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Building a brand with promotional products

Being an entrepreneur or a small-business owner requires large amounts of both dedication and persistence. Your company is your baby, but how do you get the public to feel the same jolt of excitement that you get each time you describe what you do to someone new? Amping up the passion for your business means establishing your brand and building awareness.

To extend the life of your company, you not only need a good reputation in terms of your work, you also need a brand that’s associated with those quality services or items. However, getting the word out about your new business can be difficult and expensive. Luckily, there are options entrepreneurs and small business just starting out can afford.

Paying for local commercials on television or radio can be too expensive for a relatively new company still trying to build its brand. The most cost-effective way to get the public to sit up and take notice is through promotional corporate gifts that feature your business’s logo and name.

Wanting to build your brand? Look to promotional items like pens.Promotional pens can help a new company establish its brand.

First steps
Before you order branded products to give away to members of the public, you must have an overall brand concept and design, The Economic Voice advised. You need a well thought-out branding strategy that will be uniform across all of your business’s platforms.

After formulating your plan, consider what type of promotional items work best to get your company’s message and core values across. The Advertising Specialty Institute noted Bank of Montreal as a key example of branding with giveaways.

The bank needed items that worked with its slogan: “We’re here to help.” Since the company is a financial institution, it wanted branded items its customers could put to use, such as promotional pens and magnets.

According to the ASI, the bank needed products to help brand it and display its values as a trusted establishment. While pens are a useful item, they could also get BMO’s name and logo out to the public. However, branded doormats with the company’s name and logo could set the wrong tone and appearance for a bank if patrons are walking on a logo meant to display strength and trust.

Rewarding your customers
Promotional gifts are not only a great and inexpensive way to let the public know about your business, they’re also useful in rewarding your patrons and continuing your business’s relationship with them for years to come. Entrepreneur noted offering giveaways to your customer base will help reinforce their loyalty for your brand while at the same time creating excitement.

Branded apparel and promotional tech gifts can go a long way in saying thank you to your patrons while also helping to build your brand’s reputation with buyers.

“Identify the promotional items that work best for your brand.”

Be patient
Building a brand and gaining loyal customers can’t be done overnight. Promotional corporate gifts are an efficient and effective way to help you establish your business and brand, it takes a few days for those branded pens and promotional T-shirts to do their magic and rack up the impressions for your company.

Investing in these products is a great way to pique new customer interest in your business and its services over time.

Identify the items that work best for your brand along with the personality and values you want to exhibit and start printing your promotions up. The right kind of branded giveaway can be the best form of marketing. The products are a tangible gift from your business to the customer that can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Promotional items can be the very first contact your brand makes with potential patrons. So use apparel, pens or tech gifts to break the ice with the public and let them know you’re open for business.

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