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How promotional products increase brand awareness

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or own a mom and pop shop, we know that you want your business to stand out from all the rest. That’s why you always want to think about new ways to increase brand awareness. Investing in promotional products can attract new customers and keep old ones coming back. Here are several ways promotional items increase brand awareness:

Continuous exposure
The one thing you can count on with promotional products, such as branded pens and branded bags, is that they will make your customers constantly think of your business. Every time a customer picks up your pen to jot down notes or mug to drink coffee, that person will have your brand in his head. When that consumer needs the type of product or service your business offers, he will be more likely to contact you.

“Promotional products will make customers constantly think of your business.”

Positive impression
Since promotional items are essentially gifts, customers will appreciate your efforts and think of your business in a positive light. ASI Research has shown that customers who receive promotional products form a favorable impression of the brand.  Promotional items are the one advertising channel in which your consumers will say “thank you.”

Affordable options that last a long time
Promotional products are one of the least expensive forms of marketing and can deliver your brand’s message for years to come. These items may be used on a daily basis and can be passed on from one person to the next. For example, a customer could give the mug your business provided her to a friend or family member.

Employee empowerment
According to a Gallup survey, having workers who get your brands’s identity is crucial to your company’s success.  If you allow them, employees can play an important role in increasing awareness of your brand. Give your staff members some branded promotional items and encourage them to hand them out to people in their communities. For example, an employee could give out your company’s promotional items at a family birthday party or small get-together with friends.

If your business develops promotional products consumers can use regularly, it will increase exposure to your brand.

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