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The Branded Portable Charger Comes Of Age

The promotional product business, or specialty advertising items, has been around for a long time. We see the fads, things come and go, get hot and then cold. One item that is hot, and we think will stay hot is the portable charger / mobile power bank. With the adoption of smartphones over the past 10 years, the need for power on the go has grown and we see no reason why that should change.

On the supply side of the portable chargers, a great number of advancements in technology and form factors have made power on the go suitable for nearly any application. What started out as a promo item for higher budgets and selective targets has become economical and applicable to the masses. This turned the niche promo item into a marketing tool with mass appeal.

According the the latest ASI Study on the top promotional items, promotional power banks are used by 25%+ of the general population in the US. This is big. Branded portable charges have not been around all that long and yet have managed to find their way into the hands of a large and growing portion of the population. And this has happened while the custom portable chargers were still relatively low power with limited applications. Things have changed in the past year.

Portable chargers have taken many more different forms, from the traditional Cylinder power bank chargers to the Back Pocket chargers which more easily fit into a pocket. Custom power banks now include power indicators, flash lights and multiple charging ports. The advances have created a great opportunity to meet the needs of users.

It has also gone way beyond power for the phone. With battery capacities increasing while size per mAh of power decreases, branded portable chargers are powerful enough to charge the large cellphones that have become so popular as well as power tablets. Some of the larger capacities exceed 19,000mAh, ten times the portable chargers of just a couple of years ago.

For marketers, the form and function of promotional portable chargers has opened a large opportunity to connect with your audience. On the low end, the chargers are inexpensive enough yet have the quality that make them affordable for mass distribution. On the high end, they provide an opportunity to impress key clients or reward outstanding employees. Among these options, there are a span of decoration methods from silkscreen printing, full color and laser engraving. There really is not an audience you can’t connect with using portable chargers.

With so many options it can be a challenge to select the right branded charger. To help narrow the field, you can speak with one of our representatives. Also, keep an eye out for the iPromo Portable Charger Buyers’ Guide. This will be a great tool for selecting your next branded portable power bank.

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