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Great Ideas to Promote Health and Wellness Programs

A healthy employee is a happy employee. Keep that in mind when determining how to promote health and wellness programs for your company. Don’t underestimate the importance of these types of initiatives. Promoting health and wellness is an investment in the overall well-being of your devoted employees. It is also a show of good faith that says you really care about them.

Promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle is an excellent way to spread a positive message in the workplace. Whether it’s incentive based programs, group fitness/wellness classes, or providing plenty of healthy snacks in the break room, it all makes a difference. Some companies are even going so far as to designate special health and wellness zones within the office. Improved employee morale and a reputation for being a company that puts the health of it’s workers first is priceless.

Health and Wellness Programs Save Employers Monay and Increase Happiness and Productivity

If you are looking for some great ideas on how to promote health and wellness programs in your own company, selecting a custom promotional product from iPromo is a fantastic choice. We can help you create custom promotional products catered directly to the health and wellness of your employees. You have an opportunity to make a positive impact in their lives.

Take a look below at some of our top sellers in the health and wellness related category.

Promotional Hydracoach BPA Free Tritan Sport BottleHydration Helper

It’s simple, drinking water promotes cardiovascular health. Staying hydrated is crucial for anyone’s overall health and wellness, which is why choosing a promotional product that helps people stay hydrated is a great choice. The Hydracoach BPA Free Tritan Sport Bottle is a wonderful product that includes a unique feature for water bottles. It automatically calculates recommended daily personal hydration goals. The Hydracoach makes it simple for employees to keep an eye on their total amount of water consumed throughout the day and stay focused on their fitness and nutrition related goals.

Promotional SimplyFit Cooling Towel MinikitSweat is Just Fat Crying

Encouraging exercise and physical activity can be as simple as providing a promotional product that is useful during workouts. The SimplyFit Cooling Towel and SimplyFit Cooling Towel Minikit are great promotional products that can help your employees get started with living a more active lifestyle. These towels are made from materials that are soft, easily absorb sweat, and are slightly cool to the touch. Recipients of this great product will be more inspired to workout just to take advantage of the towel’s refreshing cool sensations.

Promotional Tap N Read Fitness Tracker Pedometer WatchTracking Technology

Sometimes, participating in fitness related activities is a real challenge for people. They can easily get discouraged without a proper way to track their progress and set goals. With a great tool like the Tap N’ Read Fitness Tracker Pedometer Watch, you can help employees track steps, distance, calories burned, and active time all in one convenient and easy to use fitness device. If you want to take things further with this promotional product, you can even offer your employees health and wellness awards based on their progress with the tracker.

Custom Trinity BPA Free Infuser and Shaker Bottle 25ozShaken not Stirred

There are many different aspects to health and wellness, but perhaps the most important concept is nutrition. Being smart about what you put in your body can make all the difference in the world. Promoting healthy nutrition by investing in a promotional product like the Trinity BPA Free Infuser and Shaker Bottle 25oz is another fantastic idea. This bottle can be used to shake and contain protein shakes, powder based drinks, smoothies, fruit, tea, and more.

Fitness Apparel

Ipromotional gildan performance t-shirtsf you go to the gym or workout consistently, you will understand the necessity for solid fitness apparel. Working out in materials that are not made for physical activity can be an uncomfortable and trying experience. You can simply never have too many clothes that are comfortable to workout in. The Gildan Performance T-Shirt (Men’s & Women’s) will help your employees take a step further towards living a more active lifestyle, thanks to the lightweight moisture wicking materials that the shirt is made from. It’s comfortable, stylish, and useful, which are all ingredients for a great promotional product.

Promoting health and wellness programs at your company is essential for keeping employees happy and attracting top talent. You want your company to be known as a progressive and positive place to work. A place where the health and wellness of employees is an essential component to their work life balance. With the ideas mentioned above, you are saying to your employees that health and wellness truly matters.

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