendars are a great choice if you’re looking for an advertising item that people will see every single day. Unlike generic promo items that get tossed in a drawer, a calendar hangs proudly on the wall where everyone can see it. Members of your company, customers, partners, and others will all enjoy glancing at your custom calendar design each morning as they plan their day.

But these calendars from iPromo are different from your basic bare-bones planners. These allow for full-color designs so you can really showcase your brand and make a statement. Whether it’s your logo, catchy tagline, a photo of your product in use, or something more creative, you have a large printable space on each month’s page to shine.

Some key things to know about these custom calendars is that they come in a convenient stapled binding, so each month easily flips over. This also means the calendar lays flat when opened to the current month. The calendar grids are also available in English only for simplicity. But you can choose a 12 or 13-month calendar and determine which month your design begins.

Custom Wall Calendars

National Day Calendar – Stapled

Since there seems to be a “national day” for everything under the sun, the National Day Calendar is the perfect way to celebrate all these holidays. With this calendar, every day of the year is a special event to be celebrated. 

The National Day Calendar is a fun 13-month stapled planner that lists all the wacky “national days” for each month. You’ll find things like National Cupcake Day in June, National Cookie Day in December, and even National Bubbly Day for your favorite sparkling beverages. This calendar is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially when there’s a new theme to celebrate every day. 

The best part is that you can fully customize the calendar with your company logo or message. They are printed on thick, glossy paper so they lay flat when open. And with the cute stapling, you can easily flip between months to check what fun holiday is coming up next. It’s the perfect mix of fun and functionality. However, if you prefer to have it spiral-bound for an extra fee. 

If you’re looking for an enjoyable and memorable way to promote your business 365 days a year, the National Day Calendar from iPromo is a no-brainer. With a new quirky theme to celebrate daily, it will definitely spark smiles and conversations all year round. And most importantly, keep your brand front and center through each fun holiday.

Custom National Day Calendar

Laminated Time Management Span-A-Year Calendar with Marker

This Laminated Time Management Span-A-Year calendar takes time management to the next level by giving your recipients an entire year’s worth of planning space all in one handy laminated sheet. It’s made of durable gloss paper and protected with a UV coating. So, this calendar is built to last all 12 months with daily, weekly, and monthly views.

But what makes this popular calendar really stand out is the interactive element, the included dry-erase marker. With this handy tool, users can jot down reminders, appointments, tasks, and more. When they’re done, they just wipe it clean with a dry cloth and start fresh the next day. Talk about convenience. 

Best of all, when you imprint your company logo on the calendar, it means your message will be front and center each time someone uses it. You can also choose your quantities from 100 up to 5000, depending on how large or small your promotional campaign is. So, this calendar is perfect for employee gifts, client outreach, and more. Your art department will love having one-color printing in one location as a simple but impactful branding opportunity.

Promotional 2024 Calendars

Leatherette Weekly Pocket Planner 

People who constantly find themselves forgetting important meetings, events, or deadlines throughout the busy work week or just want a handy planner to jot down their weekday to-do lists and reminders will find the Leatherette Weekly Pocket Planner very useful. This cute little book is the perfect palm-sized companion to keep you on schedule.

It’s made with a soft leatherette cover and has a clean, professional look that will make you smile whenever you pull it out of your bag. When you flip it open, and you’ll find a two-page weekly spread for each week, allowing you to plan out your entire calendar at a glance.

You can customize the front cover with your company’s logo so that every time clients, customers, or coworkers peek inside to check your schedule, they’ll see your brand proudly displayed. It’s a subtle yet stylish way to keep your business top of mind all year long. 

Promotional Pocket Calendar

13-Month Stock Shape Stick-Up Calendar

Everyone knows how quickly time seems to pass every year. Just when you think you’ve learned to manage your busy schedule, another month has slipped by without you even realizing it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a subtle but helpful way to keep track of important dates without having to check your phone or computer constantly?

Unlike a traditional wall calendar, the 13-Month Stock Shape Stick-Up Calendar is much more versatile. It can go anywhere you need a quick calendar reference. Stick it on your fridge to help the family plan meal nights and activities. Pop it up next to your computer monitor at work to stay on top of project deadlines and meetings. Even stick it on your vehicle’s dashboard as a reminder of upcoming appointments or games.

The calendar is made of durable vinyl material, so it mounts easily and adheres to smooth surfaces without leaving residue behind. It’s also available in a variety of classic colors, so you can choose one that complements your branding. 

2024 Promotional Stick Up Calendars

Monthly Pocket Planner 

Regular planners are great,  but sometimes you need something smaller to keep in your bag or pocket. The Monthly Pocket Planner packs a big punch even though it fits comfortably in your hand. At only 6 inches by 3.5 inches closed, it opens up to a spacious monthly grid view, so you have plenty of space to jot down what’s on your agenda each day. And it comes in a bunch of different cover colors, so you can pick your favorite.

It includes the current year on the front cover, so whether you give it out in January or December, it’s always relevant to the recipients. The thick paper pages are also high quality, so your writing won’t bleed through.

With 16 sheets and 32 total pages, you get monthly calendar views for the whole year ahead to stay organized. Give it to clients, customers, or employees, and they’ll see your logo each time they use it.

Custom Calendars 2024

Muscle Thunder Calendar

If you’re a fan of muscle cars from the golden era of American automotive history, then the Muscle Thunder calendar from iPromo will surely rev your engine. This calendar captures the raw power and style of 13 iconic street machines from the 1960s and 70s. 

Just flipping through the pages will transport you back to a time when cars were built for straight-line speed rather than fuel efficiency. Each month features a glossy photo showing off sleek bodylines, massive wheels, and aggressive styling that defined the muscle car era.

The calendar is also more than just pretty pictures. It’s practical. It has large, easy-to-read dates and a handy yearly view that will keep you on schedule throughout the year. And it’s made from environmentally friendly materials, so you can feel good about making eco-friendly choices while gifting it. 

2024 Custom Muscle Car Calendar

Healthy Living Calendar

Every brand should make promoting a healthy lifestyle and well-being a top priority. With the Healthy Living Calendar, you can both inspire and remind customers to make their health a priority all year long. 

This calendar has beautiful nature pictures that make you want to go outside. If you flip through each month, you’ll see scenic landscapes from around the country. Who wouldn’t feel like going for a hike after seeing places that beautiful?

But it does more than just show pretty pictures. At the beginning of each month, there are also helpful tips for living healthily. From yummy recipes to try at home, to exercises you can do and relaxing activities to recharge. This gives you mini health lessons alongside the date each day. Once your company logo is added, every time a recipient looks at the calendar, they’ll remember that that brand wants them to feel their best. 

2024 Custom Healthy Living Calendar


No matter where you need a little organization and motivation, there’s 2024 promotional calendars made just for your brand. Our desk calendars will inspire your workspace, wall calendars will lend beauty to any room, and our pocket planners will fit in your purse or bag, no matter the size. Plus, having your company logo on each page will ensure that customers and clients remember your brand every new month.

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