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Top 5 Promotional Product Trends for 2018

2018 is shaping up to be a year that will provide countless opportunities for savvy business owners looking to grow their customer base through promotional products. With a little creativity, strategy, and analysis of current retail trends, you can easily choose a promotional product that elevates your brand to the upper echelons.

Consumers are constantly being provided new and inventive promotional products. The question is, how do you set your promotional products apart from your competitors? Do you want your product to become a facet of your target customer’s everyday life and a constant reminder of the value that your brand provides? Or do you want your promotional product to sit idle and collect dust on their shelf?

There are now more promotional products available to choose from than ever before. This vast selection provides great opportunities for creativity and innovation. Choosing the right promotional product that fits your business is similar to designing a work of art. Create your masterpiece this year by taking into account five important promotional product trends for 2018.

Custom PopSockets Are The Hottest Product of 2018Add Value or Get Left in the Dust

People are more intelligent than ever in 2018. The ease of accessing new information through technology is driving consumers to wise up and make huge improvements to their lifestyles. The days of extravagant consumerism are numbered. Minimizing, downsizing, and de-cluttering have become new staples in the consumer lexicon. If a product is not adding real value to it’s owner’s life, it’s very likely that the product will be gone or forgotten in the very near future.

Keeping this trend in mind when choosing promotional products for your business will be crucial this year. Select a product that will truly add value to your target customer’s life. Quality, functionality, and desirability should all be considered as vital for your promotional product. Think about who your “perfect customer” is and what they would want or need. Emphasize unique packaging and a stylish appearance to make the product seem more like a gift. Find a product that has multiple uses and it’s recipient will be thrilled. Without a doubt, the most useful and trendiest product for 2018 is our Custom PopSockets.

Brand Recognition Has Never Been Bigger

Consumers will always be drawn to brands and products that are well known in the retail world for their exceptional quality. The prevalence of social media has created a powerful tool for brands to tell their stories and solidify their reputation in creative and entertaining ways. These days, everyone is connected to their favorite brands and products on a personal level. People can recognize a truly quality product instantly if the company has built its brand around a product that delivers what it promises. By choosing a respected and well-known brand like High Sierra or OrigAudio for your promotional product, you are setting yourself up for success.

Retiring the Old Guard – Shift in Buying Power

Millennials Are Becoming the New Buyers in The Marketplace

Time waits on no man. It’s a fact of life that certainly holds true in 2018, particularly with regards to who is making the spending decisions within organizations. As older generations are increasingly replaced by millennials within companies across the globe, the traditional promotional items that consumers are accustomed to receiving are being replaced with more cutting-edge and unique products. Younger generations bring new ideas into the workforce and recognize the value in promotional products that are creative, original, and useful. If you don’t adapt this mindset in 2018, you will find that your promotional products will not reach the heights of your competitors.

New & Mesmerizing Materials, Colors, and Textures

Every passing year provides new design trends and aesthetics for all products within the retail spectrum. 2018 is no different for promotional products, with an exciting new array of materials, colors, and textures that are all the rage. Choosing products that are aesthetically appealing and well-designed will ensure that your promotional product is a hit. Some of the top design styles for 2018 include using Cork, Wood Grain, Matte Finishes, and Copper for your product. Additionally, bright and bold colors will be huge in 2018 and can really help your product make an impact and grab people’s attention.

All Natrual Promtional Products

Health is Wealth

Custom Fitness Tracking ProductsThe health and wellness product marketplace has never been bigger. More and more people are placing an emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle with every passing day. Even large corporations have started to promote health and wellness through benefits programs that reward employees for their commitment to healthy living.

This trend holds true with promotional products as well. Personal care, health, and wellness promotional products show that your company values the well-being of it’s consumers. Selecting products in this niche can go a long way towards building a positive reputation for your brand. Products like water bottles, fitness trackers, and even salad bowls are extremely useful and can instantly become a part of your ideal customer’s every day life.

There’s never been a better time to take advantage of what promotional products can offer your business. The year 2018 will provide huge opportunities to those savvy enough to stay on top of the five trends mentioned above. Don’t just put out run of the mill promotional products and hope for the best. Focus on adding real value to your ideal customers with practical, stylish, and useful products and you will be rewarded handsomely.

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