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Meet BRAGbox™: Curated Custom Swag Boxes To Boost Employee Engagement & Morale

Workplace morale can make or break your company culture. In fact, 56% of employees say that their company culture is more important than the salary they’re being paid. Needless to say, boosting employee engagement and workplace morale keeps your employees happy, meaning they’ll be more productive. If you want to give your employees a boost, why not consider gifting them a swag box?

What is a Swag Box?

A swag box is essentially a package filled with creative branded merch that you can hand out to your employees in the office or ship directly to their doorstep. You can send them to celebrate important milestones or as a surprise. An employee who’s been on your team for years will appreciate a swag box to mark the occasion, or you can send a new employee swag box to welcome them to the team. The types of products included range from comfortable apparel, drinkware, earbuds, and more. 

So how do custom swag boxes actually boost employee engagement and morale? Simply put: through psychology. About 82% of people who receive swag have a more favorable impression of their company. The best part is that swag boxes can be sent virtually anywhere. In fact, tech giant Microsoft sent out swag when their annual conference had to go virtual in 2020. And judging from all the feel-good comments they got, Microsoft’s custom swag boxes made plenty of people happy.

While branded swag boxes are great for employees from all walks of life, customizing them for your recipients will give your gift a personal touch. Luckily, our BRAGbox™ collection of curated swag boxes are built for all occasions. All these offerings can be produced in as few as 10 to 15 business days, and can be drop-shipped to multiple locations. They will be professionally packaged in a sturdy, customizable box, complete with a message card and decorative packing paper. 

Building Custom Swag boxes


The Swag Envy BRAGbox™

Your employees are likely working from home now, and they’ll want to be dressed in something comfy. In that case, the Swag Envy BRAGbox™ has the perfect solution. The box features a soft, half-zip knit pullover in your choice of gray, blue, or black, with your company’s logo embroidered on the front. The pullover features moisture-wicking and UPF protection. The sun protection makes it a perfect piece that can be layered on for a walk around the block. That means this sweater will have value for your employees even after the workday is done. It’s also an awesome way for them to publicly show off their company pride.

This swag box also includes an Arctic Zone Titan Thermal wine cup that’s extremely durable. It keeps hot beverages hot for around 6 hours, and cold beverages cold for around 24 hours. Your company’s logo can be laser-engraved across the front for a cool, sleek look. 

Lastly, the Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds and the Portable Video Light (available early June) makes this one of the best boxes for all those employees working from home. The Auto Pair Earbuds make connecting to video calls via Bluetooth a breeze. They won’t have to mess around with wires anymore. The Portable Video Light mounts right onto a laptop or tablet, making your employees look and feel more professional when they’re on camera. In fact, good lighting greatly affects how good you look on a video work call. Your company’s logo can be screen printed on both the earbud case and video light.

Swag Envy Custom Swag Box

The Boss BRAGbox™

Help your employees get comfortable in their home office with the Boss BRAGbox™. This swag box includes an ultra-plush blanket that comes in gray or navy; perfect for those chilly days. It can be customized with your logo  neatly in the corner. 

This swag box also includes a 20 oz. tumbler, which is perfect for keeping drinks hot for 8+ hours! And when you consider the fact that 75% of Americans don’t drink enough water to stay hydrated, it’s more important than ever for your employees to keep a drink within reach. The tumbler can come in colors like black, gray, navy, white, red, or just stainless steel, and can be customized with a screen printed logo across the front. 

The star of this swag box is the Wireless Charging JournalBook®. The Wireless Charging JournalBook® comes in black, and supports wireless charging for a wide variety of devices. Customize the JournalBook® with your company’s logo debossed on the cover, keeping it visible even when it’s in use. Of course, a 3-in-1 long charging cable will be included in this box as well, in your choice of silver or black. This 7 foot long cable is also customized with your logo.

Boss Box Custom Swag Boxes

The Hustle BRAGbox™

The Hustle BRAGbox™ is for your on-the-go employees. It includes an insulated Computer Backpack in charcoal with a padded laptop compartment. This backpack is the perfect way for your employees to keep their laptop safe when they’re traveling for work. When you consider that millions people travel for work in the States alone, you can probably appreciate the fact that they’ll want a way to travel safely with their laptop. Your logo is screen printed right onto the outside of the bag. This swag box also includes a white 5-in-1 Charging Cable, made with an antimicrobial additive. Your company’s logo is printed on the charging cable, which is compatible with the diverse smartphones that your employees may own.

