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4 great promotional products for the outdoors

Summer is a great time to start thinking about creative promotional product ideas that potential customers can use as they’re spending more time outside. If you add your logo to these items, customers will associate your company name with fun and may be more likely to buy your products and services in the future. Here are four great promotional products for the outdoors:

“Help your customers enjoy nature more by providing them with promotional products they will love.”

1. Promotional sunscreen
According to a 2011 study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, using sunscreen regularly can cut a person’s risk of melanoma in half. Giving your customers promotional sunscreen will protect their skin as they’re hiking through the woods or sitting on the beach. Make sure your logo is visible on these sunscreen bottles, so your customers will remember that you care about their well-being.

2. Promotional picnic baskets
Americans love to go on picnics in the summer, so why not provide them with a sturdy picnic basket they can use? Their sandwiches, chips, fruit and other food items will stay nice and fresh in one of these well-insulated picnic baskets.

3. Custom pedometers
A pedometer is one of the most reliable and affordable ways to measure a person’s physical activity throughout the day. Using this device can also motivate people to exercise more, according to Dr. Anthony Komaroff, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

“Most people take between 6,000 and 7,000 steps a day even if they don’t exercise,” Komaroff said. “There’s evidence that pedometer users walk more than 2,000 additional steps each day than non-users, even if they don’t have a formal exercise program.”

If you give your customers pedometers, they can keep track of how many steps they take, whether they’re taking an evening stroll through their neighborhood or jogging.

4. Custom folding chairs
Folding chairs are very useful for camping trips and summer picnics. Your customers can sit and relax in these chairs after they get done playing a game of Frisbee or hiking along nature trails. Place your logo on the front of the chairs, so your customers will think of your company while they’re enjoying the great outdoors.

Give these promotional items to your customers during company-sponsored events, such as conferences and trade shows.

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