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Inside the mind of B2B buyers in 2015

As all marketers know, figuring out your target audience is the foundation for any marketing campaign.  What if you could take that a step further, what if you knew how and why your audience buys your product or your competitors?

A recent study done by consumer psychologist, Kit Yarrow, aims to figure out what drives B2B sales in 2015. The ways we gather information and ultimately make purchasing decisions has changed dramatically over the years.  Businesses have to keep pace with the changing technologies, techniques and trends of the current buyer to maintain or grow a successful business.

You might have the greatest product in the industry but if your online presence is subpar, and your brand doesn’t convey respect and reliability, you might find yourself wondering why the sales aren’t coming in like they should be.

What are the best ways to convert B2B buyers in 2015?

Herd Mentality: People are more inclined to purchase a product or service where many others are doing the same thing. People want reassurance of their decision, they want to know other brands and people trust your product as well. Show testimonials from “real” people (show real picture and name), and let others see the positive feedback you’ve been receiving on your product(s).

Buyer Emotion is Key: Whether you like it or not, emotion influences B2B buyers more than logic or reason. This is why building relationships with leads and current customers are so important. B2B buyers are almost always looking for a solution to a problem their company is currently having. In fact, buyers are 3X more likely to buy to avoid “pain” than more towards “gain”. So tell them up front how your product or service can solve their problem or “pain”.

Keep it SIMPLE: This may be the most important factor in a potential customer buying from you, and whether or not you get that all important repeat customer. Brands that simplify consumer decision making and the purchase process, have customers who are 86% more likely to purchase, and are 115% more likely to recommend them. Take a look at your purchase process now; make sure to STOP making buyers jump through hurdles.

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