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ByLeo Victor

The Best High-Quality Custom Hoodies for Your Brand

Hoodies aren’t just another piece of clothing; they are mandatory items for many. People get excited for that whenever they can take out their hoodies and wear them. This soft and comfortable clothing piece keeps them warm and can go with any casual outfit or simply around the house or home office.

Ordering customized hoodies will allow you to promote your brand in a more memorable and cozy way that your recipients will enjoy. As a result, it will help you leave a strong impression on your target audience. It presents an effective opportunity for organizations to market their brand.

Furthermore, co-branding with well-known clothing brands like Nike, Under Armour, Carhartt, American Giant, and more, will ensure that people use them. Collaborating with these top-notch brands means that people will love to wear them and hold on to them for years.

Cheaper quality hoodies might be thrown to the back of the wardrobe and forgotten about in a couple of months. It might also fall apart after wearing it a couple of times. Therefore, choosing a reputable brand for your customized hoodie can mean more impressions and longevity for your brand.

Branded Hoodies

According to statistics, the market for hoodies and sweatshirts will reach a value of 38.09 billion dollars by 2031. Furthermore, more and more Americans are now looking for customized hoodies rather than generic styles. In fact, around 49% of Americans now want to shop for customized items.

Therefore, these stats clearly show a growing demand for custom hoodies. But where can you find the best custom hoodies? And what are the things that you should keep in mind before buying one? We’ll discuss all those things and a lot more in this article to give you a better idea.

Important Things to Know About a Hoodie

Before we move on to the factors you need to consider before choosing a hoodie, you need to know about the different types available in the market. It will help you choose the best suitable hoodie type for your needs. Here are the most important things you need to know about hoodies.

Different Kinds of Hoodies Available in the Market

There is a variety of hoodies available today, each offering a different style, look, warmth level, and much more. It is important to know about them so you can choose the best high-quality custom hoodies. Let’s go over them in more detail.

  • Zip-Up Hoodie: It has the same style as the pullover hoodie with an adjustable drawstring hood. With the zip pocket, you can keep the items such as your mobile, keys, wallet, etc., safe. It also is an amazing base layer if you pair it with other pieces of clothing.
  • Tech Hoodie: While tech hoodies are relevantly new, they are seeing a massive increase in their popularity. These highly fashionable clothing items are made from high-tech fabric technology. As a result, you can enjoy greater flexibility and comfort. You’ll also get various pockets to keep your devices like mobile or smartwatch.
  • Pullover Hoodie: These hoodies come with a kangaroo pocket in front, along with an adjustable drawstring hood. You can find varying levels of thickness and warmth, allowing you to choose according to your requirements. There are also water-resistant varieties available for outdoor activities. 
  • Full-Zip Hoodie: Also known as a sweatshirt jacket, a full-zip hoodie offers optimal protection against cold temperatures. They’re made from thick fabrics, offering great protection against harsh weather conditions without compromising mobility.

Each of these types of hoodie offers you a different style and look. So you can choose the best one to help you achieve your brand goals. If you want to get a better idea of how these hoodies look, you can check out the wide range of options available from iPromo.

They have an extensive catalog of items that you can choose from according to your preference. With so many options available at iPromo, choosing the best high-quality custom goodies for your brand won’t be difficult.

Main Types of Hoodie Fits

Apart from the style, there are also different hoodie fits that you need to know. Choosing the ultimate custom hoodie might seem challenging because of the endless options.

Nevertheless, knowing about different kinds of hoodies and their fit sizes can be helpful for you. On that note, let’s discuss the three types of hoodie fits.

  • Overside Hoodie: As the name suggests, the oversized hoodie offers much room to move around. It is the roomiest possible fit that is great for the cooler months or any casual events. You can also get a lot of room to move around freely while enjoying a nice and cozy feeling.
  • Slim-fit Hoodie: This hoodie will fit perfectly to your body with little room for movement. It gives you a stylish look when paired with sneakers and jeans (either blue or black). You can also find it in different colors and prints.
  • Regular-fit Hoodie: This hoodie is perfect — not too tight or loose. If you’re looking for something athleisure to wear, then the regular fit hoodie might be the right choice.

You might have to consider different factors before deciding which type of hoodie fit will suit you. For instance, if your target audience lives in areas that receive too much cold throughout the year, then you might consider them giving an overside hoodie.

That way, they can stay warm and comfortable. But if your target audience focuses more on aesthetics than protection from cold, you can go for the regular-fit hoodie. And if you aren’t sure what might suit your target audience, consider something decent yet appealing.

