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ByLeo Victor

Best Corporate Wellness Gifts

As the weather warms up, many people rededicate themselves to their fitness goals, making this the perfect time of year for branded corporate gifts that promote health and wellness. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are nine of the best corporate wellness gifts that you should consider, from branded exercise bands to custom gym bags:

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a lightweight, portable alternative to stationary weights, making them a great choice for small home gyms or frequent travelers. Branded resistance bands are a practical corporate wellness gift that practically anyone can use. They come in multiple designs, mostly long tubes with handles for upper body work or large flat circular rubber bands for lower body work.

Wholesale Weights

While resistance bands are a great choice for branded corporate wellness gifts, wholesale weights are another option that appeal to many companies. For portability reasons, we recommend choosing smaller weights that will be easier to ship and transport. For instance, we have a 3lb. set of cardio weights that comes in a carrying case featuring a large imprint area that will show off your brand logo.

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats and fitness mats are an essential part of anyone’s fitness kit. Branded yoga mats can be used for many different exercises, not just yoga, making them a versatile corporate wellness gift for anyone who likes bodyweight exercises, cardio exercises, and many other styles of fitness. Either the mat or the carrying case can be branded with your company logo for a branding opportunity the entire gym will notice.

Fitness Towels

Fitness Towels

Help your recipients stay cool and dry with the gift of a branded fitness towel. Fitness towels are made of super-absorbent fabrics that instantly wick away sweat and water and then dry quickly so they can be packed away quickly. Some of the towels also offer cooling abilities, so the recipient can soak one in water and then cool down while they work out. The towels come in various colors so you can choose the one that matches your branding the best, and some come with a carrying case as well.

Fitness Activity Trackers

For a premium corporate wellness gift, consider custom fitness activity trackers from trusted brands like FitBit. You can also get generic pedometers if you are looking for something more affordable that can work for a bulk giveaway. Fitness trackers display time, calories, steps/distance, heart rate, blood pressure, and smartphone notifications to motivate the wearer to exercise more and to track their fitness progress over time.

Athletic Apparel

If you’re looking for corporate wellness gifts that will work for just about anyone, you can’t go wrong with athletic apparel of all kinds. Many different types of athletic apparel are available, from short-sleeve workout shirts to lightweight jackets, to mesh shorts, to custom hats. Make sure to ask your recipients for their sizes beforehand and to order a couple extras in each size so that you have plenty of branded clothing to go around!

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones

There are few things more motivating than an upbeat workout playlist, which is why Bluetooth headphones are a great corporate wellness gift for technology lovers. Bluetooth headphones rely on wireless connectivity, meaning that the wearer doesn’t have to fuss with annoying wires while they are working out. They also come in a charging case that can be branded with your corporate logo so that your recipients will think of your company every time they pull out their headphones.

Massage Gun

Another premium corporate wellness gift is a branded massage gun. Massage guns harness the power of percussive movement to relax tired muscles and help relieve soreness — all within the comfort of home, without the hassle of scheduling a massage appointment. Branded massage guns aren’t the most inexpensive item on this list, but they are an excellent choice for when you are looking for a premium gift for superstar employees or clients.

Gym Bag

Every exercise aficionado needs a gym bag to carry all their gear to and from the gym, so why not give them a branded gym bag to help them out? Choose from many different styles, from a classic duffel bag to a backpack style gym bag for hands-free carrying. Each gym bag will be prominently branded on the outside to advertise your company to everyone at the gym as well as the recipient.

Haven’t found the perfect corporate wellness gifts yet? Browse more corporate fitness and wellness gifts at iPromo.com to find your next business giveaway.