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5 Employee Incentives That Won’t Kill Your Budget

5 Employee Incentives That Won’t Kill Your Budget

Happy employees equal happy employers. If you’re looking for some employee incentives to keep your staff motivated, keep reading! You might be surprised at how little it has to cost you.

Floating Holidays

Floating holidays are something every employee can use, especially if they have a family. Nobody likes to tap into vacation or sick time for doctor’s appointments, school productions, etc.

Having floating holidays can give employees some breathing room in their schedule.

Casual Days

If your company has a fairly strict dress code, casual days will be a much-appreciated employee incentive. Being able to occasionally wear jeans to work lets your staff know that you care about their comfort.

Having some company t-shirts or polos printed up won’t break the bank if you order in bulk. It’s a great way to advertise AND help your employees take a break from the norm.

Discount Cards

Check into partnering with local businesses to create a discount card to give out as employee incentives. Restaurants and clothing stores are definitely practical choices.

But don’t forget to include fun places too! Movie theaters, arcades, spas and salons, even local gyms can be great businesses to incorporate into this idea.

Gift Cards

Discount cards are great, but full out gift cards can be even better. A $25 meal card here, a $50 spa service there…..simple but sure ways to show that you appreciate your employees.

Also consider the personal interests of your employees. If you know they like a particular team, try some game tickets. If you know they like to read, an Amazon credit for their Kindle might be more to their liking.

Keep your eyes and ears open to know specific employee incentives that will mean the most to each individual.


You might be surprised at how much a simple plaque can mean, especially if you have a lot of “behind the scenes” employees.

Awards for innovation, customer service, best team spirit, etc. all show that you notice the hard work of your staff.

You’ll get bonus points with your crew if you hand out these employee incentives at a company picnic or banquet and treat everyone to a nice meal!

Other Employee Incentives

There are endless possibilities when it comes to helping keep your staff motivated. Sometimes you just need to think outside the box.

Here are a few more to considerr:


If you can allow your employees to occasionally work from home, you will both win. They will save fuel and travel time and you will still get a full day’s work!

Financial Planning Services

Bringing in a financial expert to help your employees plan for savings and retirement can go a long way in showing you care about their futures.

Assistant for a Day

Everyone gets backed up from time to time. Have a rotating assistant that can be assigned to help with the mundane tasks that can keep your staff bogged down.

Employee incentives don’t have to cost you a bundle. They are a great way to not only keep a good staff but also to gain the reputation you want with prospective new employees.

Do you like these ideas? Share your views with us in the comments section below!

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