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10 Best Team-Building Activities for Work

By Pavel L Photo and Video / Shutterstock.com

Bad team-building activities can be awkward, boring, and lame — the exact opposite of team building, really. However, the right team-building activities for work can help you all bond as a company and strengthen coworker relationships. Here are 10 of our favorite team-building activities for every company size and budget:

Brainstorming Session

This is a great way to ease your team into doing activities together if you’re not already in the habit of doing so. Pick a major project or initiative and schedule a time that you can all come together and brainstorm ideas. Have everyone write ideas down on sticky notes, and then post them to a whiteboard and go over them together.

Book Club

Lots of companies host a book club once a month to discuss a timely and topical business book. If you want to make things even more fun, you can also choose a fiction bookseller that has nothing to do with your company to give the book club a break from work.

Lunch and Learn

Your employees probably have many fascinating skills that you don’t know about, and hosting lunch-and-learn sessions is a great way to share the knowledge. You can keep the skill-sharing limited to work-related things, or make it as broad as you want: making bread from scratch, changing a car tire, whatever employees want to talk about. Make sure to have a sign-up sheet for attendees so you can choose the right size room.

Office Contest

Hosting fun contests in the office is a great way to liven up the work day. Holidays present an obvious opportunity for contest themes, but you can also do these on any random day of the week to shake things up. Possible contests include wackiest outfit, best desk decorations, and most covetable office lunch. Get creative and ask employees to submit ideas for contest themes, and don’t forget to reward the winners with some fun summer promotional gifts.

Game Night

This is a fun, purely social event that you can host at the office. Have employees bring their favorite boards from home, such as Four in a Row or Tumble Tower, and then divide into teams to play it. Make sure to have breaks every so often so employees can get snacks and switch to a different game if they want to. Encourage them to mingle and play on different teams so they can meet as many people as possible.

group work together on scavenger hunt

By Robert Kneschke / Shutterstock.com

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Scavenger Hunt or Escape Game

If you’ve got the money to spend on a team outing, booking a scavenger hunt or escape game is a great team-building activity for work. Keep in mind that your company will be divided into teams (and, in the case of the escape game, put in separate rooms). For larger groups, you’ll need to book far in advance, so definitely start making inquiries now if you’re interested in doing this.

Fun Classes

No, we’re not talking about school classes: think cooking classes, improv workshops, wine tastings, and other fun experiences instead. These often work best for smaller companies or individual departments within a larger company since capacity is often limited to the class space. As with the scavenger hunt, you should inquire ahead of time because these bookings fill up fast.

Trivia Night

You can either host your own trivia night at your office or attend a trivia night at a local pub or bar if you are a smaller group. If you’re intimidated by the idea of hosting your own trivia night, don’t worry: There are lots of pre-existing trivia question lists that you can use for your event. Just make sure to have some company swag on hand to give as prizes to the winning team.

colleagues playing sack jumping game

By Robert Kneschke / Shutterstock.com

Outdoor Field Day

This is a great option for the summer if you live somewhere that doesn’t get too hot. Recapture the magic of childhood with classic games such as capture the flag, three-legged race, and more. Give outdoor swag such as bulk sunscreen to the winners in keeping with the field day theme and make sure to have plenty of beverages and food on hand.


Give back to your community and bond as a team by volunteering together. Most local charitable organizations have programs in place that match companies to volunteer opportunities based on group size and availability. Whether you want to build houses or plant trees, there is bound to be a volunteer organization in your area that wants to partner with your company.

Besides doing activities together, giving your employees gifts is a great way to strengthen relationships and show how much you appreciate them. Browse our selection of promotional products and reach out today if you’d like to get a quote started.