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ByLeo Victor

Cool Branded Corporate Gifts for Tech Lovers

You can give power banks, laptop cases or sleeves, and mouse pads. But you want to differentiate your brand, right?

You don’t do that by being the same as everyone else. Whatever your next corporate event, when other companies are giving run of the mill branded corporate gifts, you can be giving cool custom computer accessories that are functional and novel – like the following.

PowerStick Light-Up Reusable Memo Pads

Arguably the coolest custom computer accessory in our whole lineup, these PowerStick Light-Up Reusable Memo Pads (which come with a chalk marker, by the way) light up and are a cool way to jot down reminders – that you won’t be able to overlook!

They’re reusable, can be used over and over again to jot down notes or catch attention, and are even rechargeable – they last for up to two hours thanks to their internal battery.

Plus, this is a branded corporate gift you can feel good about giving, since PowerStick has partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every order placed.

RUPT Dipster IPX7 Waterproof Speakers

Made from tough, 100% recycled ABS plastic, these RUPT Dipster IPX7 Waterproof Speakers deliver powerful, deep bass and subwoofer performance, and have a built-in microphone, carry handle, and are Siri-capable.

Not only do they offer amazing acoustic performance, they’re tough as nails and one charge can deliver up to 10 hours of playback.

But we sell lots of customizable speakers here, so what really sets these apart? Well, it’s the package. It’s called “second life packaging,” and it can be used for a wide range of different purposes.

That is, the box this thing comes in can double as a desk organizer (or something like that) after you’ve opened it – minimizing waste and making a powerful statement about sustainability.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

One more mouse pad is making the list here: our wireless charging mouse pads, which are not just mouse pads but chargers, too.

We sell plenty of other chargers here, but these are among the most unique. Give them as branded corporate gifts and the recipient will have the benefit of charging their devices computer-side – even better if the mouse is wireless and rechargeable!

But what’s also cool about these wireless chargers is that they also support USB charging, have 4 pen holders, and a phone or tablet stand. They’re definitely highly practical, utilitarian, and pretty unique, making them great custom computer accessories.

Webcam Covers with Pen Holders

This is another item of which we sell a lot of different types – and webcam covers are a dime a dozen. But these are unique if only because they serve as a place to hold a pen, too.

Lots of people take notes the old-fashioned way, even during virtual meetings, since pen and paper is still a reliable way to write down thoughts and won’t disappear when the power goes out.

On top of that, writing on paper eliminates annoying screen switching that is difficult and inconvenient during virtual meetings, not to mention untenable during screen shares.

So, give some of these custom computer accessories for your next event or promotion – they’re likely to be well-received. One more thing: these webcam covers with pen holders are extremely affordable, too.

5-Port USB Charging Towers

Who doesn’t need more charging ports? No one – that’s why these 5-port USB charging towers make great custom computer accessories.

They support high speed charging, too, at 4.8 amps, and come with a power cord. Customize them with your brand or logo, and you’re good with giveaways for your next trade show or promotion.

Moleskine Dropbox Smart Notebooks

These Moleskine Smart Notebooks are really cool. They let you send your handwritten notes to your Dropbox account, so you can digitize your memos in real time. Plus, with the Moleskin Page Camera app, you can digitally store other ideas you draft on paper.

They’re great gifts for professionals but also for students, as well as for anyone that likes to be able to take notes on the go and access them later through their personal tech.

BUILT Cargo Laptop Sleeves

We weren’t going to feature any laptop cases or sleeves in this countdown, but these BUILT Cargo Laptop Sleeves are too cool to pass by.

Why? Because of their features. Other laptop sleeves are just that – sleeves. These feature a whole bunch of other slots – perfect for phones, mice, and other custom computer accessories.

Plus, they’re stain-resistant, checkpoint-friendly, and the soft neoprene will protect laptops, charging cables, and other tech gear from damage, making them highly practical branded corporate gifts.

Get Started Customizing These Computer Accessories Today

These are just some of the cool custom computer accessories in our full collection. Check some others out via the previous link and then get started branding them with your logo, wordmark, or any other way you need to support you at your next promotional event, trade show, or convention.