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ByLeo Victor

Why Custom Nike Clothing Is Perfect for Company Sporting Events

Planning a company sporting event or outing? These can be great team builders, can get members of your organization more familiar with and comfortable around each other, and they can be great just for ramping up employee morale.

On top of that, sporting events can also be great ways to meet with clients, build professional partnerships, and in some instances might even make a good venue for a company fundraiser, or something along those lines.

But failing to plan is planning to fail, as they say. Here are a few ways to make sure your next company sports outing goes off without a hitch.

Company Sporting Events and Team Building

First let’s talk about why and how company sporting events can benefit your organization, at least when they are well-planned and executed.

Regardless of the type of event – whether it’s a basketball tournament, a few rounds of golf, or just a trip to see a local sports team play together – these sorts of get-togethers are perfect for team building.

A team that is familiar and friendly will be more open to collaboration and sharing ideas than one that is not. And let’s face an uncomfortable fact – offices, no matter how inclusive, are hardly the best venues for building and strengthening interpersonal bonds.

Sporting events, whether your employees or clients are competitors, participants, or just spectators, also build trust and camaraderie, as well as morale, all of which will benefit your organization.

If you host a tournament, instead of going to an event, you can use the event for networking, which can benefit both your employees and your organization.

Of course, hosting a tournament, which can be used for team building, can also be used as a fundraising activity if you open it up to outsiders or charge teams/individuals for participation. In the same capacity, one of these events can be used to spread brand awareness and build a stronger, more identifiable brand.

With that said, here are some steps you can take to make sure your event is every bit as successful as it can be.

Planning the Perfect Company Sporting Event

There are many ways to go about planning a company sporting event, and more than one of them is a good one. Most importantly, you want to make sure that everyone involved has a good time and a memorable experience – that’s the best way to fortify your brand.

First, you need to set objectives. What is the event for? Who will be attending? How many people will be participating? Will you be attending the sporting event or will you need to rent a venue to host it? What sort of space will you need and what will your budget look like?

Then, of course, you need to plan the event out. Don’t try to cram too much in too soon. Last minute planning is bound to be fraught with issues. Set a date in the future that comfortably gives you enough time to get everything else organized, send out invitations and secure participation, and so on and so forth. Also, if the event will be outdoors, prepare for a contingency for inclement weather.

Choosing a venue is also important. Make sure it’s large enough for your expected attendee count and don’t overbook it. Consider traffic and parking, as well as location. It should be easy to get to. Lastly, make sure it falls within your budget to reserve the venue.

Plan for supplies. If you’ll be attending a sporting event, this isn’t a big deal. But if you’re hosting one, you’ll want to make sure you hire refs and prepare for the event with equipment, scorecards, medals, awards, and the like. You’ll also want to plan for refreshments.

From a high level, you’re already on your way to planning a successful corporate sporting event. Now you just need to prepare by sending out invitations or selling tickets, and of course, being ready with appropriate branded corporate gifts like custom apparel.

Why Custom Nike Clothing?

One more thing to be prepared with, no matter what type of corporate sporting event you intend to host or attend, is an appropriate group of branded corporate gifts.

Branded apparel like custom Nike clothing makes a great choice, for multiple reasons. Nike makes high-quality footwear and clothing that balances the trends consumers want with performance athletic wear. The company also partners with top athletes from around the world and is committed to staying at the top of the market for athletic apparel. So far, they have done so very successfully.

And, other branded apparel is still a great type of corporate gift because it is not only practical, but its use is conspicuous, helping to spread brand awareness. Not only shirts, but other custom apparel like sweatshirts and hoodies, pants, hats, and branded footwear all make great gifts for company-sponsored sporting events and tournaments.

Other Great Corporate Gifts for Those That Lead Active Lifestyles

Custom Nike clothing isn’t the only branded apparel that makes great corporate gifts for sports functions, tournaments, and other events. Not only that, but custom apparel isn’t the only good category.

Other branded corporate gifts that are great here are:

  • Custom gym bags
  • Blankets and towels
  • Water bottles
  • Coolers
  • Chairs and camp furniture
  • Grilling equipment
  • Yoga mats
  • Exercise equipment
  • Sunglasses
  • Flashlight and lanterns
  • For golfers: golf balls, bags, and umbrellas
  • And much more

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