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4 amazing promotional gifts for millennials

Your company is facing a huge issue: trying to market to millennials who can’t seem to get their noses out of a phone or book. You’ve tried using social media marketing or trendy new apps, but your efforts have been thwarted. These youngsters are finding clever ways to avoid traditional marketing and advertising and won’t respond the same way Generation X shoppers will. How can you position your brand as trendy and fun if traditional avenues have failed? This is where branded promotional items and guerrilla marketing come in! We’ve compiled the four best gifts on our site to attract millennials and keep them coming back to your brand:

1. Portable power banks
If you’ve walked into any restaurant with a millennial, the first thing you may hear is “Can I charge my phone here?” Millennials won’t have to worry about finding an outlet if they have these branded portable chargers handy, and they can always make sure they’ll have enough battery power to call Mom from the train. These power banks are growing in popularity so much so that some designer brands have even lost sales from counterfeiters, according to tech magazine Gadgets360. You can prevent that kind of loss with a one-of-a-kind branded tech gift for your organization. Millennials will thank you through text later on.

2. Reusable grocery totes
Many millennials understand the environmental costs of making, producing and throwing away plastic bags. By giving them branded reusable totes bags, millennials can shop in style and save the planet at the same time. Decorate yours with your company logo or a fun graphic that will stand out in a crowd. For an added eco-friendly bonus, order your reusable grocery bags with 80 percent recycled materials for an even smaller carbon footprint. These gifts will also remind your millennial of your brand every time they shop.

Reusable grocery bags are growing more popular as plastic bag usage declines.Reusable grocery bags are growing more popular as plastic bag usage declines.

3. Branded portfolios
Many of your millennial shoppers are recent college graduates looking for a job. To help them with their job search, give them the option of their professional first portfolio complete with your brand logo. Professional portfolios can hold work samples, business cards, pens and other professional items. Business Insider cited that a portfolio with work samples is absolutely essential during the interview process. This will not only help millennials remember your brand, but they’ll also nail that job interview.

4. Infuser water bottles
Goodbye soda, hello healthier options! Infuser water bottles are becoming the new health options, as millennials are shifting away from sugary drinks and toward beverages such as tea, water and almond milk. Make their sips a bit more satisfying with branded infuser water bottles. The fruit or herbs can sit in the middle compartment while it flavors the water around it. In the end, you have a sugar-free beverage that still provides the taste people crave.

Marketing to millennials may seem problematic, but picking promotional items they’ll actually use doesn’t have to be. With this list in mind, we wish you the best of luck in all of your marketing adventures.

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