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President’s Club Gift Ideas for Your Sales Rock Stars

Commemorate your President’s and Chairman’s Clubs honorees with corporate gifts for a memorable incentive to do it all again next year.

Is your sales team constantly knocking it out of the park? Presenting them with the right recognition is a great way to show just how much you care about the hard work they do. The President’s Club is often a prestigious award that recognizes top salespeople for overachieving their yearly goals and quotas.

From duffel bags to leather briefcases and everything in between, we’ve got you covered with the highest quality President’s club gifts to reward your sales rock stars. 

Best President's Club Gift Ideas

What Are Some Top Gift Ideas?

There are a numerous amount of creative President’s Club gift ideas out there for you to experiment with. No two products are the same, which allows for more creative gifting. The following is a list of eight exceptional Chairman’s Club gifts that are guaranteed to blow away your sales team. 

1. Heritage Supply Duffel Bag

Travel with a sturdy duffel that can carry the weight of any extended business trips. These bags are the perfect gift to give to those making their way up in the corporate world. Who knows the number of trips one may need to take in the near future. This duffel bag can pack all the essentials you need to jet around the world for business meetings. Although most prefer bringing a suitcase, duffel bags are great for those extremely short visits.

The Heritage Supply Duffel Bag is available in standard black and dune, which are classic shades that will still allow for your finished product to stand out. The expansive front area provides your logo with optimal space to be represented. These custom bags are available for as low as $44.49 and you can order as few as just 12. Prices do vary depending on the decoration method used. Usually these duffels can be customized and shipped within a week. 

President's Club Duffel Bag

2. Rollerball Pen

A sleek design is exactly what everyone wants from a good pen. Sales representatives are bound to need more pens in the future, so why not provide them with the best of the best in terms of quality, design, and usability. These pens will give your sales team an edge as they can transform any piece of paper. 

The Rollerball Pen is made from high gloss gunmetal and brass that will shine in any light. These pens are laser engraved with the logo located on the side of the pen. Depending on the order quantity the cost of these pens is going to fluctuate. These executive pens are available customized for as low as $15.95.

Custom Metal Executive Pens

3. Executive Napa Wine Case

Welcome your sales representatives to the President’s Club with a beautifully crafted wine case. Your logo will be displayed to perfection on the lid of the box for optimal viewing. This kit includes a stainless steel wine stopper and a corkscrew with a foil seal cutter that can be found inside the lid. The polished look will make any one without a handy wine case extremely jealous. 

The Executive Napa Wine Case is made from polished cherry wood that can turn any bottle of wine into the most memorable gift for your sales professionals. Prices vary depending on if the logo is screen-printed or laser engraved. Priced as low as $28.98, this top of the line product has a very high perceived value and is a great idea for President’s Club corporate gifts.

Custom Wood Wine Box

4. Alternative Leather Refillable Journal

Great quality mixed with a beautiful leather design, this journal can be used for everyday. The snap closure and pen loop keeps all the added essentials secure while moving around the office for business meetings. A business card slot ensures that your employees always be prepared to make a move that is beneficial for your company. This journal is reusable and takes “7.25 x 9.25” paper refills. 

Although most people have transitioned to the digital world, it’s still nice to have a journal handy in case you can’t make it to your laptop. With the Alternative Leather Refillable Journal, your sales representatives will be able to keep track of meetings and always have something to jot down notes in. The logo is debossed into the front cover of the notebook, making the image pop in its own way. The minimum order quantity is 50 and can be customized for as low as $49.99. 

Custom Executive Leather Journals

5. Mophie Power Boost 20800 mAh Power Bank

The average person checks their cell phone up to 150 times a day. This averages out to people checking their phones every six-and-a-half minutes. Obviously, this number is absolutely insane, but it just proves that employees, especially sales representatives will need a trusty power bank to get through the day. Offer them the best of the best as one of their President’s Club gifts and see just how much they end up using these power banks. 

Your sales team will use their cell phones constantly to communicate with their clients. The Mophie Power Boost 20800 mAh Power Bank makes the perfect President’s Club gifts that everyone will be hoping for. The portable rechargeable power bank has multiple USB ports with LED indicators and push-button charging. These power banks come in classic black and white options, and can be customized for as low as $44.99.

Custom mophie Power Banks

6. Cross Classic Leather Zippered Padfolio Bundle

For President’s Club swag,  look no further than a padfolio. The black leather design with an integrated pen holder is sleek and stylish enough for even the pickiest professional. The front cover features your company’s logo either screen-printed or debossed applied by a precision printing press.

You can’t go wrong with the Cross Classic Leather Zippered Padfolio Bundle. The design and craftsmanship is truly first in its class in terms of style and purpose. With the lightweight feeling of the padfolio, your employees can bring it to multiple meetings to hold important paperwork. 

Custom Leather Padfolio

7. Vaqueta Expandable Multi-Function Briefcase

Every sales representative needs a briefcase in order to be seen as professional, organized and reliable. Available in both black and tan leather, the Vaqueta Expandable Multi-Function Briefcase also includes brushed nickel hardware and four exterior pockets for added storage. The padded handles allow for a more relaxed grip to a possibly filled briefcase.

The logo is debossed onto the leather on the front top left pocket. Your sales team will truly understand how much you care when you give them this briefcase as President’s Club gifts.

Custom Executive Leather Briefcase

8. Travel Tech Kit

Custom Travel Tech Kit

Every sales representative needs a tech kit to get them through sticky situations. Perhaps their phone dies, they need a pen, or are just in search of a small bag that will hold everyday work essentials. This Travel Tech Kit is equipped with a portable charger with a key ring, a USB A/C adapter, a ballpoint stylus pen with a light, and a 3-in-1 charging buddy.

A color imprint of your company’s logo can easily be displayed on all items included, in addition to the travel case. Available in black, red, and blue, this tech kit is available for as low as $25.29, making it a great value and fantastic President’s Club gift. 

Rewarding your sales team for exceeding their goals by presenting them with their own President’s Club corporate gifts will truly show just how much you really care. When everyone in your company is happy and doing well, your business can find more than one way to succeed. These thoughtful gifts are a small token of your gratitude that can be presented to the top sales rock stars in your company. 

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