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ByLeo Victor

Here’s Why Company Promotional Items Are Key to Successful Employee Onboarding

For most people, starting a new job can be like entering a new country, unfamiliar and sometimes even a little overwhelming. When it comes to welcoming new employees, the first impression definitely matters. It sets the tone for their entire journey with your company – and informs the way they think about you and your business.

This is where company promotional items can make an impact: when new employees walk into their new workplace and are greeted with custom swag, they feel appreciated and warmly welcomed.

Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider giving away company promotional items when onboarding new employees:

Beyond the Desk: The Power of Swag

The onboarding experience often involves paperwork and orientations–but not a whole lot of excitement. Company promotional items or company swag is one way to get new employees to feel eager and delighted to be part of your team!

A Personal Touch

Company promotional items add a personal touch to the onboarding experience. Imagine receiving a branded mug or a snazzy custom pen with the company logo. It’s not just an item; it’s a token of welcome, a physical embodiment of the company’s culture. This small gesture can create an instant connection and make the new hire feel valued.

Walking Billboards

Beyond the much-welcomed personal touch, promotional items can turn your new hires into walking billboards for your business. Whether it’s a branded hoodie, a tote bag, or a high-quality custom backpack, these items extend the reach of your company’s identity beyond the walls of your office. They signal to others that your company takes care of its employees, which can only result in positive views.

Essentially, it’s like having a team of ambassadors that proudly represent your brand wherever they go.

Breaking the Ice: Icebreakers in the Form of Swag

Starting a new job can be intimidating, and often, the fear of the unknown looms large. There’s also often a lot of awkwardness involved when new hires meet each other and their new colleagues for the first time. Company swag can help ease the tension, fostering a sense of camaraderie and helping new employees forge their first relationships within the office.

Conversation Starters

Imagine a new hire sitting in the break room, sipping coffee from a company mug adorned with your logo and a quirky slogan. When a colleague spots it, they can immediately strike up a conversation about the shared experience of being the newbie. Suddenly, the ice is broken and bonds start forming.

Promotional items can pave the way for easy conversations and connections, especially for employees who are just starting out.

Team Spirit Boost

Branded merchandise also fosters a sense of belonging to a team. When employees sport company swag, it creates a visual unity that transcends departments and hierarchies. It’s a reminder that everyone is part of something bigger, contributing to the same mission. This shared identity can be a powerful motivator and team spirit booster.

Making Memories: The Emotional Impact of Company Swag

Company promotional items go beyond the tangible; they leave a lasting emotional impact on new hires that will go on to inform the experience they have while working in your company.

Sentimental Value

Even something as simple as a company t-shirt or branded jacket can be meaningful to a new hire! More than being a utilitarian garment, company promotional items that can be used daily can be markers of milestones, reminding employees of their journey within the company. They become cherished memories, making the onboarding experience more than just a series of training sessions.

Building Emotional Connections

Building emotional connections is often overlooked in corporate settings, despite how important this can be for fostering long-term relationships and successful partnerships. These connections are the glue that keeps employees engaged and invested in their work. Company swag and custom promotional items are like a conduit for building these connections, creating an emotional link between the employee and the organization.

The Ripple Effect: Swag as a Productivity Booster

Believe it or not, the right company swag can contribute to an employee’s sense of pride and confidence.

Boosting Morale

Receiving promotional items is like a pat on the back, boosting morale and making employees feel recognized. A branded water bottle or a sleek notebook can be a daily reminder that their contributions are valued. This sense of appreciation translates into higher job satisfaction and, ultimately, increased productivity.

Office Swagger

Picture this: a team of employees walking into a meeting, each armed with company-branded notebooks and pens. It’s not just a show of unity; it’s peak office swagger.

When employees take pride in their workplace, it reflects in their work. The ripple effect of this collective pride can significantly impact the overall productivity and atmosphere within the company.

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