Lastly, the Hustle BRAGbox™ includes a white 22 oz stainless steel bottle, which also has an antimicrobial additive. It’s spill-resistant, and the wide mouth makes it easy to fill this bottle up with ice cubes. Your company’s logo is laser-engraved across the front, visible wherever your employees go. 

Hustle BRAGbox Custom Swag Box

The Go Getter BRAGbox™

The Go Getter BRAGbox™ includes a 16 oz, BPA-free acrylic tumbler in a variety of colors, which can feature your company’s logo screen printed across the front. A metal 3-in-1 charging cable on a key ring makes the cable extremely portable. The cable comes in black, silver, or royal blue, and customized with your logo.

The Go Getter BRAGbox™ also features a nonwoven drawstring sports pack in royal blue and black, or gray and black. Your company’s logo can be screen printed on the front to spread your brand awareness. It’s the perfect way to carry the other included items in this swag box, like the customizable JournalBook and ballpoint stylus. Both come in a variety of colors, and customized to feature your company’s logo. 

the Go Getter BRAGbox Custom Swag Box

Out of the Bubble BRAGbox™

Welcome employees back to the office and help them feel safe with the Out of the Bubble BRAGbox™. This swag box is all about helping your employees avoid common areas to keep themselves healthy. The black Parkland Tag Lunch Cooler is easy to clean, and your logo will look great printed on the front, keeping it visible while it’s being carried around the office or during the commute. 

The swag box also includes a silver 3 Piece Metal Cutlery set that’s made of a metal alloy, and a no-contact keychain made of brass. How does this benefit your employees? Metal alloys and brass have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, giving your employees some peace of mind. The 3 Piece Metal Cutlery set can be customized with a laser engraving of your company’s logo. The 20oz  water bottle, available in a variety of colors, can also give your employees a sense of safety while in the office. Its large size means fewer trips to the water cooler and other communal areas. Your logo will look great laser engraved right across the front of the bottle. 

If your employees do have to enter these communal areas, the Out of the Bubble BRAGbox™ has them covered too. It includes a cotton travel pouch filled with 5 disposable masks, 10 hand wipes, and a 1 oz bottle of hand sanitizer. The bag itself is reusable, and can be customized with your logo screen printed across the front. This swag box is a great way to keep your employees feeling safe, so they can concentrate on what they do best. 

Out of the Bubble Swag Box

Slay All Day BRAGbox™

For those splitting their time between the work office and home office, the Slay All Day BRAGbox™ has all the essentials your employees need to make their work day a productive one. This swag box includes a  JournalBook that allows your employees to keep themselves organized, and customized with your company’s logo debossed on the front. The JournalBook comes in your choice of different colors to match your brand. 

The included wireless charging pad will allow your employees to stay connected as they bounce back and forth between their offices. It supports a wide variety of devices. The charging pad comes in solid white, solid black, a mix of black and white, or white and royal blue. In addition, your logo is prominently screen printed on the center of the wireless charging pad. This BRAGbox™ is all about helping your employees stay engaged, no matter where they are. 

Lastly, the 22 oz vacuum insulated water bottle is perfect for keeping your employees hydrated. Cold beverages will stay cold for a full 48 hours, while hot beverages will stay hot for about 12 hours. It’s spill-resistant, ensuring that their drink will be safe even as they rush to and from the office. It’s available in a wide range of colors, and screen printed with your logo across the side. 

Slay All day Swag Box

Custom Swag Boxes: The Perfect Gift for Employees

Sending swag box gifts to your employees is an easy way to boost engagement and morale. Employees view companies who send swag boxes more favorably, and they’re a great gift for employees who have varying interests. Putting some thought into what sort of swag box your employees may like will give your swag box gifts a personal touch.

Plus, being able to customize the items with your company’s logo allows your employees to show off their company pride. If your employees need a pick-me-up, why not choose from our iPromo’s selection of swag boxes? If none of these boxes work for your employees, let us know; our sales reps will be happy to create a custom BRAGbox™ for you.

Custom Swag Boxes Collection

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