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ByLeo Victor

Custom Computer Accessories That Make Great Company Merchandise

Let’s face a simple truth. Some company merchandise is more practical than others. While there is a time and a place for pens, shirts, and notepads (and these can absolutely make great promotional custom products) if you want to give something really useful, you need to get a little creative.

Consider technology, for a moment. It is one of the few things that unites basically all of us, especially working professionals. To us, technology is a lifeline that enables us to bring work wherever life takes us, keeping us connected across the globe.

With that in mind, we put together a list of custom computer accessories, some of which are very affordable, and all of which make practical branded gifts for pretty much anyone that uses a laptop for work.

1. Sliding Webcam Covers

These sliding webcam covers feature a strong adhesive to cover up webcams and slide to open/close functionality. They’re available in multiple colors and can be branded through pad printing. There’s no simpler alternative to boost privacy.

Why they’re great: No one wants to be watched through their webcam, and the threat of hackers is ever-present. Moreover, these are lightweight, easy to transport a whole load of them, plenty of laptops don’t have built-in screen covers, and best of all – they’re highly affordable.

2. Laptop Sleeves

Made of durable yet soft, cushioned neoprene, these laptop sleeves stretch to fit almost any laptop, are checkpoint friendly, and feature a reversible design. They’re easily customizable through screen printing, too.

Why they’re great: Anyone that travels with a laptop needs a case, and one that protects the laptop is even better. They’re practical and affordable, too, which makes them great as branded company merchandise.

3. Laptop/Tablet Video Lights

Getting into the more technical side of custom computer accessories, these laptop/tablet video lights are great for anyone that needs to meet virtually for work (or play!). They instantly improve the clarity of the camera, making them great for Zoom and Google Meets.

Why they’re great: Anyone that meets virtually needs (or at least can use) a quality video light, plus they’re made of durable plastic and easily powered through AA batteries and will provide nearly 3 hours of continuous use.

4. Ring Lights for Laptops

These ring lights for laptops are a little more portable and much more affordable than the last entry. Plus, they offer the same functionality (and can be used as a flashlight), are rechargeable (and come with a charging cable), and easily clip onto most devices.

Why they’re great: They’re not just good for lighting up cameras for meetings; you should never go anywhere without a flashlight, and these custom computer accessories fill both roles.

5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Not quite a custom computer accessory, these unique blue light blocking glasses are still highly valuable. They’re made of tough material and can reduce eye strain, blurry vision, and dry eyes.

Why they’re great: Filtering out blue light isn’t just about eye strain. Blue light also suppresses melatonin production, which means it can screw up your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Also, these are highly affordable and make great promotional custom products.

6. Anker PowerConf 300 Webcams

Pretty much all modern laptops are made with built-in webcams – but not like the Anker PowerConf 300. These crisp HD webcams deliver 1080p true-color video at 60 FPS. They also feature dual microphones and AI-powered automatic low-light correction.

Why they’re great: It’s all about performance here. If you’re looking for a high-end custom computer accessory, these are great as corporate giveaways.

7. Antimicrobial Mouse Pads

A lot of people still prefer to use a mouse with their laptops instead of the trackpad, which raises the issue of needing a mousepad. These antimicrobial mouse pads will do the trick, and are easily customized as branded company merchandise.

Why they’re great: Really, any mouse pad will do, but these are treated with a special antimicrobial additive to keep germs at bay, because really, who’s cleaning a mousepad?

8. MyCharge Hub Turbo Portable Chargers

The myCharge HubMax Turbo Portable Charger sets the bar, with a massive bank of power (10,050 mAh), integrated Apple Lightning and micro USB cables, and a built-in USB port.


Why they’re great: Everyone has a phone or laptop, which means everyone can use power. Plus, these are more compact, charge faster, and with built-in charging cables, seriously limit cable clutter.

9. 4-Port USB Hubs

Simple and straightforward, these 4-port USB hubs are the solution to limited USB slots on ultra-slim modern computers.

Why they’re great: Nowhere to plug in a mouse, keyboard, charger, or USB drive at the same time? No problem, these make it a cinch, making them practical (and unique) when given as custom promotional products.

Where to Take These Custom Computer Accessories As Giveaways

These custom computer accessories will make great company merchandise at trade shows, conventions, corporate sporting events, company parties, and as recognition for employee achievements. They also make great corporate gifts, among business partners and to members of your organization for promotions and other important life events. Complete with your company’s logo or design, they also make great custom promotional gifts as marketing tools, too.

Start Spreading Brand Awareness with Your Company’s Merchandise Today

You can give something conventional the next time you host a corporate event or attend a trade show, or you can give something that people will really use. The choice is yours – either way, we are here to support you with high-quality company merchandise from the top brands that can be customized in many different ways.

If you have any questions about these popular promotional items, or about our customization services, contact us today.