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Why You Should Consider Geography When Selecting Promotional Products

Warm and Cold Weather Promotional ProductsChoosing the correct promotional product for your company is like playing a game of chess. Strategy, thinking ahead, and ingenuity are all necessary to find the perfect product that grows your brand and builds hype around your company. Doing the appropriate research and thinking through of all of the possible outcomes prior to making any moves will serve you well.

Sure, it’s very important to think about how you can find a product relevant to your brand, how you can choose a product that really adds value to people’s lives, and how to craft the message you want your promotional product to convey.

However, if you really want to hit a home run when selecting a promotional products for your business or brand, keep the geography of your target demographic at the forefront of your mind. Put an emphasis on learning about the tastes and preferences of the demographic you are going after with your promotional marketing campaign and you will be one step closer to success. Someone living in the South can have entirely different likes than someone living in the Pacific Northwest.

Below, we have prepared a breakdown of why you should consider geography when selecting promotional products. Each region has specific trends unique to their location. We know that this article will help you get in the right mindset to find the perfect promotional product!

What Sells in the South?

Promotional Headwear is Most Popular in FloridaThe Southern part of the United States is all about enjoying the great outdoors, watching some college football with your friends and family, and hitting the golf course. It’s also the most lucrative region in the promotional product marketplace. Florida and Texas alone accounted for over $4 billion in promotional product revenue in 2016.

People from the South are friendly, sporty, and really appreciate the beautiful land where they reside. If you can select a promotional product that hits any of the interests mentioned above, you are well on your way towards selecting something that resonates perfectly with a Southern demographic. Tailgate friendly items like coolers, drinkware, and koozies will be a big hit with people from the South. If you can find something along those lines that is made of eco-friendly materials, you might be creating the perfect promotional product for Southerners.

What’s Best in the West?

Promotional T-Shirts Are Most Popular in CaliforniaWesterners are a unique bunch. They love the beach, crave adventure, and are always up on the latest trends. Finding the right promotional product for this region requires something that caters to their adventurous side. Promotional product revenue grew here by 4% in 2016, with nearly 40% of the region’s revenue coming from California.

If you are looking to cater to the beach lovers, consider promotional products like lightweight t-shirts and custom outdoor games. Items like this will get lots of use and provide repeated exposure for your brand or messaging. Additionally, tech related promotional products are a great option for the West as well, particularly if you are targeting the Silicon Valley crowd. Stylish and fashionable products are always an option too, due to the West Coast being home to many celebrities and trendsetters.

Northeastern Preferences

Promotional Power Banks Do Well In Big CitiesThe Northeastern United States is an interesting place home to sprawling metropolises and busy professionals. The trend here is all about technology related promotional products. Anything tech related will be a hit. People living in places like New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, live a fast paced life dominated by technology. It makes perfect sense that they want promotional products in that niche.

Choosing a promotional product like a Qi wireless charger, webcam covers, or a customized portable power bank charger will certainly cater to people in this region. Tote bags and padfolios are also great choices. Lastly, cold weather products like fleece jackets and beanies are a great option due to the frigid winters this region experiences every year.

Consumers In the Midwest Own the Most Promotional Products of Any Region

The Midwest is an often overlooked region that has a fairly good potential in the promotional products space. Promotional product revenue only grew by 1.3% in 2016 in this region, but that’s because promotional products have always been the most popular in this region. If you are trying to cater to people in this region with your promotional product, go for something that is practical rather than unique.

Promotional Outerwear Does Well in MidwestFunctional items like vehicle first aid kits, scarves, and ice scrapers are all sure to put a smile on a Midwesterner’s face as they prepare for their brutal winter months. Here, you can’t really go wrong with selecting cold weather gear promotional products. Stylish jackets and sweaters will resonate well with this demographic and can provide continuous exposure for your logo or brand.

As you can see, geography is extremely important to think over as you are seeking out the ideal promotional product for your company or brand. Buying boardshorts for someone in the Midwest won’t produce the best results, but for someone living in California it might be a perfect choice. Keep in mind the geographical promotional product trends mentioned above, and you will be well on your way to choosing a product that resonates with your target demographic and creates a lasting good impression for your company! If you have any questions or would like to more about an upcoming event or giveaway you have, feel free to “Live Chat” with us or simply give us a call at (888) 994-7766

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