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12 Useful Travel Promotional Items For Your Next Giveaway

With the travel industry booming and more people taking to the air, seas, skies or road than ever, the coolest travel promotional products are not just smart marketing for travel agencies these days.

The fact that these trending giveaway-ready travel promotional items are literally designed to be taken on the go means that they are the perfect way to drum up endless new exposure for your brand, so if you are ready to start thinking global, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to snag any of these sleek travel promotional products for your next giveaway or promotion pronto.

Great Alternative to Internet Advertising

So, what are some of our top picks for first-class travel-related promotional items? Read on to find out!

1. The Portable Digital Luggage Scale

We’ve all been there. With such precise luggage weight requirements, it can be all too easy to overpack. There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and realizing that you could have packed more useful things, or worse, being forced to toss out valuable goods.

However, when it comes to this nifty The Portable Digital Luggage Scale, luggage weight requirements are one less thing that your valuable clients and employees will have to worry about when they are packing this highly portable lightweight luggage scale on the go. Don’t leave home without it!

2. BRIGHTtravels Set of Clean Bags

This nifty BRIGHTtravels Set of Clean Bags takes standard travel promotional items to the next level by packing four fun-colored travel essentials all into one indispensable package. Featuring one zippered carrying bag that doubles as storage, one shoe bag, one laundry bag, and one extra bag perfectly suited for electronic accessories like an iPad, this kit has everything that you need to maximize travel convenience in style. 

However, those looking for a winning budget pick can’t go wrong with this fun-colored Cotton Laundry Bag either. 

Custom Travel Bags

3. The Travel Power Bank 2200mAh Portable Charger 

These super handy 2200mAh Travel Power Bank Portable Chargers are best-sellers for a reason: they are the type of travel-related promotional item that everybody wants to get their hands on this year.

After all, there is nothing worse than constantly struggling to find a charger during a long transit, and a user-friendly portable charger makes dead devices on the go a non-issue. Featuring your full-color design offset by your choice of four fun color picks, they come complete with a removable keyring attachment to make sure they never get misplaced on the go. 

Custom Travel Power Banks

4. The Venezia Sightseer Luggage Tag

The elegant Thermo PU Venezia Sightseer Luggage Tag features an understated debossed logo design offset by your choice of seven eye-catching color picks. It comes complete with a detachable steel cable for easy attachment and includes a plastic protected visible ID card to make easy luggage identification a breeze.

However, those looking to really travel first-class won’t want to miss out on these super dignified Barrington Wickham Luggage Tags with leather belt clip attachments. After all, quality is the number one attribute that people are looking for in their promotional products, and these types of thoughtful gifts really go the extra mile. 

Custom Luggage Tags

5. The Travel Comfort Kit

When it comes to the type of travel promotional items that everybody wants to score, the Travel Comfort Kit has everything that your employees and clients need to catch up on some serious rest and relaxation even when on the go.

Packing a neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs and 4 compressed towels that expand to a 9”x 9″ when wet, all in a compact black sack to perfectly offset your high-quality screen-printed or full-color logo design, this highly affordable package is the next best thing to a bed on wheels!

Custom Travel Kit Bags

6. The Access Tech Pouch & Earbuds Kit

When it comes to smart marketing for travel agencies, the Access Tech Pouch & Earbuds Kit is a surefire winner.

Portable tech accessories are a top trend for 2020, and these eye-catching earbuds come complete with a matching case and clip to ensure that these fun-colored portable headphones, not to mention your precision screen printed logo design are always close at hand. 

Custom Pouch & Earbuds

7. The Dopp Kit

When it comes to hitting the road, a good travel bag is a must, and this is this handsome Dopp Kit is a surefire winner when it comes to nailing down the best travel-related promotional items for your next promotional giveaway.

Featuring a zippered main compartment with interior organization, one side zippered pocket, and a top grab handle, not to mention a handy hidden hanger hook, these easy-to-carry bags have everything that your clients need to keep organized on the fly.

Promotional Travel Bags

8. The Tiny Cube Wireless Speaker

Portable tech products are in, and when it comes to winning marketing for travel agencies, these Tiny Cube Wireless Speakers are proof that great things really do come in small packages.

There are few people who won’t appreciate the ability to enjoy dynamic sound quality wherever they might be, and these micro-size high definition Bluetooth® 3.0 speakers are built to deliver while still being compact and light enough to easily fit in a pocket, purse, briefcase or carry-on. 

9. The 37” Mini Folding Travel Umbrella with Case

No matter where you go in the world, rain is still probably something you have to deal with, but the problem is that it can be cumbersome to cart around a full-sized umbrella on the go.

This is why these colorful 37” Mini Folding Travel Umbrella with Case are the type of travel promotional products that are bound to be appreciated, with an elegant 37-inch arch all compressing neatly into a super lightweight and portable 6-inch package that can be taken anywhere with ease.

Rain or shine, when it comes to smart marketing for travel agencies, practical everyday items that are designed to lighten the load are always surefire winners. 

Custom Mini Umbrellas

10. The BRIGHTtravels RFID Travel Passport Wallet with Lanyard

The easy way to carry everything you need to have on hand without packing any extra bulk, the BRIGHTtravels RFID Travel Passport Wallet with Lanyard packs ample space to hold credit, ID cards, essential travel documents, pen, and smartphones all-in-one, and can even double as badge holder for conferences or events.

It comes complete with your choice of precision screen-printed or full-color logo design offset by a sleek grey background and includes an attached lanyard with a breakaway function as well as a packing guide for added convenience. 

Custom Passport Holders

11. The ActiV Drawstring Backpack

Multipurpose drawstring bags are the perfect type of travel promotional items to always have on hand. The fact that they are so inherently versatile means that they can be used for almost anything travel-related, whether it be hands-free day tote while out and about, a laundry sack, a carry on bag or a great place to store electronics or other items when on the go.

While we have plenty of great picks to choose from, we suggest this durable ActiV Drawstring Backpack as a great starting point. Featuring a sleek two-tone design in your choice of six attractive color-combos, it comes complete with a mesh water bottle pocket, drawstring closure, and front slip pocket so that you can easily carry everything you need with ease when on the fly. 

Custom Drawstring Travel Bags

12. The Zuma Two-Opening Water Bottle

Nobody loves having to shell out for overpriced disposable water bottles at a travel stop, and this BPA-free 30 oz Zuma Two-Opening Water Bottle is the perfect solution to this all-too-common nuisance. Featuring an attached spout cap for smooth-lipped sipping even during a bumpy ride, the optional wide-mouthed cap below can also be unscrewed for easy refilling, gulping and adding ice. This brightly colored bottle is both highly durable and leak-proof with silicone gaskets in both caps, so you don’t have to worry about electronics getting damaged by seepage.

That said, be sure to check out our full selection of branded water bottles for even more variety. When it comes to marketing for travel agencies, environmentally friendly choices like water bottles are a great way to make the right impression, not to mention the fact that they are 42% more likely to leave your clients with a good taste in their mouth, so to speak. 

Custom Travel Water Bottles

The Sky’s the Limit

When it comes to the best-branded offerings, super-trending top sellers, and one of a kind custom swag, we have got all the travel promotional items that you need to take your next giveaway event sky high.

Meanwhile, for those who are operating on the fly, we also carry a great selection of 24-hour rush delivery options, so when it comes to nailing a first-class marketing campaign, your wish is truly our command.

Be sure to swing by to check us out today to find out more. 

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