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Promotional items could be nonprofits’ best marketing go-to

Every company or industry can benefit from using promotional goods, but none more than nonprofits and charities. With limited resources and funding at their disposal, not-for-profits must make as many impressions as possible with as few dollars as necessary.

Assisting the cause
The not-for-profit sector can use social media to its advantage to advertise itself with the free marketing venues they provide. In fact, Facebook recently announced it will give away $2 million in boosted ads on its platform for charitable organizations that apply, The Nonprofit Times noted. Organizations may appeal for the credits in the amount of $600, $900, $1,200 or $1,500 this December and start receiving ad space starting in January.

The question remains, what are nonprofits left with for the rest of the year? How can they continue to get their message out without breaking their banks? Branded apparel and other promotional items can make a difference for charities.

Show your gratitude to your volunteers by giving them branded T-shirts.Giving your donors and volunteers branded T-shirts is a great way to show your appreciation.

Inexpensive yet effective
The Advertising Specialty Institute noted there are more than 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. today and they need a form of marketing that offers a great return on investment for them. Plus, the end of the year is typically crunch time for charitable organizations as they give a final push to their holiday fundraising campaigns, hoping for enough donations to make it into the new year.

Since nonprofits operate on the kindness of contributors donating money, staffs are usually small. With so few employees keeping the day-to-day business side of the organization running, those same staff members involved in the fundraising shoulder the marketing responsibilities as well.

Nonprofits wanting to boost their profiles must consider branded mugs and drinkware, promotional bags and T-shirts. Studies show for-profit businesses already see the potential value in giving away promotional products because they’re more affordable than television and radio commercials and other forms of advertising. Plus, they create more impressions than a commercial that only lasts a minute.

Using branded products with your organization’s name and logo on them to sell or give away can provide your nonprofit with the brand awareness it needs. Hand out mugs, T-shirts, power banks and other items during fairs, neighborhood street festivals and other events and watch the number of impressions your not-for-profit builds skyrocket.

End-of-year tie-ins
Your organization more than likely has its end-of-year fundraising efforts in place, but it still has time to engage more donors and volunteers who could be more apt to give their money and time to a good cause over the holidays.

“Whenever your donors wear your branded apparel, they will promote your not-for-profit.”

Promotional items can provide these contributors with more of an incentive to give you their time and money, The Fundraising Coach noted. Not only can charities and nonprofits build up their brand awareness with tote bags and branded T-shirts, they can also use these items as thank-you gifts for loyal supporters during the past year.

Then, whenever your patrons wear any of the promotional apparel or use the bags you gave them, they will promote your not-for-profit.

A way to say thank you
A charitable organization must show its appreciation to the public in some form or another and branded products are a great, cost-effective way to do that. While your nonprofit might give out plaques and awards to large donors, don’t leave your mid-tier or smaller contributors out. Well-made hats and jackets featuring your nonprofit’s name and logo are excellent presents you can use to retain your support base. It will let them know how much they matter to the success of your mission.

An extra revenue stream
If you want more people to know about your group, don’t depend on social media and Facebook likes and followers alone. Many members of the public most likely want to show they believe in your organization and support it other than sharing the postings you put online.

Give these people – whether they’re donors, volunteers or others – a chance to boost your cause by buying your nonprofit’s branded apparel. This will give your nonprofit more recognition on the street and add to your revenue stream. Remember to inform your customers their purchases will support your not-for-profit’s efforts.

Promotional items are great ways to get an organization’s name out to the public, whether it’s a for-profit or nonprofit.

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