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What Are UV Light Sanitizers? The Invisible COVID-19 Coronavirus Fighting Solution

When it comes to fighting COVID-19, the most-discussed elements of PPE are masks. It’s easy to understand why this is the case. After all, from what we know, masks greatly reduce the amount of droplets that contain the virus from spreading around public and private spaces.

However,  transmission by surfaces shouldn’t be overlooked. If these droplets get on a surface that you then touch, followed by touching your face, the virus could spread without you ever getting close to the infected person.

There are a lot of ways that companies/businesses are trying to tackle this issue, from doing rigorous sanitizing plans to mandating wearing gloves. However, there are always going to be some flaws with these ideas. One concept could, in theory, allow people to quickly sanitize when needed and not require excess PPE stocking: using UV light sanitization.

UV Light: How Does It Work?

UV light, also known as ultraviolet light, is a type of electromagnetic radiation. There are four different types of subcategories to it:

  • UVA
  • UVB
  • UVC 
  • Vacuum-UV

UVA has the longest wavelengths, with vacuum UV at the shortest. It’s UVC light that we want to look at, as it’s been used for decades to disinfect surfaces, especially in areas like businesses, hospitals, and airlines. While we don’t have scientific studies showing that UVC light could directly kill COVID-19, we do know that it’s quite effective in killing a lot of other viruses, from the flu to other types of seasonal coronaviruses.

UV Light Infographic

With this said, how exactly does UV light kill viruses? There are a few ways that this can happen. In some cases, UVC light impacts the RNA of the virus, ruining its capability to replicate and accelerate an infection. In other situations, it damages the proteins that coat the actual virus. This takes away its capability to attach to a host cell. If used properly, UVC light is capable of killing up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on a given surface.

There are a few caveats to this particular technology, though. When it comes to being used for entire rooms, you may need to reposition a light source several times in order to cover everything. A few cycles of lighting may also be needed. There’s also a safety concern about UVC light, as it can potentially damage skin cells and cause a variety of health issues with long-term exposure. However, we should note a few counters to those particular issues. These problems generally only tend to occur if you’re using UV light on a huge scale. Even then, a lot of the issues can be mitigated with PPE like suits or goggles. 

Secondly, you can do a lot to get the most out of UV light without any safety risk through small sanitizing tools. You’re not going to be able to use these items to disinfect an entire room. However, they are quite effective when it comes to disinfecting smaller items like a phone or car keys. These are essential because these are likely to be the surfaces that you touch most frequently on a daily basis as a part of a daily routine. If you are going to say, an ATM, chances are you will think to wear your gloves or use a touch tool before starting. However, something simple like touching the remote control or using your keys is a potential infection vector you may not think of because it’s so ingrained in your daily life. These areas are where UV sanitizers are most useful on an individual basis.

On top of this, there may be a way to have the best of both worlds on a macro scale. One recent study showed that by using a wavelength called far-UVC light, up to 99.9% of viruses could potentially be killed. What’s important here is that this wavelength can’t penetrate the eye’s tear layer or skin, meaning that it can kill viruses without hurting body cells. The study authors noted that this particular capability means that far-UVC light could be safe to use in occupied and crowded spaces to help limit virus transmission. 

Top UV Sanitizer Options

Part of what complicates this particular issue is the fact that there are a lot of companies out there right now trying to get their piece of this exciting market. As a result, there are a lot of different items out there without quality assurance. However, at iPromo, we make sure to supply the top options on the market. Here’s a look at our UV sanitizer collection.

UVClean Micro – Black

Always have your smartphone on you? This makes the perfect chance to turn that phone into a mobile cleaning device. This item uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill microorganisms, meaning you can sterilize a surface or item in a pinch whenever you need to. When connected to your smartphone, this is a minimal drain on your battery, meaning that you can quickly apply it to any shared surfaces or personal items while you are out on the go. It’s also attachable to your keychain for more portability. You can also turn this into a branding opportunity by applying your company logo with screen printing.


UVClean P4000 5x Flip Power Bank Portable Charge

This concept puts a new spin on the classic power bank. This tool utilizes a 4000 mAh battery that can fully charge most smartphones. You also get the most connectivity options possible, from a Lightning and Android connector to a Type-C adaptor and a USB port. Of course, the signature feature is the built-in UV light, which kills off all manner of microorganisms. Want to make sure people are thinking of your company every time they use this power bank? Be sure to add your company logo with screen printing.

UV + Power Bank

UVClean + Qi Wireless Charger

Most people don’t realize how much of a disease vector a phone can be. On average, it’s covered with 25,127 bacteria per square inch. This portable charger/UV sanitizer manages to handle that issue, utilizing UV light to kill off microorganisms on your phone or other surfaces, such as keys and watches. As an added note, you either need to have built-in Qi or an external Qi receiver with your device to take advantage of the Qi wireless charging capability. Don’t forget to add some additional branding by putting your logo on with screen printing.

UV + Qi Wireless Charger

Custom Portable UV Wand Sterilizer

This makes for a compact, portable option for you to put in your pocket or purse when you’re on the go. Each wand uses a rechargeable 450mAh battery, which gives you around 7 to 8 hours with each charge. Make sure that you put on your brand logo with screen printing as well, so anyone who sees you using it knows that your company is putting their safety first.

UV Sanitizer Light Wand

Custom UV Sanitizer Case

In some cases, you may have a whole set of small accessories that you touch regularly. This can include things like your car/house keys, phone, as well as all the other little gadgets you use daily. This tool makes it possible to keep them clean all at the same time. All you need to do is plug in the box, connect it to a power source, put all your items in and close the lid. This will help you sterilize all your items with the UV lights on the bottom and top. In fact, you can even sterilize your items while doing other tasks like working or driving. For the custom element, you can add your brand logo to the case with screen printing.

Uv Case

Custom Deluxe UV Sanitizer Box

If the idea of a sanitizer box sounds great to you, but you know you have a lot of things to pack, then this is the fit for you. Just like the above item, you can plug in the box and fully sterilize all of your main items and valuables using UV light. This can be done while you are doing other things as well, making sure you keep safe even while you keep busy. On top of the box, there’s an imprint area for you to apply your company logo on using screen printing.

UV Sterilizer Box

Part of handling the modern challenge of doing business in a post-COVID-19 world is using modern solutions. Using quick and effective methods of spot cleaning is going to do a lot to prevent spread in situations where you may not have all the PPE you would desire, or where your PPE may be lacking or not properly applied. At iPromo, our goal is to be able to give you all the equipment you need for your customers, clients, and employees, to feel at ease. UV sanitizers are a key part of this. Along with giving you a vital tool to keep safe, these also make a great branding opportunity to show your customers/team that you’re thinking of them.


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