For instance, the Champion Powerblend Hooded Sweatshirt might be an optimal choice. It has a decent look and offers you protection from the cold.

Why Are High-Quality Custom Hoodies Critical for Your Branding Efforts?

Hoodies are something that people would wear throughout the winter season. Hence, it provides a great opportunity to enhance the overall brand image.

You can just add a brand logo or a tagline, and it will continue to promote your brand for a long period. And it is not just for businesses, but various organizations can take advantage of it, such as:

  • Sports teams
  • Schools
  • NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)
  • Influencer teams
  • Corporate offices
  • Artists
  • And a lot more!

These entities can benefit from custom hoodies to promote their message. It can be an engaging way to tell people about your brand. Custom hoodies for employees can also be great for your branding efforts.

Since employees or crew members where customized hoodies with your brand name, it can help you promote your brand. Furthermore, it allows you to reach a wider audience in less time. All these factors have caused the demand for custom hoodies among various brands to increase.

Factors to Consider When Ordering Custom Hoodies For Your Brand

When it comes to ordering custom hoodies, you can have various colors and designs to choose from. But choosing the right one is important to ensure your branding efforts are successful. After all, the design and color you choose should sit will your brand name, logo, or anything you plan to print.

One of the best things about ordering custom hoodies is that you can control everything. From design and color to the imprint area and text, you can choose everything as per your preference. But before doing so, you need to consider the following factors.

Prioritize the Requirements of Your Target Audience

Branding is all about delivering a message so your target audience can connect with it. So, the first thing is you need to consider what your audience wants. Are there any essential details that are important to them? Is there anything that they like about your brand in particular?

Once you decide on the important things that matter to your target audience, you can create a design accordingly. Since you’re investing significantly to order custom hoodies, it is important to nail it down correctly. This also brings us to our next important point: budgeting.

Set Aside a Budget

Before starting any marketing or branding venture, you need to know how much it will cost. That way, you can ensure two things — firstly, you don’t overspend, and secondly, you can get an idea about the funds you need to arrange.

You can discuss with your marketing team to decide on the number of hoodies you want to print. Also, deciding the method you want to give the hoodies out to your customers is important. It could be through a lucky draw or a simple giveaway. Either way, these factors can also impact the cost, so keep them in mind.

Custom Nike Hoodies

Choose the Right Size and Design

Choosing the right size and design is the most critical aspect of ordering custom hoodies. Though size can be a matter of personal choice, the design is something that sets your hoodie apart. If the design is aesthetically appealing, then it would be the reason people would prefer your hoodies over other options.

You might think that size is the most important thing when people are looking for clothes, especially hoodies. But that is not the case since designs are the first thing people will look at before anything else. So, it is important to focus on the design aspect of your customized hoodie.

Give it a Personal Touch

Personalization is the key factor that can help drive growth for any business. According to the Next in Personalization 2021 Report by Mckinsey, companies that focus on personalization can drive 40% of their revenue compared to their counterparts.

Since you’re ordering a customized hoodie, it presents you with the perfect opportunity for personalization. You can make it unique and special to resonate with your target audience. Consider and try out any one of the following ideas:

  • Design a hoodie so that the wearer feels like they are part of something greater or they belong to something bigger than themselves
  • Bring out the creativity and try out new things with your design — whether funny fonts, different characters, or a picture of someone special.

Buy in Large Quantity

Last but not least, it is best to order custom hoodies in bulk. Not only will it help you save time, but it also allows you to get a good deal on a huge order.

Plus, it also saves you from a shortage in case your branded hoodies with a custom design become a hit. So, it is a much better option for you to order high-quality custom hoodies.


High-quality custom hoodies can help your brand with its marketing efforts significantly. Regardless of the type of hoodie you choose, this apparel fulfills your practical needs and fashion sensibilities. Plus, it is something that most people wear throughout the winter season.

So, getting a customized, high-quality hoodie will help it stay in the public eye for a long time. But where can you find the best custom hoodies for your brand? Well, the answer is right here for you. iPromo gives you a large range of hoodies to customize for your promotional activities.

You can choose the relevant products that suit your business or brand identity. The company will understand your approach and needs to provide you with the best services. Furthermore, it will make it easier to find high-quality hoodies from top-notch brands. That way, you can ensure that people wear the hoodies for a long time, showcasing your brand name and logo.

No matter whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, iPromo is a one-stop solution to finding the best services in town. You can contact us today to get more information about custom hoodies for your brand.