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A Culture of Extraordinary Responsiveness

iPromo BBB Award

When our company started 15 years ago, our founder (Leo) was still in school. It really was like one of those stories you read about, but since Leo doesn’t dwell on it, it is not often told. However, one aspect of his early efforts was his desire to respond quickly to customers.

At the time, cell phones weren’t the norm and the technology for identifying callers and managing calls was not what we take for granted today. Pagers were more likely. So, when Leo went to class, he had a pager. He set it up so that calls to the company routed to his computer and then a program triggered a modem (remember modems?) to call his pager with a message. He then knew he needed to find a phone and help a customer. This seed of customer service focus has grown to form the roots of our company; all things at iPromo stem from this early desire.

What makes companies really good is not the complete absence of issues, but rather how they respond to the inevitable issues that arise. What may also be telling is when the response to fixing issues comes so naturally to those involved that they don’t see this as the exception, but rather just “the way we are.”

When something doesn’t go as we (or the customer) expect, we respond. We want to solve the issues to make our customers happy. So, when we received the BBB Complaint Free Award for 2013 we were excited. In part, because we didn’t expect it. Not because we didn’t work hard to help our customers, but because we didn’t think that “the way we are” was something for which we’d be recognized.

BBB 2013 Complaint Free Award
BBB 2013 Complaint Free Award

As we look back at 2013, and ahead to the rest of 2014, the BBB Complaint Free Award reminds us to take a step back and recognize our teammates for their efforts on behalf of our customers. And, to thank our customers for their business and working with us when, on occasion, things just didn’t go as planned.

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