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3 brands with incredibly strange promotional products

Promotional products are a gift to consumers and businesses in many ways. They can increase brand awareness and recognition and can be anything from useful to adorable to downright strange! We’ve wrangled up the strangest promotional products out there by brand, film and game. From fanny packs to digital jump ropes, these promotional products walk a fine line between genius and madness. Thinking of incorporating more fun into your business at your next trade show? Head to our website to check out fun and quirky products such as mini sunscreen bottles, portable flashlights and automatic folding umbrellas to make your brand memorable, fun and approachable.

Who knew that KFC was so popular in Japan? The fried chicken company released a series of silly promotional products including drumstick hats, friend chicken computer keyboards, computer mice and even drumstick-shaped cell phone cases. Talk about products you can really sink your teeth into!

Superman: “Man of Steel”
Everyone loves the classic superhero, but when the promotional materials for “Man of Steel” were released, we couldn’t help but wonder – where did his legs go? Did someone hit them with kryptonite? Like a bird or a plane, these superhero popcorn buckets and figurines had their way of flying into our lineup of strange promotional materials.

Silly promotional products are sure to cause a giggle with your customers.Silly promotional products are sure to win your customers over with giggles.

“Bioshock 2”
For the release of “Bioshock 2” by 2K Games, the company released miniature vinyl records in 2009 featuring the horror game’s theme song and various eerie sounds from the game. As one of the most unique pieces we’ve seen today, this campaign really had our records spinning!

From spooky miniature records to figurines and even cartoon keyboards, brands can show off their creativity and gain brand awareness through fun promotional products.

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